Chapter 92: Executing the plan

“Wow this looks even better than the castle itself!” Cecily says slightly overwhelmed.

“I can’t wait to move in!” Amara says with the brightest smile as she takes up her pace and nearly runs towards the new housing.

“How did you guys do this?” Cecily asks.

“With a very complicated spell” Cleamon says nonchalantly.

They all stand in front of the building and look at it all from the grass field, still taking it all in.

“So did you all succeed to find what we need?” Cleamon asks.

“I think so, we might need some more things if I look at the size of this place” Lilia says.

“Yes I think Yako overdid it a little on the scale, but you should’ve seen her castle. It makes this look like a shed in a backyard. Let’s decorate our room so we can easily move in later” Cleamon says.

“Homian, Cecily, Resyana, Eunhui, Ahri, Amara if you all want you can have your own rooms. There is the same amount of rooms, but they are much bigger than before so if you want you can still stay together. I also upgraded the bathrooms, and even provided a pool and training room you can use on the bottom floor, please take a look” he continues.

Resyana and Homian are the first to enter and have their jaws dropping at the sight of the inside. It looks fit for a king, the details on the walls are showing great care in the design.

The rest also join them, they check every nook and cranny of their new living space and are thoroughly enjoying the pool and training room. Compared to their previous training room, this has a lot of practice target and is three times the size, allowing the sisters to fly around a little.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Cleamon has included a basement where he can practice his crafts. He also included a copy of the room where he found the princesses and prince on his previous journey. It’s still missing the Inscriptions and Seals needed to activate the room.

While the others head upstairs he heads down through a secret door together with Metztli.

“Please don’t tell anyone about this room until I make sure everything here is prepared” he tells her.

She feels delighted that he trusts her with this information and gives him a smile.

“You’ve been smiling a lot lately” Cleamon remarks.

“I’ve been feeling a lot happier that’s why” she says with a blush on her face.

“How come?” he asks while looking directly in her eyes.

“I finally found someone that accepts me for who I am and I can trust with my life. Also…” she fidgets around bit.

“Also?” Cleamon asks curiously.

“I’ve found love for the first time in my life” she says as her face becomes red as can be and her voice nearly shrinks away.

“You’ve never loved someone before?” Cleamon asks a little surprised.

Metztli shakes her head, still hiding her red face.

Cleamon gives her a hug and they move to decorate the room. Cleamon takes many items from his bracelet, storing them on the sides. Desks, pedestals, cabinets, ingredients and materials all taken from shops or the vault inside the Mjerna palace all make the room look like that of an evil scientist.

Cleamon laughs at the sight of it.

“This will be our chance to create many amazing things” he says to Metztli.

Metztli looks satisfied as well, mainly because Cleamon looks happy.

Cleamon sets to work on the special time containment room.


Earlier that day.

“Is there anything inside his memories that can help us with this?” mister anonymous asks Yako.

“He just knows that something is happening inside the underground facility. He hasn’t been there himself. His sister and him were the ones following Cleamon and his mission was to kidnap him as soon as the chance arrived. The order was given by the Myrtics family as they were too busy doing their part of the mission. Someone in the Gambrill family relayed it to their best spy, but this guy doesn’t seem much like a spy at all” Yako says.

It might be because she’s gotten so used to tricking and deceiving people that others looks like amateurs.

“He’s supposed to report back after Cleamon reaches the castle grounds, that will be our time to shine. Before we enter I’ll cast a wide range illusion spell, it should encompass a big part of the city. I can only directly influence people withing the range of sight, the others still fall under my spell. How do you propose we go to work when we get inside?” she continues.

“Good question, I guess I should scout the area and buildings first. We need to know the timing when everyone goes to bed and when they switch magicians for the extraction. We need to know as much information as possible before we make our move. Especially when the leaders take their meals if we want to take care of them” mister anonymous says.

The headmaster nods in agreement.

“I should prepare some backup items for you if you run into trouble. I have some special ingredients with which you can make a potent poison. You could also use them to create other kinds of potions you would be able to use. I’ll also provide you with an emergency teleport scroll, but it will be unstable and I can’t guarantee the location you will end up” the headmaster says while giving them both the items.

“Thank you” they answers in unison.

“Then in five hours you should head over to the Gambrill mansion, but what should we do about the Myrtics?” the headmaster asks leaning back in his chair watching the ceiling.

“It will be an issue if the whole Gambrill family shuts down, we probable can’t prevent the message from being sent to the Myrtics’ family. However delaying them should give us enough time to intervene with their plan. It should at least buy us another week or two if not more as they will be very suspicious and precarious” mister anonymous explains.

“What’s your opinion on this Yako?” he asks.

“I don’t know anything about the Gambrill family besides what this guy knows, we should be able to spy on them as well after this job. We just have to be careful with which target we choose to imitate” she says pondering for a while.

“I’ll try and get some more information, we should be fine for a while after this mission succeeds” the headmaster says.

