Chapter 96: Club

Yako follows the most prominent leader closely. It takes three minutes to reach his house and he enters it. Yako manages to sneak in without being noticed. The man goes about his normal life, he eats breakfast and has a special drink that seems to look like a potion.

Yako makes a mental note of this pattern and carefully checks around the house to look for other things to exploit. She makes more notes about the ingredients and other items littered around the house. It seems like this man is living alone looking at the state of the mess.

She takes a look at his bedroom and sees drawings of a woman.

‘Maybe this was his wife?’ Yako thinks.

‘I can use that to confuse him later’ she makes a mental note.

The rest of the house is not interesting enough to scout any further. Yako leaves the house through the back door which is wide open to let the nice summer air in. She enters the backyard and jumps on top of the roof.

Scouting around she notices very little movement and most of the members are not in sight, except for some children wandering around.


Mister anonymous stealthily follows stairs down into the unknown, the only thing he can see is glimmering lights at the bottom. Behind them the newly hired magicians head down as well.

‘I hope there isn’t something blocking me at the bottom, I might run into an issue if I get stuck there’ he thinks.

He reaches the bottom and the stairs open up into a large room, there are many people silently gathering mana by help of potions on the left side of the room. The far right side of the room has a large window over-viewing the current extraction process. Over fifteen people are in the process of extracting the crystal of a man who is floating unconscious in the center of the magic inscription. His mouth is opened and mana seems to be leaving his body through his mouth.

Overseeing the process is an elderly looking man, he’s wearing a sleeveless shirt and many battle scars are visible on his arms. He’s using his aura to sense the amount of mana used while they are extracting, making sure the process goes smoothly.

Mister anonymous makes sure he’s out of the way so he doesn’t get detected. He takes place near the window, and takes place in the corner.

The other magicians enter the room and the overseer walks over to greet them.

“Welcome, you arrived just in time! We have five people we have to replace as their mana is depleting quickly. The others we have waiting to replenish their mana have nearly run out of potions, we can manage for another day with our current supply” he says.

“It’s our pleasure to be of help” they make a polite bow.

“Great, take this scroll and memorize it quickly. This will be the Incantation we’ll be using” he says handing over a large scroll.

“Yes sir, we’ll get on it right away” they answer in unison.

‘So they are in need of potions, this might be our way in’ mister anonymous thinks.

During the rest of the day he will keep watch.


At school it’s time to introduce the new students into Cleamon’s class.

“Everyone be seated, we have some new students coming in today. They haven’t been in a magic school before so please make them feel at home” the teacher says after talking to Cleamon outside of the classroom.

Cleamon lines up next to the girls sparking some extra interest and whispers.

“Girls please introduce yourselves” the teacher says.

“Hello everyone my name is Narae Ashfall it’s nice to meet you all”

“My name is Danmi Ashfall and likewise nice to meet you all”

“I’m Eunhui Ashfall, nice to meet you”

“Ahri Ashfall” she shyly says.

“Good, I’ve already prepared seats for you all, Cleamon please show them” the teacher says.

“Yes teacher”

Cleamon walks them over to the tables behind where he normally sits.

The morning goes by quickly as they study on different types of Inscriptions and how to write them. Soon it’s time for lunch.

The group, now consisting of an even bigger amount of people, heads for the cafeteria. Along the way the sisters are questioned about where they lived before and where they went to school. Having no real answer Cleamon provides them with lies to tell using his Mental Message.

“How was your first half-day of school?” Cecily asks the girls.

“Pretty good, I’m still nervous though. This is all very new and I’m not used to being around so many people” Narae says.

“For me it’s great, I can be with Cleamon all day long” Danmi says glancing over at him.

Both Ahri and Eunhui silently eat their food, clearly overwhelmed by the whole experience.

“Are you both okay?” Cleamon whispers to them.

They nod in return, but their minds feel slightly absent.

“Cleamon when are you going to train us again? My father doesn’t pay you to do nothing!” Cecily suddenly says.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be on it tonight. I’ll be gauging how much progress you all made during the last two weeks. I hope you all kept to your schedules and drank the potions while cultivating” he says.

“Of course, I have to beat you all” Cecily says a bit arrogantly.

“Haha no chance” Cleamon replies.

“We’ll see, I won’t hold back” she retorts.

They spend time with small talk while eating, mostly about their past training sessions and how they went. A small group of students led by two familiar faces heads over to their table. One of those faces is Izbella Gambrill to Cleamon’s surprise, the other is Idalia who has come to school after Sylas lost his magic and the engagement to him got canceled. A group consistent of six others are following them.

“Cleamon” Izbella calls out to him.

“Yes, is something wrong?”

“Do you mind if we talk privately?” she asks and for some reason saying it makes her blush.

“Well I don’t mind, but can I at least know what’s it about first?” he asks.

“Well… everyone in this group decided to ask you to train us at school. We’ve even asked the headmaster if we could have sparring lessons with you and create a club to is solely for sparring and evolving your own magic” she says outright.

The people in the group look at Cleamon with seriousness and hopefulness.

“Sorry, but I don’t have time after school to stay here. I can give you pointers on training, but I can’t be there myself” he says.

The group collectively changes their expression.

“Then what about weekends?” Idalia asks.

“I have a job to do in the weekend so I’m really busy. The only time I have is during the school day itself, but I doubt they’ll let you be taught fighting by me and skip your normal lessons” Cleamon explains.

The group huddle and discuss something.

“Okay, can you wait here I’ll go and get permission right away” Izbella says.

The group quickly leaves the cafeteria leaving Cleamon’s group rather stunned.

“They won’t be able to get permission right?” Amara asks.

“I’m afraid it might happen, the headmaster probable trusts me to that degree. This however is not a bad thing, I will be able to teach you all as well and we get access to the training halls and equipment during the school day itself”

“Then should we all join as well?” Homian asks.

“That would be best, although you all greatly outrank them it would still be a challenge to fight multiple at once. That would be a great skill to learn”

“When you say it like that even I get fired up!” Lilia says.

“Cleamon, can we all try to take on you. I’d like to win for once!” Cecily says.

“That would be a bit unfair, especially with these sisters here. Although their spell knowledge is limited, they still have much more MS than me. In their human for I can probable take them on when it’s one on one, but their real form is too hard” he says shrugging his shoulders.

“Then again it seems like a nice challenge, but I’d rather not show the others my spells so it would have to be with you only” he continues.

“Then let’s do it tonight at the castle!” Cecily says as she instantly decides.

“Fine, you’re on if everyone is okay with that?”

Everyone at the table looks fired up.

Ten minutes pass and the group led by Izbella is back in a hurry.

“The headmaster said it’s fine for one day of the week, we will get training hall four for one day. We had to promise that we will do the rest of the lessons in our own time instead” she says with an excited voice.

“So which day did you choose?” he asks.

“Wednesday, so tomorrow. We’ll meet at training grounds number four. We even get to have a clubroom where we can store our things and research”.

“Okay we’ll be there” he says with a smile.

“That reminds me… Izbella can I have a private word with you after all?” Cleamon asks.