It’s the year 19112 in the realm that is known as “Water Realm”, magicians from the Heaven Realm are invading in their millions.

“How are our defenses in the west?” Cleamon asks his subordinate. “We are holding, but losing men quickly, our magicians are just no match for the invading army”.

‘It looks like this might be the end of the Water Realm, currently we’re just overrun and don’t have enough defenses in place to counter these attacks’ Cleamon thinks to himself. After pondering for about five minutes he decided ‘if we die, we’ll take as many as possible with us, surrender isn’t an option, the Heaven Realm wouldn’t spare anyone, no man, woman or child!’.

“Lilia, Gredus, it looks like it’s our time to shine!” Cleamon shouts. Lilia is his lover and has been for over 400 years. Magicians in this world live longer the stronger they are as their magic souls keeps their youth intact. At this point Cleamon Ashfall is about 490 years old, which is still relatively young compared to some mages, who lived for more than a 1000 years.

Cleamon is by no means a strong mage, since he never had the chance to properly learn magic when he was younger, since the education in school was lacking. Now he has the knowledge on how to do it, but his body is already in a state where this has no use. That’s why he dedicated his life to research of Inscriptions, Seals, Incantations and Intent. His affinity is Light, which is mostly used for healing. He worked his way up the ranks by using strategy as his main forte, which is why he is a commander.

Lilia is a high level mage with the affinity of Water, but she can also Wind as a second affinity. Giving her a lot more options of magic incantations and intent.

Gredus is an earth type, which he uses in combination with heavy melee attacks to pulverize enemies, although he only has one affinity his mastery is very high.

As they moved to the battlefield the smell of death became stronger and stronger, thousands upon thousands of bodies and body parts were scattered all around. Normally commanders would stay inside the city walls and give commands via telepathy to the various squad leaders, but as things became desperate he had to enter the battlefield himself.

“The city barrier has collapsed” a soldier yelled. Looking up into the sky you could see many cracks appearing as pieces of a huge dome fell down and disintegrated. 100’s of enemy mages entered the city, they were of a much higher level than Cleamon and his squad, still they had to face them.

They rushed towards them but before they knew it they were caught in a massive spell by an enemy wizard, his spell wiped away a huge part of the city, leaving nothing but dust behind. Lilia and Gredus were caught in it and disappeared, Cleamon was in shock while he got blasted away at least a kilometer from the impact and was heavily bleeding and on the verge of death.

In his last moments he focused all his intend towards the heavens ‘Let me be reborn anew and be able to stop this madness’, his remaining life energy welled up, his body glowing, his soul left his body. Then he heard a woman’s voice “I shall grant this wish”. And his soul vanished.