Chapter 82: Cleamon vs Guard

“Narae what time is it?” he asks.

“Almost noon, we tried waking you two up, but we had no success. We thought it might be a side-effect from the mana you both spent yesterday”.

‘It seems like Dina waited for us to wake up’ Cleamon thinks.

They all get dressed and head out the door. Another guard is waiting for them and escorts them as they move walk towards the arena. Andrea has already joined the guard and greets them as soon as they arrive.

“Do you have any plans for the next fight?” Andrea whispers to Cleamon.

“I was planning on doing my strategy this morning, but I failed that part. I’ll have to improvise, I’ll try thinking of something on the way there” he whispers back.

“What happened? Aren’t you the type that wakes up early?”.

“Something invaded my dream and kept me asleep longer than I wanted, but don’t worry it wasn’t anything hostile”,

“Was it caused by Dina? Did she try to temper with the battle?” she asks.

“No it was because of something I did, like I said it wasn’t anything hostile”

“Well be careful anyway, I have a bad feeling about Dina” she says.

Cleamon nods.

They arrive back at the arena Cleamon is told to wait in front of the entrance while the rest move up to the viewing area.

“What’s this?” Andrea asks in surprise.

The arena has transformed, instead of just a simple floor it now contains several houses as a cutout of what seems to be a part of a town. It resembles Gedour city a bit with the style of houses that are built.

“Welcome, I took the liberty of changing the arena a bit. To make this fair I’ve taken a setting Cleamon should be familiar with, although my guard doesn’t have an advantage here. His size makes it difficult to enter the houses” Dina chuckles as she speaks “but then again, he can just destroy everything with one hit, that’s why I made sure the environment is a lot stronger than normal”.

“But why did you really do this?” Andrea asks.

“You seem to have some ulterior motive for setting this all up, why would you help him in any way? I know you made a deal with him to share your knowledge if he wins this match” Andrea asks.

“Even if I had some ulterior motive, why would I tell you? Why are you so bent on me having some plan to make sure he doesn’t win?” Dina asks annoyed.

“I don’t trust you, you seem more like a two-faced bitch to me” Andrea finally says in an angry tone.

“Shut your mouth!” Dina bursts out in anger.

In an instant, before Andrea can react, her body is bound and her mouth closed with magic. She tries to struggle to get free, but nothing works. She looks desperately towards the others, but they don’t show any intention of helping her. She lies helplessly on the floor.

Tears of frustration show in her eyes.

“We won’t help you, we trust in Cleamon to win this battle. Even thought it seems a bit strange Dina has done this, there shouldn’t be anything she’d do to cheat. During all this time she didn’t show any signs of lying” Metztli says.

Andrea’s face changes from despair to sadness.

“You’ll stay like this for the entire match, you’re lucky I didn’t close your eyes as well!” Dina says still agitated.

Dina regains her composure and takes a deep sigh.

“Contestants you may enter!”

Doors on both sides of the arena open, and Cleamon and Guard enter.

‘She sure changed this place around’ Cleamon thinks as he sees the new decor.

‘This looks so much like Gedour city it’s uncanny, I wonder where she got the idea from’

Cleamon looks around to try and take all of the new scenery in.

‘I have to remember the layout, I can use many of these places to my advantage. If Guard destroys them it might get a bit harder to find a weakness in him. I’ll have to launch surprise attacks to find a chink in his armor’

Guard looks as confident as ever, in his mind there is no way that a scrawny human can match his strength.

They greet each other and position themselves at the outlines of the arena.

“Start the fight in five, four, three, two, one GO!”

Cleamon immediately uses Metztli’s spell to hide himself while he looks for a good spot to attack from. He jumps to the side as Guard already appears in front of him swinging a large hammer.

‘This guy is fast! I didn’t even see him move’ Cleamon thinks ‘I’m lucky I reacted immediately, that would’ve been the end for me’.

After his attack, Guard stand completely still, listening to all movement and sensing as much as possible. Although his senses aren’t as good as Wukong’s, he can pick up small traces.

Cleamon dashes through the alley looking for a good spot, while keeping an eye out for Guard he notices a weird behavior. Just look Metztli, Guard uses his sense of smell to trace him besides his other senses.

‘This won’t be enough, soon he’ll be on my tail again. I’ll need to set traps to delay him, but first I have to spread my scent around’

Cleamon rips small pieces of his clothing until his has destroyed his shirt, now his armor is bare on his skin. He quickly uses Intent to scatter the pieces around using Wind, he circulates the air in the room until the scent is spread all over.

‘This should help me buy some time’ he thinks running off into a nearby house.

“This kid has a good battle sense, he noticed Guard using his nose and took countermeasures quickly. I’m beginning to think those first two matches weren’t a fluke. He might’ve even been holding a few cards up his sleeve for this fight” Dina murmurs biting her nails.

Metztli is glued to the protective barrier, not willing to blink. Her face shows a variety of emotions, pride, happy, sad, worry it changes so fast that it looks like a comedy show.

Andrea has gotten herself in a sitting position and is looking on silently. Danmi and Narae are standing on either side of Metztli for support.

‘I should be safe here for now’ Cleamon thinks sensing his surroundings.

He takes every type of beneficial potion from his bracelet and drinks it. His Magic Soul screams under the pressure created, quickly he takes out Inscriptions he created as tests and in preparation for other events. He lets go of his stealth and uses his aura to search for Guard, who is already on the move towards his location.

Cleamon uses three of his Inscriptions to set traps around the house. First an Inscription that places a barrier and whoever touches it will get electrocuted, it uses Lightning.

The second Inscription sets a trap field that immobilizes anyone that enters it, it only has a small area of activation.

The third Inscription is an aura field that precisely tracks the intruders location once he enters it.

He quickly fetches more of them out of his bracelet, this time it’s for protection on himself. He uses three Inscriptions for melee protection and another three for protection against magic.

The last two Inscriptions he takes out are so long they are contained on scrolls.

‘These are the most powerful spells I could manage too put on an Inscription. If my normal spells fail I might actually have to use these, it might even end up hurting me more than him. It might even end up destroying this whole place if I’m not careful’ he gets a cold sweat thinking of the impact it might have on the arena.

‘Let’s hope it never comes to that’

Guard is closing in on Cleamon’s location and the Inscription locating his position activates.

‘Here he comes!’ Cleamon gathers his mana and prepares his self-named “Fire dust Bomb”, he uses enough mana to make five of them. He sends out three through the back window, while the other two are made nearly invisible in front of him as a shield.

The trap triggers and Cleamon can feel Guard stuck in it. He launches a bomb at him.

Booom, a loud bang echoes through the arena, shortly after a large fire tornado swirls up with the flames licking the ceiling.

“What was that spell!” Dina says glued to the barrier.

‘According to my magic survey Inscription he used Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning and Wind? Besides that he used two other unknown types before. Guard has to win this, I need to know what he knows. I’m sorry Cleamon, but I’ll have to make sure he wins’ Dina thinks biting her nails intensely.

‘I know that look, she’s plotting something. I’ve seen that look more than once, this can’t be good for Cleamon. Damn I wish I could just break free, but that bitch is much stronger. I need to sent Metztli a sign or Cleamon might really lose’ Andrea thinks trying to get Metztli’s attention without alerting Dina.

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