“You two should prepare as much as possible, I’ll take you to an empty training room and I want Yako to create the illusion of the family grounds based on the memories you have. This should give you an idea of they main layout and some of the more intricate parts of the buildings”

“Yako is it possible for you to play back the memories? To show what happened the last few days as good as possible, including people’s faces and patterns” mister anonymous asks.

“Yes, as long as this memory remains I can play it back. However it will be hard to put faces on people since it’s only the direct field of vision I can do. I might be able to do it if I first create all the different people he met and after that start the full illusion, but remembering that much detail takes a lot out of me”

“Okay for now keep it as you said, show only the field of vision” mister anonymous says.


The move towards the most secluded training room and Yako gets started on her illusion.


A few hours later at the Gambrill family grounds.

“Hey Lennix welcome back from your mission, did everything go fine?” a girl asks when the disguised Yako enters the premises.

“Hi sister, yes everything went fine as usual. I don’t get why I still have to follow this guy” Yako acts as a perfect copy.

“You’ve been complaining about this mission for a while now, just live with it” she says poking his cheek with a pouting face.

“Well it just doesn’t make sense to send me after that kid, couldn’t they send one of the lower ranked?” he says sighing.

“For now just report your findings and come back to house, we’ll be having dinner soon. Mom is making us magical steak again you don’t want to miss that!”

“Okay, I’ll be there soon” he says and leaves towards the main building.

It’s normal for older children to live with their parents, as long as they don’t have any children themselves they will usually live inside the same house. Families have a hierarchy in which the younger generation is more important and needs protection the most. Especially in magical families the success of the younger children is important, this will help increase the influence of that part of the family and gives them rights to more supplies.

“Sir, Lennix reporting in” he says saluting the elder.

“Good work, any change in the situation?”

“No sir, everything is still the same. This kid never seems to be alone since the Myrtics sent assassins after him, he seems to be on guard all the time” he explains with slight annoyance in his tone of voice.

“I see, we’ll need to keep our eye on him until our mission is done. I know this is a boring job, but we’re suspecting him of knowing more than we like. Instead of just following him try luring him away from his friends instead, but be sure to not let yourself be spotted. Return to your home for now, be ready to be dispatched tomorrow” the elder says with a wave of his hand.

“Yes sir!” Lennix salutes and leave the hall.

‘That went perfectly, I’m so good’ Yako thinks to herself with an evil grin.

‘I wonder where that man went, I hope he can stay out of trouble else everything will depend on me instead’ she thinks with a sigh.

She walks back to Lennix’ home and joins the family for dinner.

“How’s everything going son?” the father asks.

“Fine, just bored of this job. I want to just settle down and focus on my training again” Lennix sighs looking a bit dejected.

“Is it that bad?” he asks cutting into his steak.

“Why would they send a top spy like me to follow some schoolkid… It pisses me off just thinking about it” Lennix says tearing into his own steak.

“Don’t molest your food!” his mom says.

“Ah sorry, I just hope this is over soon. Is there any progress on the mission? I don’t get any information at all about how long we have left” Lennix asks.

“From what I’ve heard, it’s about a week left. They had some difficulties and needed more people, there should be some extra coming tomorrow. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to trust outsiders, but it seems like we have no choice” the father says chewing on his steak.

“Honey don’t speak with your mouth full” the mother says slightly threatening.

“Sorry, but if I don’t eat it now it will get cold!”

“Then wait and talk afterwards” her aura shows a slight killing intent.

The father swallows his food quickly and the rest of the meal everyone is silently eating.

“Brother how far is your cultivation at the moment? Weren’t you near a breakthrough last time?” his sisters asks after she finishes her meal.

“Hmm let’s see, no I’m still not breaking through the gap. Because of all the work lately I haven’t been able to train at all. Actually I think I got weaker because of it” he says and drinks his glass of milk.

“I finally managed to break through the 50.000 mark that means I’m now stronger than you!” she says full of glee.

“Yes yes, I’ll pass you soon anyway once I get some time for myself” he says.

“I look forward to that, you were always the stronger one of us” she says.

“I’ll be going now, I’ll try getting some training hours in while I can” he says.

Yako leaves the house and heads for the training grounds.

Mister anonymous joins her and they head in together, inside are multiple cultivation rooms that are made for one or two persons at a time. They are free from outside aura interference and no aura from the inside can go outside. When entering Yako’s illusion will break, but since no-one sees her it won’t matter.

“Did you find anything?” she asks him.

“I’ve found the place where they extract the crystals, but it’s tightly locked and I’m not able to enter. I tried sneaking in while someone came out, but even that is difficult. I might need some help getting in. Furthermore I found the residences of most of the leaders so I’ll be able to look into their habits. Did you find anything?”

“I heard that it will take a week or so for the crystals to be extracted and that new help will come tomorrow. I also heard that the help are outsiders, so we might be able to bribe them to stand on our side instead. This can however be a detriment if they get caught or spill the beans early jeopardizing our mission. We should keep an eye on them anyway, when I’m supposed to leave tomorrow I’ll send out an illusion and stay inside and help you do the reconnaissance” she says.

