Chapter 97: Planning ahead

“Sure” she says a bit confused.

“Let’s go somewhere private” Cleamon says with a straight face as he walks past her.

The rest of the group looks a bit perplexed, they first thought it was something to do with romance. However Cleamon’s face was dead serious.

Cleamon finds an empty classroom and locks it once they’re inside.

“So what do you want to talk about?” she asks curiously.

“Do you know of anything going on in your family?” he asks bluntly.

“Well it seems like they are preparing for some festival. Actually I wanted to talk to you about that as well. It seems they are preparing some sort of tournament as they want me to invite you there this weekend, there are others invited as well” she says.

“I see…” Cleamon says while his face clearly shows he’s thinking.

‘It seems they want to get rid of a lot of people in one go once they release the spell, if they gather all of them it will be a massacre. That means that they are close to finishing their plans, I hope Yako and the other guy have found some way to prevent it already’ he thinks.

“Is something wrong?” Izbella asks him seeing his serious face.

“No, I was just think I probable don’t have time this weekend. Do you know who else was invited?” he asks.

“Just some higher ups and a few of the high ranking students of other schools as well” she says recalling what she knows.

“Why are you asking?”

“Just to confirm something… What’s your part in this event?” he continues questioning her.

“They just wanted me to invite you, I’m not sure why because they shouldn’t know my relation with you is friendly. Maybe it’s because I’m one of the only ones allowed to leave the family grounds” she says.

“Okay that’s enough questions for now” Cleamon says.

“Why are you asking all these questions? Is something else going on I don’t know about?” she asks with a slight panic in her voice while stepping closer to Cleamon.

“Even if I knew I wouldn’t tell you” Cleamon says coldly shocking her slightly.

“I-is that so and I thought we were friends” she says as her voice trembles in anger.

“It’s because of that I wouldn’t tell you, it might hurt your feelings” Cleamon says.

“So you do know something!?” once again she takes a few steps and comes closer to him, now she’s nearly face to face.

“Look, I don’t know. The reason I asked these questions is because your family has a grudge against me for some reason. I have every reason to be suspicious of them inviting me all of a sudden, don’t you think it’s weird?”

“I…” Izbella looks lost in thought for a moment.

Even after thinking she doesn’t know how to respond to his statement.

“Let’s leave it at this, we spend too much time talking classes are starting soon and my friends are waiting for me” Cleamon says walking past Izbella.

She grabs his shirt and pulls him back.

“If I find out what they are doing… What do you think I’ll do?” she asks still slightly in thought.

“That depends on your character I guess, but I doubt there is anything you’ll find out. If you do and want to talk about it let me know, I have no qualms with you and I could probable help you in some way” Cleamon says in a soft tone.

“Okay…” she lets go of his shirt.

Cleamon leaves the classroom while Izbella stays behind still thinking about the whole situation.


After spending half the day inside the extraction room, mister anonymous found a chance to sneak out as some people went to get dinner.

He and Yako meet up in the same room as before and start their meeting.

“They are in need of potions, they will either try to get them in today or tomorrow. We can probable use them to poison most of the magicians currently helping the extraction” mister anonymous says.

“I went and searched for the leaders’ hideouts and houses and found that one of them lives alone. The others have staff that makes their dinner and cares for them. We can use poison in their food and drinks, if I create the illusion that they are making normal food and replace the ingredients with the poison it should work” Yako says.

“Then the issue becomes all of the remaining members of the family will surely notice as I can’t fool them as dead people start appearing. Hiding one person is hard enough, but keeping several corpses hidden under their noses is too much. Also there is the issue that we can’t harm any children or people not involved, I think it would be best if we got help from outside. They might have to send in a party to fight off the resisting forces as a distraction while we save everyone” Yako explains.

“Hmm I see, I’ll inform Almar tonight. From what I heard they will finish the upcoming weekend and start the event” mister anonymous says biting his nails.

“We should execute our plan in three days, let’s make a list of people we have to exclude from the cleansing. Then make lists of who we will poison and how” he continues.

“I’ve already kept track of as much I could, regarding the poisoning of the potions; we should make a lighter poison that takes it’s time to work. If it works too soon they would get suspicious” she replies.

They spend an hour contemplating the different options and making strategies to pass on to Almar. Since he has connections to the king, naturally the royal family would get involved in this as well.

“Yako I must say, you are perfect for this line of work. How come you’re stuck with that kid?” he asks curiously.

“Urgh, don’t remind me. I never thought I would get outsmarted by a youngster like him. Then again if I didn’t I would still be stuck in that stupid cave. So in some ways I’m grateful in others spiteful” she says reminiscing the events.

“I see, well if you ever want to continue this line of work contact Almar, he knows how to find me. You can probable ask the kid to give you more freedom, he doesn’t look like a person that actually likes to keep you restrained” he says stretching out his hand.

“Maybe in the near future, for now I’ll have to obey him for at least a year. Although I have a lot more freedom than I expected to have, especially because of what I did to them” she says feeling slightly guilty.

Normally the people that came into her trap were scum and despicable and trying to get her to obey. They would try to assault or any other underhanded means to force her into a position where she would end up as a slave women or just a sex toy. They tried to take the treasures that Yako presented them, lost in their greed to fell into madness and eventually it led to death. Either by betrayal amongst themselves or turning to madness. Of course Yako relished in those kinds of situations as it gave her much needed strength to go on.

She had no feelings of regret ridding the Realms of cockroaches like that. However Cleamon’s group was different, they had no interest in the treasures. They only thing they wanted was information and were even willing to trade for it, however her own greed led to her undoing and it led to her guilt towards them.


Cleamon arrived back at the table with his friends.

“Where is the girl?” Lilia asked while the group waiting for his listened attentively.

“I guess she’s thinking things over, she might not be back before the next class starts” Cleamon says.

Seeing the shocked faces of the group she came with he says “Don’t worry she’ll be fine” to make them feel a bit relieved.

“Anyways, you’re all gathering too much attention. Can you move and we’ll meet tomorrow, ask Izbella about where and when” Cleamon says waving his hand to send them off.

“What was that all about?” Lilia asks.

“It seems like the Gambrill family tried to invite me this weekend to their family grounds for a tournament. Although my question to her was about what’s happening with her family. It kind of ended up as an interrogation on my part” Cleamon explains whispering to her.

“Is this related to you know what?” she says.

Cleamon nods.

Lilia wisely refrains from asking more questions and instead focuses on her drink.

Cleamon goes back in time in his thoughts, to the day the explosion happened. Although it’s such a long time ago some of the memories still seem fresh. However the reason and what actually happened is still unclear, no matter how he concentrates he can only hear screams and see flames rise from all over the place.

He can remember seeing his parents and sister going up in flames, hearing about all his friends except for Lilia dying. He was brought up by family who survived by heading for their shelter, Cleamon survived by pure luck.

Thinking back the memories make him feel sick to his stomach and force him to keep his tears from falling.

The school bell rings and he returns to the present.

Only four more days until something will happen.

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