Chapter 94: Welcome?

“I’m really excited to finally be at the same place as you!” Jenny says skipping along.

She occasionally glances back at Cleamon as they walk seemingly in a world of her own. Compared to to trip alone, it takes them thirty minutes to get to the castle.

“Wow this looks even better up close than I thought, it’s amazing” Jenny says with her eyes wide open.

“Hold on a moment, I’ll get your permission” Cleamon enters the small security house and tells the guard. When he gets back, Jenny is still looking around the gate.

“Here take this, you need it to enter the palace” Cleamon says as he hands over a crystal.

“Thanks, do I have to keep this with me all the time?” she asks curiously.

“Yes, without it you can’t enter. It’s bound to you so even if you might lose it others can’t use it” he explains.

“I will keep it safe don’t worry!” she says looking happy at the crystal.

They enter the castle.

“This place is huge! Do you really live here?” Jenny says as her eyes nearly pop out.

“Yes, but this part is just the garden entrance, our living space is a bit further away

“Can I come here as well? I want to walk around here!” she asks excited.

“It’s better if you stay away from the places besides our house and the garden we have. We don’t want to bother any of the guest that might come here”

“Ah okay” her face turns a bit sour, but soon clears up as a mini-castle comes in her sight.

“Is that it!?” she asks.

“Yes, I made it myself what do you think?” Cleamon says proudly.

“It looks amazing! Did you really make it yourself? Did you use magic?”

“Yes and yes, without magic this would take months. I might even be able to teach you a few tricks when you’re older” Cleamon says patting Jenny.

“How many people are living in there?” she asks.

“Now it’s uhmm, wait let me count”

“Eleven people” he says after counting for a moment in his head.

“Wow such a big building for so little people! You must have very big rooms!” she nearly can’t contain her excitement.

“Let’s go in, it’s already getting late we need to get up early tomorrow. I’ll have to bring you to school myself before I go to mine. This is my duty as your brother”

“Okay” she follows Cleamon to the inside.

“You have a pool!? This looks so amazing!” her voice gets louder the more excited she gets.

“Yes, you can use it all you want tomorrow after school. You have to promise me that you will train diligently every day” he says.

“I promise, I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t make that promise. I already decided that I will become strong enough to protect even you” she says putting her chest forward and her hands in her side looking smug.

“Yes yes, I believe you” Cleamon says laughing inwardly.

They move up the stairs after Cleamon shows Jenny the communal kitchen and relaxing area.

“There are ten room and so far 4 are taken, some people decided to stay together because they’d feel lonely. Homian is sleeping in this one over here, Cecily Amara and Resyana are in that one next to it. On the other side are Eunhui and Ahri, they are sisters and wanted to be together. You can choose any room you want from the ones that are left” Cleamon says.

“Can I visit your room first?” she asks as cute as possible.

Cleamon sighs knowing her probable won’t be able to say no even if he tried.

“Fine, just don’t make too much noise okay?” he says.

“I promise” her smile nearly blinds him, but he knows full well the reason behind it.

Reluctantly he opens the door in the hopes that the girls in there are properly dressed. Fortunately Lilia had already seen through Jenny’s personality and made sure the girls all have their nightgowns on and are sitting in the living room reading books or just having small-talk.

“Brother…” Jenny says in a low tone.

“Yes sister?”

“What is this? I knew you were already being a player by having both Lilia and Metztli and not even a month later they have multiplied. How many girls do you actually have here? How are you going to explain this to me?” he voice becomes more and more angry and frustrated.

Cleamon scratches the back of his head.

“Well… It just kind of happened. Let me at least introduce you, you already know Lilia and Metztli, the two girls over there are Narae and Danmi”

“Nice to meet you, we’ve heard about you from Cleamon before. My name is Danmi” she lies as she introduces herself.

A bit taken back Jenny calms down.

“Ah, nice to meet you, my name is Jenny, as you know I’m his younger sister” she says rather politely.

“My name is Narae, likewise nice to meet you”

Jenny shakes hand with both girls.

“Brother do you have a thing for young looking girls? Should I take twin-tails in my hair so you will find me more attractive? I didn’t think my brother would like younger girls so much” she sighs with disdain.

“Actually they are older than me, don’t be taken back by their appearance” Cleamon says.

“So you don’t have a thing for younger looking girls?” she asks disappointed.

Cleamon wisely keeps his mouth shut. To save him from his interrogation Lilia steps in.

“Jenny do you want a drink? We have some tea you can drink” she says.

“Thank you I would like that” she sits down on the couch next to Metztli.

“So brother… how far have you gone with these girls?” Jenny bluntly asks.

Lilia laughs in the kitchen as she makes tea.

Danmi, excited by the question, just on the couch next to her.

She opens her mouth.

“Don’t you dare!” Cleamon says all of a sudden.

“Tss why not?” Danmi says with an annoyed expression.

“Because it will just get worse from there on, I know my sister she will interrogate everyone in this room and it’s going to be a bother” Cleamon says.

“It doesn’t bother us” Lilia says coming back in with some tea and hands it over to Jenny.

“It bothers me, I have to deal with the fallout from that information. Then again you always like teasing me”

“Haha that is true” Lilia says with a slightly evil smile on her face.

“Actually me and Cleamon have hugged naked together every day, we are always together in bath and rub against each other. Metztli has done some pretty daring things as well, although she was in a weird mood at the time. The girl sitting on the other side of you needs a daily dose of perverseness to be able to function normally. Oh and we all sleep together completely naked” Lilia says.

“Why you!” Cleamon says looking as his sister’s expression.

He slowly backs away to the other side of the room and takes place in a chair and his head buried in his hands.

Jenny’s hand is violently shaking nearly causing the tea to spill all over the place.

“I-is this true Cleamon?” she says with a shaky voice.

Cleamon just sits there silently with his head buried.

Lilia is cracking a smile.

“Brother!?” Jenny’s voice become more intense.

“Yes, it’s all true” he sighs preparing for the aftermath.

“I-I don’t even know what to say…” Jenny says dejected.

“I didn’t know you were that kind of person, if I knew I would’ve snuck into your bedroom a while ago and made you mine” she says nearly crying.

Both Cleamon, Lilia and Danmi looks surprised at Jenny. Her demeanor shows a caring sister figure, but her mind is obviously in the gutter.

“Sister are you crazy, you can’t just say things like that. Not with the people around here” Cleamon says.

“Why not?” she asks wiping away a tear.

“Anyway, you can now go to your own room. We need to go to bed and sleep” Cleamon says.

“No I’m not leaving, since I know what’s going on here I’m claiming my own spot. I won’t lose to anyone here!” she says standing up and walking over to Cleamon.

“Now let’s go to bed together” she drags him out of his chair.

“Anyone got a problem with that?” Jenny says with an assertive tone towards the other girls.

The two sisters just nods without a remark, Metztli isn’t really listening as she’s too embarrassed. Lilia looks like a proud mother that just saw her daughter take her first steps.

“Cleamon I think it would be a good idea to listen to her” Lilia says with a smile and wink “Go wash your face and brush your teeth, we already did so we’ll wait for you in bed”.

“Yes mom” Cleamon remarks as he slowly makes his way to the bathroom.