Chapter 85: Conclusion

Toxic smoke fills the arena as everything turns to ash under a torrent of magma.

Dina looks shocked at the spectacle before her, her mouth wide open.

Metztli, Danmi, Narae and Andrea look in horrified and worried sick about Cleamon. Danmi and Narae had to stop Metztli from going down and opening the arena gates herself. Tears are flowing down her face, unable to do anything.

They watch as the magma settles and the top gradually hardens.

“Stop this match already!” Danmi screams at Dina.

“Uhh, oh yes” Dina recovers from her shock. She releases a Water spell to quench the rest of the magma.

“This is beyond anything I’ve ever seen, usually spells shouldn’t do that much devastation on their own” Dina murmurs.

“If this had been done by a higher level magician on a battlefield, it would’ve killed tens of thousands of people in an instant. To layer these spells perfectly on top of each other, this can’t just be done with knowledge itself. Experience is the key for these kinds of things, he’s hiding his experience. I’m not sure he even survived his own attack, how am I supposed to get rid of this mess?” she continues to murmur as she cools the magma down further.

After a good 30 minutes she releases the barrier and jumps down to where Cleamon last was.

Using a burst of aura she locates him beneath the rocks and ground.

‘Two aura’s in one place?’ she wonders.

Using a jet of water she pierces through the rocks bit by bit, eventually reaching ground level.

As the ground itself is made up by her own magic, she manipulates it to move out of the way. Revealing Cleamon sitting on Guard.


At the point of impact Cleamon braced himself within a shell of water. Luckily the heat didn’t reach him that deep down.

‘I might be safe here, but at this rate I’ll completely destroy Guard’

‘This is risky, but I’ll have to try’ he thinks as he drinks another potion to restore mana. His body has already taken at least 10 potions during the fight and is struggling to cooperate.

Manipulating the earth he creates a tunnel to where Guard had been pinned down before the impact. He sends out his aura to sense the exact location of Guard. He moved the earth out of the way as Guard, followed by a slow stream of magma, falls down the shaft Cleamon created. He catches the unconscious Guard and quickly runs back down the tunnel he’s made.

With swift use of Intent he collapses the tunnel behind him as he runs.

Having brought back Guard to his initial spot he relaxes again gathering his mana, he uses what he has left to slightly heal Guard with Light magic.


Dina shows extreme disappointment on her face as she sees Cleamon sitting on Guard.

Cleamon notices and shows the most evil smile he has, irritating Dina even further.

‘So she did have something to do with the magic disappearing earlier, she looks so irritated that she lost it can’t be a coincidence’ Cleamon thinks.

“Well, I guess you won. I hate to admit it, but it was my loss” Dina says with a deep sigh.

“Yes, even your interferences with the match didn’t help you” Cleamon says with a smile.

“W-what are you suggesting?! That I cheated?!”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, the way all of sudden Guard increased in strength and how all magic suddenly vanished from the arena. Well, you’d better compensate for it. I was willing to share some things with you, but now I don’t even think I can trust you” Cleamon says.

Dina doesn’t even know how to respond.

Cleamon jumps out of the hole with Guard, he hold him up by his armor and deposits him in front of her.

“I’m done, I’m going to take a bath. You better have some good compensation else you can forget any information I was willing to give you” Cleamon says with a stern tone.

Again Dina has no reply as Cleamon casually leaves the arena.

Metztli comes running towards him, her face still sick of worry, she jumps into his arms.

“Sorry if I worried you” Cleamon says rubbing her head.

She shakes her head as tears of relief roll down her face and buries it deeper into his chest.

“Cleamon, Dina bound Andrea as she was trying to provoke Dina by telling her she had ulterior motives” Narae says as she approaches carrying Andrea with ease.

Andrea looks like she’s had a bad day, mumbling but making no sound.

“Sorry, but I can’t do myself about that, but I could try to remove it with my orb hold on” Cleamon says as he searches for his orb.

Upon activation the magic cast on Andrea fades, leaving her to gasp for air.

“Finally!” she shouts.

“How could you all be so damn blind, that woman was obviously cheating!” she continues to yell at them.

“He could’ve died because of it, I thought you had my back and you trusted me. I can’t believe this, I’m sorry Cleamon, but I need some time alone. Congratulations on winning from that bitch” She says walking away stomping her feet.

“What’s her problem? We told her we trusted in you instead” Danmi snarks.

“Well she’s right, because of her cheating I had to take a risk. I don’t think Dina intended for me to live if it was necessary to really win. I’m just glad I prepared spells beforehand else I would’ve lost after all the magic got dispelled”

“Still, she could’ve trusted in you more” Danmi retorts.

“It’s not about that, she wanted to help and you guys ignored her and stood by as Dina shut her up. I know you trust in me, but sometimes it okay to listen to others as well. You’ll have to apologize later to her, first I need to clean and rest for a bit” Cleamon says as he nearly collapses from the aftershock of the potions’ effects.

In a role reversal, Metztli picks up Cleamon and carries him to their room.

A dejected Danmi and Narae wait in front of Andrea’s room, hesitant to knock on her door. Both looking at each other with regret and sorrow.


Metztli puts Cleamon on a couch and starts undressing him right away. She takes off his armor first and then his underclothes, leaving him in only his underwear.

“I can do this myself” Cleamon says getting himself up.

Metztli forces him down again with easy.

“No I’ll take care of you, just relax” her tone sounds like a caring lover who’s taking care of a sick husband.

She takes off his underwear as well, and then starts undressing herself. Without any shame or hesitation she removes all her clothes and carries Cleamon to the bathroom.

‘She’s changed so much in such a short time, first she was like a scared kitten. Now she’s like a loving mother cat’ Cleamon think looks at Metztli face.

‘It feels weird having her carry me around, but for now I’ll let her do what she wants’

Metztli warms up water and uses a sponge to clean Cleamon, she washes every piece of his body.

After that she put him into the bath and joins as well. Cleamon closes his eyes and leans back, his tired muscles all relax.

Without warning Metztli climbs on top of his lap and kisses him softly on the lips, making a purring noise. Her kissing changes to licking, first his lips, then his cheeks, she moves down to his neck. Her eyes slightly change shape and color and he Werecat figure becomes more prominent.

The purring becomes louder as Cleamon uses his finger-tops to stroke her back, sending shivers down her spine and making her quiver. Her lower body starts moving in rhythm with the licks and purrs.

Realizing something is hitting her butt she stops, Cleamon looks slightly embarrassed as Metztli looks at him with lustful eyes. She regains a bit of her composure and moves her butt up.

“We can’t do that yet” Cleamon tells her “However tempting it is you have to resist for now”.

Metztli nods slightly disappointed and uses her hand to move Cleamon’s “magic wand” so it’s laying on his stomach.

She takes her position on his lap again and moves her hips up and down his lap. As her body shudders she kisses Cleamon again.

Her movements last for five minutes before it comes to an end as her and his body can’t take anymore, both ending up panting.

“We made a mess of the bath, I’m sorry” Metztli says with a satisfied smile on her face.

“Don’t worry, it’s mostly my fault” Cleamon says still breathing heavily.

“Why did you do this all of a sudden?” he asks curiously.

“To relieve stress and enjoy ourselves” she says with the brightest smile he’s seen her make yet.

“Well I certainly enjoyed it” he responds a bit overwhelmed.

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