“That’s what we expected right? We heard about them searching for extra magicians for their purposes. I didn’t think they would find some so soon though. We can maybe get into the facility when they get here, did they specify a time?”

“No just that they would arrive, I assume it’s in the morning” she replies.

“Okay let’s meet tomorrow morning then, I’ll stalk around the place this night and try to scout for openings. For now let’s scout around together, you can make yourself disappear from others’ views right?”

“Yes no problem” she says with a nod.

“Then let’s do this”

They both leave the training room and disappear.


Back in the castle Cleamon has made the basement his own, except for the Time Training Room everything is in place. Cleamon has a big smile on his face looking over his private space.

‘It’s been a while since I saw him that happy, I wonder why it would make him so happy to have all of this here. He looks like a crazy old man stuck in his research’ Metztli thinks.

Cleamon nearly drools seeing all the special ingredients on the shelves.

“Let’s join the others, I wonder how they designed the interior. I hope they brought in enough furniture to fill up the place, I don’t think they had any idea about how big it has become” Cleamon says scratching his head.

Metztli nods and leads the way up.

Carefully they exit, making sure no-one is within range to see them.

“I guess they’re still upstairs” Cleamon says after everything is clear.

They move up the stairs and hear squabbling between the girls.

“How’s everything going here?” Cleamon asks Homian who seems rather dejected.

“Well my room is fine, but the arguments about the interior is killing me. My head is nearly exploding for all the bickering between them. You should get your girls in line” Homian says rubbing his temples in agony.

“Hahaha I’ll see what I can do” Cleamon says a bit embarrassed.

He enters the room where most of the noise is coming from.

“Ah Cleamon help us out we can’t decide what to do with positions of the furniture” Cecily grabs him by the arm and pulls him along.

Resyana and Amara are arguing about what to do with the couch and the various cabinets they picked out.

“So what’s the issue?” Cleamon asks confused.

“We’re trying to figure out the layout, but we all have different views on it” Cecily says.

“Why are you even having this discussion? We have enough room so just get your own” Cleamon says.

“That’s too lonely, we like spending time in the same room!” Amara says.

“Then just do rock, paper, scissors and be done with it” he says and leaves the room.

“Homian I thought you said my girls are the problem?” Cleamon says a bit surprised.

“Aren’t Cecily and Amara your girls?” Homian asks with the same amount of surprise.

“Not that I know, I haven’t seen any signs they like me more than normal” Cleamon says shrugging.

“Oh, okay, well I guess that makes sense. Well your real girls have had no issues then, everything’s been quiet over there. They just dumped all of the stuff they didn’t need on me and I put it all in my room without a second thought” Homian says.

“I would’ve done the same, I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with this mess” Cleamon says with a smile.

“Well I’ll check on my girls I guess, which room did they choose?” Cleamon asks.

“I think they picked the last one to the right, must be because it’s further away from the noise” Homian says we a sigh.

“Good luck sleeping next to that room” Cleamon says laughing.

“Thanks, I’m thinking of moving to the opposite side instead” Homian says scratching his head.

Cleamon makes his way towards the room Homian pointed out.

“Hey Cleamon welcome, I hope the others didn’t give you much trouble on the way here. This place is heaven, we had so much fun putting everything together and placing it in here. Thanks so much for getting this for us” Lilia says jumping in his arms.

“Don’t mention it, you know I’d do everything you do” Cleamon says giving her a kiss.

Danmi and Narae are relaxing on the couch reading some of the books they brought. They’re wearing their nightgowns without anything underneath, their figures are showing through the slightly transparent layers of cloth. The scales on their bodies are more visible than the rest, and give a nice contrast with their white skin.

“Did you buy them those clothes?” Cleamon asks Lilia.

“Yes do you like it? Do look pretty and cute in them, I think it’s perfect” Lilia’s eyes almost sparkle.

“Yes it looks good, but looking too long at them gives me improper thoughts” he says slightly embarrassed.

Narae and Danmi hear him say it and smile happily.

“Don’t worry about that, I have the same” Lilia says looking back at the sisters.

“Metztli I got one for you too, but it’s slightly different!” she hurries over to a wardrobe and pulls out a black transparent nightgown. Compared to the sisters’ this one is sexy on another level.

Metztli’s eyes show hints of fear and anxiety.

“What are you giving me that glare for?” Lilia asks.

“I-I’m not sexy, something like that doesn’t fit me at all” Metztli says in a small voice.

“You are!” Lilia says as she already starts undressing her without her being able to struggle back.

“But first let’s get you clean, Cleamon you come as well!” Lilia says in a commanding voice.

‘She’s really fired up today’ Cleamon thinks.

Danmi stand up and moves with them, Narae keeps reading her book and slightly sighs.

‘That sister of mine is way to forward about her intentions, she should try and show some restraint. She can still get what she wants either way’ she thinks.

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