Chapter 89: Time to go home

“I don’t know if I can trust you” Yako says.

“The last person I trusted misused me for centuries, you know what, if you let me go now I promise not to kill you all when the chance arrives” she says with a sneer.

“Sorry, but for now we have no reason to trust you. Letting you go now could be signing our death sentence” Cleamon says.

“Okay fine, just get me out of this place. I can’t answer your other questions, I don’t feel like I need changing”.

“Then let’s get back, we only have a day left before I have to go back to school” Cleamon says.

They pick up their stuff and start moving to the outside.

Cleamon is pulling along Yako by her hand.

“Can you let me walk on my own already!?” she says.

“No and didn’t you notice? I’m feeding you my mana as we walk. Your mana was depleted as soon as I took your Star Orb. Having such severe mana starvation is not good for your Magic Soul” Cleamon says.

“That reminds me” he checks his spatial bracelet and takes out some potions. “Here take these, if you’re nice to me and my friend I’ll even teach you the recipes. Actually, if you genuinely change, then I would be willing to share a lot of knowledge with you. For starters you would get to read the books I collected so far” Cleamon says with a smile.

Reluctantly Yako accepts the potions and drinks them. Her eyes instantly widen and her mana spikes, all the hairs on her body stand up as mana is forced into her Magic Soul.

“You can have one a day if you play nice” he whispers to her.

They reach the entrance of the tunnel, before the cold air was blocked by the illusion cast on it.

Now snow and cold air rushes towards them.

Cleamon uses his Intent to cast a Wind spell to keep the cold wind out, however the temperature still drops to below zero.

Everyone else has put on warming clothes and Danmi approaches Yako.

“Do you want some of my clothes? It looks like you’re cold” she asks.

“No, I’m okay” she sneers.

“How about you learn to accept someone’s kindness? I can feel your body shivering, even your teeth are rattling” Cleamon says.

“Okay give me the clothes” she says looking back at Danmi.

“Can’t you just ask nicely?” Cleamon says.

Yako regains her composure and sighs.

“Fine, Danmi could you give me the clothes, please?” she struggles to bring out.

With a faint smile Danmi hands them over.

Even compared to Danmi, Yako is quite small, standing she just about reaches half the size of Cleamon.

“Okay, now just go. Danmi, Narae we’ll be counting on you again” Cleamon says.

“Then we’ll head out first”

The leave the cave and start their transformation. With the wind warmer air comes in as their transformation completes.

As they are ready to leave, a loud roar echoes through the mountains. A large shadow is cast over them.

A magical beast at least 10 times the size of the sisters flies over them looking for a quick snack. It had come lured by all the mana that was exuded as the sisters transformed.

The creature has dark blue scales all over it’s body, a head filled with teeth the size of Cleamon, its wings are made of a thick membrane where a faint light of the sun shines through behind it.

It forms a large magical attack in its mouth and aims towards Cleamon and the others.

“Yako, set up a barrier, I’ll provide you with the mana you need” Cleamon says hastily.

“Yes master” she responds without hesitation.

She starts her Incantation and when she completes a verse a layer appears, quickly multiple layers appear on top of each other. Cleamon provides mana by touching Yako on her shoulders, he took most of his potions quickly while Yako was starting her Incantations.

Andrea quickly jumped in and started casting her strongest barrier spell as well, her envelops the barrier cast by Yako.

The creature releases its spell, a large beam of Wind and Ice magic shoots at them.

“Hold the barrier!” Cleamon shouts as the noise from the beam nearly deafens them.

The blast hits them head on, it seems as they are stuck inside a blizzard. Layer by layer the barrier shrinks as Andrea’s barrier was shattered instantly as the beam hit it.

“Andrea help out, I’m running out of mana!” Cleamon shouts.

Andrea jumps in and takes over from Cleamon.

Cleamon hides on Danmi’s leg, recovering his mana. Silently she helps by sending her mana to him. They are covering under the barrier almost flat on their belly.

Danmi uses her head to rub Cleamon and gives a small lick.

The impact of the attacks lasts only 20 seconds, but the result is devastating. The snow around the barrier has all been blown away by the Wind, in it’s place there is just a layer of ice.

While the attack is going, the creature has come a lot closer. It’s already preparing it’s next attack, an icicle forms in front of its mouth. Before Cleamon and the others have time to prepare the icicle is launched.

