Chapter 95: Transfer students

Reluctantly Cleamon prepares himself for the night, dreading the upcoming event. Although he likes his sister and her attention, doing it this way is too forward and fast. If it was to happen he would rather have it be a slow process.

‘I think my luck with women is a bit too much in this life, although the attention is nice it might become hard to maintain the happiness later’ he thinks brushing his teeth.

He takes a bit longer than he normally would and braces himself. He finally leaves the bathroom and heads towards the bedroom, not knowing what he’ll find.

To his surprise all of them are just tucked under the blanket, they’ve left a space in the middle. He climbs up onto the bed and crawls to his spot. He sees Lilia have a slight smile on her face, but trying to hide it.

He slips underneath and Lilia grabs onto him, she removes his underwear skillfully with her feet. Still showing an innocent smile she hugs him more tightly. Through the contact he notices she’s completely naked, she wraps her legs around his.

Following Lilia’s example Jenny does the same, she crawls tightly against him breathing softly in his ear.

“Can you two stop it? There is no way I can sleep like this!” Cleamon says a bit annoyed.

“Do what?” Lilia says teasing him.

“Clinging to me this much, is there something you want to accomplish?”

“Maybe? But I guess we can continue this tomorrow evening” Lilia says with a wink to Jenny.

Jenny nods and releases her grip on Cleamon, but still holding his arm with her hands.

After some fiddling around they finally go to sleep.


Next day the group leaves together and Cleamon takes a small detour to drop off Jenny.

“I’ll come and pick you up after school, make sure you’re waiting her at this gate” Cleamon says.

“Don’t worry I’ll wait for you” Jenny says with a bright smile.

Her friends are slightly surprised her brother showed up since he never did that before.

While her friends are paying attention she quickly hugs him and kisses his cheek.

“See you soon”

She leaves towards her friends and Cleamon hurries back to school as well.

“Why did your brother come here?” a friend asks.

“We’re living together now somewhere else and this was my first time coming from our home” she says.

“Living together? Aren’t you living at your parent’s house?” the friend asks surprised.

“Not anymore, my brother moved our three weeks ago and started living with his girlfriend. I wanted to join as well so I asked him if I could live with him and he said yes”

‘Although I didn’t mention living in the same room and sleeping in the same bed’ she thinks.

“Why do you want to live with him?”

“He is training me to be a magician, I already started to learn to cultivate” Jenny says proudly.

“Isn’t that dangerous? I always heard you can’t start until you are at least 14 and your Magic Soul is strong enough”

“I thought so as well, but he told me a way to practice without hurting myself. I’ve been doing that for about two weeks now and already feel stronger!” Jenny says flexing her muscles.

“Can you teach us too? I want to get a head-start as well!”

“Sorry, but I promised not to tell anyone how to do it” Jenny says.

“That’s no fun, so when we enter Magic School together you will be the only one with an advantage…” the friend says demoralized.

“I’ll ask my brother if he knows anything, but I can’t promise” Jenny says seeing her friends’ dejected faces.

“Thanks” they say slightly more happy.


Cleamon enters his own school and finds that most of the girls are waiting for him. He told the sisters the day before that he would try and bring them into school, because else they would not be able to leave and enter the castle and house. Metztli is also waiting, but hiding in her stealth form.

“Sorry I’m a bit late” Cleamon says.

“Shall we go to the headmaster’s office then?”

Cleamon knocks on his door.

“Headmaster, I’ve told you before about these people, I want to have them enter the school as new students. I’ve given them all transform rings so others should not be able to see their real identities. I’d like for them to enter my own class so I can keep an eye on them as well” Cleamon explains.

“I’ve already made the preparations for it, if you go to the library you can ask the attendant there for spare books. As for the other items, you can get them from the storage room if you ask the person in charge” the headmaster says.

The sisters look very excited, this is their first chance to have more interaction with others since they met with Cleamon, Andrea and Metztli. While they inherited most of their knowledge, much of it doesn’t contain anything about the human world.

“Thank you” they all say with a deep bow.

Metztli is slightly overwhelmed at the idea of going back to school.

“Do I have to go?” she whispers to Cleamon.

“Well if you don’t want to, you can do whatever you want. But it seems like you’re always next to me so I thought it would be easier if you could just stay there without having to hide” he whispers back.

“I feel more comfortable hiding, I’m not good with other people”

“Okay, it’s your choice I just want you to be happy” Cleamon whispers with a smile.

Metztli nods with a reddened face.

“Headmaster, Metztli won’t be taking lessons, but she will be hiding at school” Cleamon says.

“Fine, I’ve noticed her presence before and she doesn’t seem to be any threat at all. Just make sure she’s not discovered as that might cause panic” the headmaster presses.

“Yes sir” Cleamon says.

“If you’re quick you can probable be in time for the first class. You know the way, so hurry” he says and with a wave of his hand the door behind them opens.

With a fast pace they find the library first, and get copies of the books needed for today’s lessons. After which they swiftly run towards the storage for their magical supplies.

“Sorry, but the headmaster sent me to get supplies for these four transfer students. They will need everything needed for the first year” Cleamon says to the woman sitting behind the desk in front of a big door.

“Very well, wait a moment” she says as she goes into the room and comes back with her hands full of crystals and other objects.

“This should be all of it, can I get your names please. Write them down on the sheet and I’ll write the items you took” she says pointing at a ledger.

“You can use the surname Ashfall” Cleamon sends as a Mental Message to the girls.

They feel slightly embarrassed writing their own names as if they’re family of Cleamon’s.

“Here are your items, welcome to the school” the woman says with a friendly smile.

“Thanks you madam” the girls say politely.

They hurry and head for the classroom.


Yako and mister anonymous have spend the entire night scouting around the area to see for any flaws in the security to the underground facility. Morning has already come and a few of the leaders head over to a small entrance.

Patiently they wait for people to enter. Eventually five people enter, three men and two woman. They look like they’ve had multiple battles in their lives and have a sinister vibe about them.

While hiding Yako and mister anonymous come closer to listen to their conversation.

“Welcome, I hope you are prepared?” one of the leaders says.

“Yes sir, our guild has always delivered on it’s missions. Our motto is ‘We finish or we die’” one of the women says.

“Good, we’ll fill you in on the details later, I need you all to enter a contract with me concerning the secrecy of this project. I assume you’ll understand”

“Yes sir, although we will check the contract so that it’s fair to us as well” she says.

“Follow me” another leader says.

Yako and mister anonymous follow closely, with Yako’s illusion giving them complete stealth.

The people head into a small building next to the entrance to the underground facility, to make sure they aren’t discovered they both stay outside and wait for them to come out again.

At least twenty minutes pass while the people inside discuss terms of the contract and come to a consensus.

“They’re coming” Yako whispers to mister anonymous “This will be our chance if they enter, you enter the facility while I try to find out where the head leader is”.

Mister anonymous nods and they wait near the entrance.

“Then please follow us, we’ll need head over to the work sight” one leader says while the others move back to their respective homes.

“Yes sir” they answer in unison.

The leader opens the door and before anyone takes a step inside mister anonymous heads in quickly.

“This is the only door to the facility, if you want to leave ask the guard at the other side. As stated in the contract you’ll only be able to leave for food and drink and toilet breaks. You’ll work till the job is done”

“Yes sir” the all enter the door and the door closes.

Yako quickly follows the leader that looked most important and the strongest.