Chapter 86: Tricked

Danmi and Narae are still pacing in front of Andrea’s door.

Finally Narae knocks on the door.

“What!?” an irritated Andrea shouts.

“Can we come in?” Danmi asks.

“Why!? It’s not like you’ll trust me anyway!”

“We want to tell you something, please let us in” Narae responds.

“Fine, I’ll listen to what you have to say for now. Come in”

They enter her room, Andrea is laying on her bed reading a book. She’s wearing a white nightgown and reverted back to her elf appearance.

She’s been so used to cover up her appearance that she occasionally forgets to even take her rings off. Her normal demeanor looks much more refined than the human form she takes.

Danmi and Narae move close and get on the knees and bow down.

Andrea looks a bit surprised.

“We’re sorry we doubted you and didn’t try to listen. You were right and we will make sure to listen carefully next time”.

Andrea looks pleased because of the apology, her face relaxes a bit and she forces a smile.

“Fine, I’ll forgive you. But to make sure you won’t do it again, you’ll have to accompany me this night. You’ll be my servants and do everything I tell you to” Andrea says with an evil smile.

They look at each other a bit confused, they simply speak with their eyes.

“We’ll do it, but nothing that hurts us or our friends” Narae says.

“Of course not, you’ll just help me relax and feel good. But you’ll have a tough task in front of you”.


Next day Cleamon and Metztli wake up next to each other, she climbs on top of him and acts as a blanket. Cleamon rubs her head and strokes her back sending her back to a blissful sleep.

Cleamon looks happily at Metztli, since he met her, the change has been dramatic. At the beginning she was shy and scared to show an expression. Now she’s talkative towards Cleamon and pro-active in helping.

‘I’m glad I was able to help her, no-one should have to live life like she did’ he thinks.

‘We have to return quickly, they expect us back within three days. I need to get my hands on the information as quickly as possible. I’m not sure how I can get through all of it in a day or two. I’ll have to ask Dina to help me find it, all see if she can make copies with her powers…’

Cleamon remains in bed, thinking about the current situation he comes to a conclusion he needs help quickly.


“You think that is really possible?” the king asks the informant

“Yes, unfortunately it is… If this would activate within the city’s barrier over a tenth of it will be destroyed”

“Is there any way we can stop this? If this is what’s going on we need to intervene as soon as possible. Do we have any informants inside one of those families?” the king asks

“We had one, but since a few weeks we’ve heard nothing from him. We’re assuming he’s either in on this or has been discovered and taken care of”

“Then is it possible to get someone inside there? I don’t care what it would cost, we need to best there is. Please send a note to Almar as well, he needs to know of this. He might have a suggestion we could use. He has some of the children in that school, although using them would be a risk and cruel”

“of course Sire, I will get on that right away” the informant says making a bow and quickly walking away.

‘This is turning out to be a real mess, it’s going even quicker than Cleamon said. They must’ve felt the pressure increasing. I just hope we can make it on time before all hell breaks loose’ the kings thinks sighing deeply.


After finally getting dressed up, they meet at Andrea’s place to talk over the plans.

“So here you both were” Cleamon says looking at an exhausted Danmi and Narae.

“What did she do to you? You both look very tired”

“They had some things to do for me, I made them work for their apologies, I feel great now!” Andrea says with a big smile.

Danmi and Narae and sighing and making moaning noises while half asleep on the bed.

“Andrea do you have experience looking over a big amount of information in a short time? We have to check over all the knowledge Dina has within two days. If she really has accumulated a lot of knowledge over all the years she’s been collecting it, then it will be a massive amount” Cleamon asks.

“I know how to read fast, but it might not be in a language I can understand. Have you thought about asking Dina herself?”

“Yes, that would be my next step. I’m just worried she won’t comply out of spite. Are you able to make copies of items?” he asks.

“If you have a spell for it I will probable be able to, I still think it’s a good idea to ask Dina first”

“Okay, I’ll be back after I ask her. Metztli let’s go”

Cleamon and Metztli look around for any guards located around the place, but can’t find any. He tries to locate Dina with his aura, but has no success.

“I can’t smell anything either, it’s like they vanished from this place” Metztli says.

“Let’s walk around a bit, I have a general idea what the layout is”

They walk around for three hours without any signs of life, before they finally reach the library.

“This place is completely empty…”

Cleamon looks around to be sure.

“Something weird is going on here, let’s hurry back to Andrea and the others”

Cleamon and Metztli walk back the same route they came, but when they arrive at the place where their room is located, the doors have vanished.

“I think we’re trapped in an illusion” Cleamon whispers to Metztli.

“An illusion? Do you think it’s only the two of us?” she whispers back.

“I think so, it probable activated as soon as we left Andrea’s room. If it would be before that we would’ve found out a lot sooner. We wasted a lot of time just walking around trying to figure out what’s going on” Cleamon says annoyed.

“That sneaky woman probable overheard us talking about having to go back and is wasting our time with this stupid illusion. Who knows how much time we’ve spent just looking around!” Cleamon slams the wall with his fist.

“We need to break out of here as soon as possible, else that woman will still win in the end. I don’t like it, but I’ll have to show some of the magic I was hiding before to teach her a lesson”

Cleamon grabs the Seal destroying orb and tries to search for any spec of mana not associated with them. He expands his reach to the entire castle using Metztli’s helps.

“Found it, but it’s far away. We’ll probable be there in 30 minutes if we hurry”

They both use spells to help them run much faster, but are slowed because of all the turns in the hallways.

“Damn this is going to take longer than expected, let’s blast through the walls instead” Cleamon says as he stops.

He uses his Intent to create a Dust Bomb, and targets the wall. A huge explosion occurs, and he quickly douses the flames. A fast shrinking hole appears in the wall, behind it a dark void can be seen.

“This is not an illusion, we’re in a different place altogether…” Cleamon says shocked.

“What do you mean different place?” Metztli asks confused.

“I think we’re in a different dimension, one especially created to trap us in here. I’m not sure why, but it’s probable to extract information from me. As long as I’m here, I’ll have to try and use all the spells I know to escape, which will teach her new ones as well”


“It’s been a while since they left, where would they’ve gone?” Danmi asks.

“Maybe they’re having a conversation with that woman or they went straight to the library?” Narae says.

“Shit, why didn’t I see this coming! We have to hurry, they’re probable trapped somewhere. That woman is no good, from what I saw she’d do anything to have the upper-hand and win. I don’t even think she’s an angel” Andrea says as she rushes outside the room.

Narae and Metztli follow her soon after, but Andrea is already gone.

“What’s going on? What can create this kind of world and do all this?” Narae wonders

“Whatever is it, it tricked us all into believing. Let’s try and do an aura search to see if we can find anything”.

Just like Cleamon and Andrea, they search and find the exact same spot.

All of them are now heading in the same direction, unaware what’s really going on.

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