Instead of asking Yako to increase the barrier again, he casts it himself on top of the layers remaining from Yako’s barrier.

He uses 50% of his remaining mana to create a stronger layer, it’s made of Ice and in the shape of a wedge. The icicle hits the barrier slightly on the side and slides off, three more follow and the barrier helps redirect their trajectories.

The creature gives up its attacks and lands nearby causing a wave of ice and snow to fly over them. It lets out a roar.

“Danmi, Narae get ready, we’ll take off. We can’t fight this creature now, we’re all low on mana except for you two and Metztli” Cleamon shouts.

Metztli who’s been watching from Narae’s side, stands up.

“I can take it on” she says with a serious face.

“Are you sure?” he asks.

“Yes, I’ve killed one of these before I came into the city. It’s probable after me as it was its mate, I can feel the animosity coming from it”

“Okay I trust you, here take this to be sure” Cleamon says as he tosses a few potions.

“Thanks, I will do my best!” she says as she open a small hole in the barrier and walks confidently towards the creature.

Seeing Metztli and feeling her aura it roars even more loudly, the roars echo through the mountains. In the background snow rolls down the mountain in an avalanche.

Fortunately the area where they are, is out of the way.

As Metztli walks her aura gets more and more intense, she fully changes into her Werecat appearance. The air around her becomes darker and her facial expression changes to stone cold. She takes out a one-handed sword and puts her mana into it. Dark flames emit from the blade, the snow beneath her slowly melts away.

Her aura spikes as she casts Incantations on herself and then her body vanishes. The creature looks suspicious and swings it tails in the direction Metztli disappeared.

As it swings by, the snow underneath is tossed up blinding the vision of Cleamon and the others.

Metztli has already sped on and jump over the tail as it was approaching.

‘I’ll focus on it’s stomach first’ she think as she dashes underneath. As she comes across the stomach she lodges her sword in between the scales, piercing its flesh. Swiftly she stabs it five times in different places causing blood to spurt out of the holes she made.

The snow underneath turns bright red as it soaks in blood.

The creature roars in pain, flaps its wings and lifts off. Metztli is hanging on to the creature with her claws.

As Cleamon sees the creature flying, blood still pouring down, he senses Metztli. With his more advanced blood pact, his awareness of her has increased a lot.

He uses some of his mana and casts a Wind spell on her, making her able to fly.

‘I’ve cast a flying spell on you, I can maintain it for about five minutes’ Cleamon sends her through a Mental message.

Her cold expression shows a hint of a smile.

She climbs along the stomach and keeps putting her sword inside and releasing Shadow Flames inside the body. She reaches the base of the tail, leaving behind a spray of blood coming from behind her.

Due to the cold it looks as if it’s red snow falling from the sky.

Metztli cuts a big hole near the base of the tail where the scales are a lot smaller and less dense. She keeps slashing away at it as flesh falls down the sky. Soon the hole is big enough for her to crawl into it.

She crawls into it and keeps digging a deeper hole, cutting away flesh as she moves inside.

The creature roars furiously as it’s in massive pain, it tries compacting its mana to squash Metztli inside, but Metztli has too much strength and continues on.

She soon reaches the innards and cuts them all up, entering its bodies cavities she has a lot more room to move around. She unleashes her maximum potential and the flame on her sword grows stronger and denser.

She charges through, slashing everything on her way soon she reaches the stomach and leaves it intact. The digestive juices would only be a hindrance, she navigates around it and reaches the connection to the esophagus. She severs the connection and burns the hole close with a quick Fire spell.

The creature starts falling down struggling to maintain it’s flight.

With a loud bang it hits the ground with its legs, spraying snow everywhere not much later, with a sickly roar, its head hits the ground as well.

The creature dies as Metztli cuts its heart.

A few moment later she crawl out of the mouth, completely red covered in blood.

She runs proudly towards Cleamon, who is a bit further away.


“It sounds like she’s killed it” Andrea says with a sigh of relief.

“Yes, I can’t even feel its aura anymore” Cleamon says.

“Metztli is coming, she’s fine” he continues “you can release the barrier”.

A nearly exhausted Andrea and Yako release their spells.

Narae and Danmi stand back up and stretch their wings.

‘It’s finally time to go home’ Cleamon thinks with relief.