Chapter 84: Last resort

Cleamon gets within 10 meters and throws a rock at Guard. Guard doesn’t respond at all, his body remains motionless.

‘This is bad, at this rate Cleamon will win. What was that last attack anyway, that wasn’t something on a normal scale. Did he use a special item to make that magic appear?’ Dina thinks furiously biting her nails.

‘It’s unfortunate that Guard was wearing metal armor that conducts metal. His body is in a mess now, the muscles contracted so much they got stuck. I need to give his body a reset else this will be over with the next attack’.

‘Guard, I’ll fix your muscles. Don’t make any sudden movements else they might get the idea I interfered with the match. Andrea already suspects me and Cleamon might have an idea, but as long as they can’t prove anything this will be our victory’ she sends as a message to Guard.

‘Yes master’

Guard feels his muscles relax again, but remains on the ground.

Cleamon readies his next attack, he gathers a large amount of sand, dust and rocks and makes a big boulder hovering above Guard’s body. It grows larger and larger at least 10 meters in diameter, he lets it fall towards Guard.

Sensing the approaching danger Guard finally makes a move, he turns on his back uses his sword and shoots forth a powerful stream of fire. The boulder stops in mid-air slowly turning to magma, small chunks of rock fall of and crash into buildings, setting them on fire.

Its not before long that half of the boulder is destroyed and scattered across the arena.

‘I can’t believe he got up again after that attack, he should’ve been paralyzed from all the electric shocks to his body’ Cleamon thinks dodging the falling rocks while taking distance.

‘This is the time to use the other Inscription I have, I’ll have to manage the amount of mana I put in’

He takes out a scroll and focuses almost all of his remaining mana into it, with a flash the scroll disintegrates and the whole arena rumbles. Crackling noises can be heard from all over as everything that’s loose gets pulled towards the center of the arena.

Above the boulder Guard is currently struggling with, another is forming, sediment and even all the rocks falling are gradually getting pulled up. The new boulder forming makes the previous one look like a pebble.

It dims out the light coming from the ceiling, and casts a big shadow on the floor of the arena. Guard has no clue what’s waiting for him as his vision is obscured.

Dina is slightly panicking inside.

‘If I tell him about the danger now it will be too obvious. I’ll have to have faith that he can withstand it’ she thinks.

After having gathered as much sediment as possible, part two of the spell activated. The giant meteor like boulder shrink in size rapidly, compressing itself further and further. The initial size shrinks to half it’s size, and Cleamon is struggling to keep control.

It stops shrinking and part three of the spell activates.

Large flames start at the bottom of the boulder, igniting it in flames. To the spectators it feels as if the sun has appeared.

The fourth step of the spell activates, beneath Guard a large area of gravity emerges. Cleamon releases the control of the boulder.

Guard is pinned down to the ground, unable to hold up his sword. The fire attacking the first boulder dies out as Guard has no strength to fight back.

The smaller boulder hits Guard first creating a small crater, him at the bottom stuck underneath. The bigger boulder closes in quickly.

Cleamon has been running for his life while the boulder accelerates, he reaches the edge and uses the last remaining mana to hide himself underground.

With the force of small meteor the boulder hits Guard. A wave of molten stone and fire moves across the whole arena destroying everything in it’s path and coating the ground in magma.

The communication between Guard and Dina ceases and her face shows signs of distress.


Around the school rumors have spread about Cleamon leaving the school. He hasn’t shown up in more than a week, even though the teacher told the students that Cleamon is out sick.

“What really happened to Cleamon? Did he get into trouble with the Myrtics family for that fight with Sylas?” many people came up to Lilia this and last week to inform.

Every time they asked, Lilia would give the same answer as the teacher has been explaining. Many students in the class have become more wary about the fact Cleamon has been toying with the Myrtics and Gambrill family. Sylas hasn’t been to school as well since the match, sparking even further rumors

Over the past days the group of friends has seen some new people trying to win over their friendship as they continue to impress at school. Lilia is currently leading the scoreboard on MS, which gets tested weekly, although in private, rumors have spread about the success of the group.

The last few days Izbella has sought contact with the group as well. Since her match with Cleamon she’s been in contact with them to update about what the Myrtics family is doing. In return she’s received many items to boost her cultivation and some instructions for a better cultivation method.

Idalia has been coming to school again as her engagement to Sylas has been blown off for reasons unknown to others besides Cleamon, Lilia and Idalia herself.

She has been in contact with Lilia after coming to school on Cleamon’s recommendation. They have not been seen together much to reduce the amount of suspicion. Secretly they’ve been giving her potions to help her cultivation.

“Is it really okay to share all this with them?” Amara asks Lilia during their lunch break.

“Cleamon said we should keep an open mind for possible allies and friends that we deem trustworthy. I trust him that we can at least provide them some help. We’ve all received a massive boost in strength since we started training together”

“I’ve been thinking…” Cecily says.

“What if we start an after-school training session to gather trust? We allow 10 people to join we think are trustworthy, invite them in private and see what happens? I’ve met one or two people I think we can at least give a try”

“The issue would be where to hold that training session. We’d have to ask the school’s permission to have access to a training room” Lilia says.

“That shouldn’t be a problem, my father has a lot of influence. We should select five boys and five girls to train with us. We start by adding Izbella and Idalia to the group and see who they’d recommend” Cecily says.

“It couldn’t hurt, but we shouldn’t disclose too much until we’re sure they can be trusted. I think there are some students that would easily betray us to the Myrtics or Gambrill family” Amara adds.

“Then let’s ask the headmaster if he can make an item they can vow to, that way we can make sure they aren’t lying” Lilia suggests.

“Okay, I’ll notify the first two nominations then” Cecily says as she walks out of the cafeteria.

“I wonder what Cleamon’s doing now” Lilia thinks as she stares blankly.


“Sir, the process is going faster than expected. We’ve already converted three magicians into crystals and at the Gambrill family two have been converted” a servant says.

“Good, keep me up to date” a figure hiding in the shadows says.

‘We just need another week for this spell to be completed before we can start our plans’ he thinks.

Below the ground many magicians are working on an Inscription the size of the whole of the Myrtics’ estate. Elaborate patterns are spread across a gigantic piece of, sewn together, leather.


“Sire we have a report that the families you warned us about have been secretly kidnapping magicians. Over the last few days there have been reports of hunters gone missing, they’ve left their houses but never exited the gates. We’ve traced where they were going and which routes they would take and we came to a conclusion that the Myrtics’ and Gambrill’s family grounds are at the center of it. We’ve also noticed that their magicians are absent and people haven’t seen them in a while” an informant explains to the king.

“They started sooner than expected…”

“Tell me, what can they do with those hunters? What are the options of capturing live hunters?” he asks the informant.

“Well we’ve thought of the same thing and we have a couple of things they could do” the informant says slightly hesitant.

“First, make them their slave through forced blood bonds. Second, convert hem into highly dense crystals used for certain spells. Third, use them as training fodder for their army. Fourth, blackmail the family, although this seems unlikely as the families of those hunters seem to not have noticed anything and are going about their day normally”.

“The first option doesn’t make sense, if they could capture them so easily they would probable better of with stronger slaves. Although they could use them as a distraction. The third seems most likely, as they are preparing for battle and are probable in need of target to experiment on”.

“Have you found any spells that can be used with human crystals?”.

“Yes Sire, only one”

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