Chapter 98: Duel

The rest of the day goes by quickly for Cleamon and his friends, afterwards he makes sure to pick up his little sister from her school. As they walk home he thinks about the situation with Yako and hopes she’s doing alright.

Along the way they head of towards Mirko to pick up their armor.

“Hello Mirko, I’m here to pick up the armor you’ve finished so far” Cleamon says seeing Mirko hammer away at armor.

Amara greets her father as well.

“Dad you look terrible, did you even sleep this week?” she asks after seeing her father’s eyes. The dark circles below his eyes make him look like a panda.

“I’ve been staying up all day and night to finish all of this armor, this is the last one” he says wiping away his sweat leaving a dark smudge on his forehead.

“Sorry to bother you while working, but I have another candidate that needs a set as well” Cleamon says pointing at jenny. Jenny who had no clue about what they were going to do suddenly had a shock.

“Why do I need armor?!” she asks.

“Because you’re my little sister so I want to be sure you are protected of course” Cleamon says rubbing her head as if she’s four.

“But I don’t even fight, I’m not even going to Magic School yet so by the time I arrive there my body will be different” she says looking at her underdeveloped breasts.

“Don’t worry, this man can make it so it will grow with you instead” Cleamon says hinting the intention to Mirko. Mirko internally sighs, but he can’t make a remark as Cleamon is his benefactor.

“It can be done, just take her measurements while I continue to finish this part. When you get back I’ll give you the armor I’ve finished so far” Mirko says.

“Great, Lilia can you take her size?” Cleamon says.

“No! I want you to do it” Jenny says pouting and acting like a spoiled child.

Cleamon, not in the mood to even argue, just takes her to changing room.

“That looked a bit too easy didn’t it?” Cecily says.

“Maybe he’s really a siscon?” Amara says.

“More like Jenny is a brocon, he knows she would probable nag constantly and just gave up to spare his energy” Lilia says.

“That makes sense” Amara says.

The rest of them nod in agreement.

From the changing room strange sounds can be heard.

“Ah~ brother”

“Be gentle”

Followed by a slapping sound.

Cleamon had gotten fed up with Jenny and slapped her butt with his flat hand leaving a red imprint.

“How can you do that to your own sister!?” she says rubbing her butt slightly teary eyed.

“Stop trying to make everything into something sexual, it’s already embarrassing you actually want to do that stuff while you’re my sister even worse you want it with me. I told you before I’d rather wait before doing anything of the sort with you” Cleamon says in an agitated voice.

“Still you didn’t have to hit me” she continues rubbing her butt.

“Get dressed I took all of your sizes, so no need to stay like that” Cleamon says as he exits the room.

Jenny tries to grab his shirt, but reacts too late, leaving her a bit annoyed.

Upon coming back into the main store the girls give him a weird look.

“What? She was being a nuisance so I slapped her” Cleamon says.

“Sounds more like she had all the fun” Lilia says with a cheeky smile.

“I don’t think she particularly enjoyed the last part though” Cleamon retorts.

Lilia chuckles and even Cecily and Amara crack a smile.

Homian and Resyana look at each other with faces that seem to say “these people are crazy”.

After finishing the current part Mirko has been working on he heads back and hands over the armor that’s done already.

“Here, the one I’m working on now is the boy’s I did the harder ones at first. I have to take care of the shape, for guys it’s a lot easier” Mirko explains.

Cleamon stores the armor inside his bracelet.

“Thanks a lot Mirko, I’ll come back for the other pieces tomorrow. At this rate you’ll need to get a week off though” Cleamon says.

“I just wanted to get it over with, also it’s for my own daughter so of course I would prioritize it” he says looking at Amara.

“Dad don’t embarrass me!” she says while blushing.

The party heads back towards the castle.


It’s already evening as mister anonymous heads over to consult with the headmaster.

“Almar our situation is quite dire, we’ll have to act fast to be sure of success” mister anonymous says.

“I’ve already called for help from the king, he selected his most trusted magicians to aid us in the raid” Almar says.

“The best day for the actual invade would be this Friday, we’re still thinking of what to do with the children and others that don’t have anything to do with it. We need a mass sleeping spell that puts all of them to sleep. Yako has done a great job concealing us and fooling them, but according to her she can’t do this herself. Do you know any sleeping magic?”

“I need to consult the king about this, I’ll be talking with his men tomorrow so I’ll inform them. I’m coming on this trip as well as I’m quite familiar with combat. However my magic is mostly used for slaughter and destruction, so I won’t be of help” Almar says.

“Is there a way to put sleeping poison into their water system? Just do enough that the weaker people will fall asleep from it, but the stronger magicians won’t notice it. It will be risky, but it would give us some time at least. Although we can’t be sure that everyone of them will drink it” he continues.

“Then how about we use a large scale water spell that emulates mist? We hide the sleeping poison in the thick fog, it also makes sure everyone outside and inside will get a dose of it. We would need a large amount, but as long as the potion itself isn’t deadly even in a large doses it won’t harm anyone. We would need two or three people to quickly gather those sleeping and transport them. You, me and Yako will take care of those inside the extraction room, if we surprise them we can probable take out their leaders in one fell swoop” mister anonymous says.

“Then let Yako make the illusion that all the leaders are invited to the room, we need all of them in there. I don’t want any one them to escape, so we have to make sure that the exit is sealed by our team. Once we enter, we will use all our strength to launch an attack taking out the strongest there. They shouldn’t be able to expect such an attack inside their own territory” Almar says.

“So what if that plan fails? Do you think you still possess the strength to battle them on your own?”

“It might get a bit dangerous, but I still have it in me. I’ve been training myself again since I heard about this. The only issue will be that they probable have Soul Crystals there they could use for magic. If we target those crystals with magic they will cause a huge explosion, killing everyone in there. This also means that any hostages will die, so we should save that as a last resort” Almar explains rubbing his beard.

Almar and mister anonymous spend hours talking over different scenario’s and back-up plans to be able to handle the situation that is coming up soon.


Cleamon and the rest are heading to the training room after having dinner.

“So I guess it’s you all versus me?” Cleamon asks the group.

“Yes, but just us five” Lilia says.

“Okay good, if Metztli and the sisters would join I wouldn’t stand a chance” he says with a smile.

“So you say you stand a chance versus the five of us?” Cecily says rather annoyed.

“You’ll see I guess, I won’t be holding back this time. It’s best if you all wear your armor so my spells won’t be able to kill you at least” Cleamon says handing them the armor they got before.

“Homian you can wear mine for now, I still have another spare set of previous armor that should be enough” Cleamon says throwing over his own armor.

Once everyone has put on the armor they look like a band a knights, dressed to slay a dragon. The black scale patterns are different on every set giving them a unique feel. The only one standing out is Cecily in her bright armor she looks like an angel standing next to devils.

“Then shall we begin?” Cleamon says walking to the other side of the training room.

“Wait give us a moment” Amara says.

They huddle together and discuss their strategies.


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