Chapter 9: Cultivation

It’s the end of the school-day, Cleamon invited the rest of his friends to his house as well, but two of them couldn’t come so he gave them as cultivation method before they went home. He would teach them a better way to learn magic on a later date.

Inside the cultivation room.

“Ok, whatever I tell you here has to be kept secret, don’t tell anyone not even your parents!” Cleamon says in front of his friends. “I will teach you better cultivation methods I found in ancient scrolls”. He calls Resyana, who has an affinity of fire and wind, to him and whispers to her a cultivation method Incantation called “Supreme Firestorm”, which takes all fire and wind mana and focuses it into a vortex inside the Magic Soul.

Next he calls Amara, who has an affinity for earth, and whispers another Incantation to her called “Moonstone Diamond”, it uses light of the moon and compresses it inside the Magic Soul, making the mana purer and then expands the Magic Soul. By using crystals around the place you are cultivating you can do this outside, it has less effect inside.

Homian was already eagerly waiting for his turn, he has the shadow affinity, this cultivation technique is a lot harder to use than the others, but has a better result with longevity of spells. This was once called “Eternal Darkness”, which requires you to be in complete darkness to focus your mana. That’s why he can’t stay in the room with the others and moves to his own house to practice.

Finally it’s Lilia’s turn, but for her he has a special method that forces your soul to accept other types of affinities, it’s a very slow method and what affinities can be learned depends on the person’s skill. Cleamon himself will use this method as well, it benefits most when two people intertwine their Magic Souls, which requires them to sync up. This method is called “God’s Eternal Soul”, it is said to be a cultivation method used by Gods of the past.

For the next three hours they practice together and have already noticed a big improvement in their MS in this short time. Except for Lilia and Cleamon themselves, because their cultivation takes some time to form. To help Lilia, Cleamon is forcing all elements into her Magic Soul, but it’s still very hard to cope with the pressure it creates.

Amara gets up to go home and walks towards Cleamon and Lilia, who are sitting opposite of each other holding hands, and tells them she has to leave. She first gives Lilia a kiss on the cheek and then Cleamon “thanks for the help, I will come anytime you want me to” she says with a blushed face. At this point Resyana is ready to go home as well and says “Thank you so much, would you mind if I trained together next time as well?”. “No problem at all! Actually I want to teach you some other techniques that helps you cast magic as well, this is for you too Amara”.

They both leave Cleamon’s home.

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