Chapter 81: Dream

After the hot bath they all end up in their rooms.

They eat something from the provided food in their room, before cleaning their teeth and entering their bed.

The girls are all wearing underwear, except for Danmi who likes to walk around naked.

“Cleamon can you lay down on your stomach?” Metztli whispers.

“I want to give you a massage now”

Cleamon turns around a lays down on his stomach.

“What are you doing?” Danmi asks curiously.

“I’ll give him a massage to supply him with mana and circulate it in his Magic Soul. It’s a bit like cultivating without him having to do it. It also feels good… I hope” she blushes at the last part.

“If it’s supposed to make him feel good he doesn’t need this” Danmi says taking of Cleamon’s underwear leaving him naked on bed.

Narae has taken her cultivation position and is reciting the chant giving by Cleamon. A clean aura swirls around her having no impurities at all.

Metztli starts her massage, her hands glow as she moves over Cleamon’s body, restoring and circulating his mana. She starts at his feet, massaging muscles and skin, before moving further up. His body shivers as she hits sensitive spots all over, sending signals of pleasure from his nerves to his brain.

“It looks like he really is enjoying it” Danmi says “There are parts I can help with as well” she positions her hand on his butt and moves down between his legs.

“Can you not interrupt please, it’s disturbing his mana” Metztli says a bit irritated.

“You already had your fun in the bath, you can wait until after I’m done” she says pulling her hand away.

“Tss, fine. But you’re helping me with that then!”

“W-why should I help?”

“I’ve seen the look in your eyes, you’re just as interested as I am” Danmi says.

“Uhmm, girls can you ask me first. I appreciate the gesture, but it would be nice to get some rest as well. If we start doing those things we will be stuck for hours before we sleep. Also I’d like to avoid having Metztli turn into a Werecat in heat again, it would be too hard to resist anything she does” Cleamon says.

Both of the girls look at each other a bit ashamed, Danmi lays down next to Cleamon and looks at his face instead.

Cleamon has his eyes closed to enjoy and fully concentrate on the massage and his Magic Soul.

Metztli spends over an hour massaging his body, he can feel his mana returning and he Magic Soul expending because of it. A fierce burst of mana comes from his body, as he passes the 10000MS mark.

“Metztli can you teach me this massage? I want to try it out on something” he says after she’s done.

“Sure, you can follow my directions and try it on Danmi”

She spends another hour trying to teach him the nuances of the massage and what to look out for. He takes in as much as possible.

He grabs his bracelet and takes out the egg that he had been feeding mana every day to. It had grown to the size of a small child and the crack are still visible, but it shows no sign of hatching.

“What is that?” Narae and Danmi asks at the same time.

‘This aura I’ve felt this during the last attack Cleamon did. It feels much more docile now’ Metztli thinks.

‘I knew I felt it somewhere before, but I didn’t expect it to be this egg’

Danmi and Narae look curious and cautious at it.

“I’m not sure what this egg is, I know there is a powerful magical creature inside with the power of gravity. As you may have felt earlier during my fight I used some of it’s power to make my spell. You must think the aura is evil, because towards you it has no affection. The aura towards me is calm and gentle as I was the first to imprint it with mana, making me it’s father” Cleamon explains.

Narae and Danmi calm down a bit hearing this.

“So you have no idea what’s inside?” Narae asks.

“No idea, I hope to find information here, so that’s why I made a deal with Dina to be able to look the information” Cleamon says.

“Ahh I thought it was weird to go for the fights instead” Narae comments.

“Sorry to make you all worried, but I need this information. I know this creature will recognize me, but I’m not sure about others in my environment” Cleamon says.

“Could you all try to supply it with mana to see if it rejects you? Metztli tried before and had no success, but maybe it’s changed”

“Use the technique you used while massaging me, it might actually work”

“Okay I’ll try” Metztli says.

She puts her hands on the hand, initially it sends out a wave of malicious aura, scaring Metztli for a moment. Cleamon puts his hands on the egg as well and the aura changes, he released it again and lets Metztli inject her mana.

When Cleamon releases the aura changes back to malicious, but it gradually becomes loving. Metztli continues to inject her mana for an hour until she’s completely depleted her own resource.

The egg shows signs of growth and the cracks glow bright red.

“I think it accepted me” Metztli says with a big smile.

“I wonder why… Danmi, Narae does the aura still seem hostile to you?” he asks.

“Yes, I don’t even want to get close. It feels like it will devour me” Narae says and Danmi nods.

‘I guess I won’t ask them for now, they don’t seem really comfortable with this’ he thinks.

‘It also feels so much more alive, I wonder how close it is to hatching’

“Take a rest Metztli I’ll put the egg away for now” Cleamon says.

With a swoop of his hand the eggs goes back into his bracelet.

Since it’s already late they all go to bed to sleep. Cleamon curls up with Metztli, hugging her tightly, she sighs deeply and falls asleep blissfully.

Danmi sleeps tight against Cleamon’s back putting her arm around his middle, while Narae is lying on her back next to Danmi.

Cleamon slips into a dream world.

“Metztli? What are you doing here?” he says in his dream as he appears in a large cavern.

“I don’t know, aren’t we asleep now?” she says confused.

“Did we maybe get teleported while asleep?”

“I don’t think so, I think we’re still asleep” Cleamon says.

An unclear image appears in front of them.

“So you are my guardians, I’ve been connected to both of your Magic Souls” it says.

It floats towards Cleamon, who tries to figure out what it looks like.

“I’ve been connected to you for some time now, I appreciate the mana you have fed me. However just yours isn’t enough. I was almost beginning to think that you had no partner with mana. Your mana is not enough to supply me, recently you’ve increased in mana so it’s improving”

“You’re the creature in the egg I’ve been taking care of?” he asks stunned.

“Yes” it replies.

It floats over the Metztli.

“You’ve been trying before to make contact with me, but I couldn’t accept you at that time. Your mana showed too much fear, anxiety and mistrust. Your mana is now much more stable and I recognize you as a partner of him. You have a lot more mana I will need to grow, please give your support in the future”.

Metztli nods.

“Then take care and I will see you soon” it says and right after disappears.

“The least it could’ve done is tell us what it actually is, now we still have no idea, just another clue to a puzzle. It also didn’t say how long it would take for it to hatch…” Cleamon mumbles.

Both Metztli and Cleamon wake up abruptly. Narae and Danmi are looking at them with worried faces.

“What happened? We tried to wake you up for a while but you wouldn’t respond, is everything okay?” Narae asks.

“We’re fine we just had a shared dream we had no control over” Cleamon says as his mind adjusts to the situation.

“Shared dream, how is that possible?” Danmi asks.

“I have no idea, there are probable spells that can do that kind of thing”.

“We at least know that the thing inside the egg is friendly towards Metztli ad me, we just don’t know what it is and when it will hatch”.

“Metztli, I guess we’ll have to supply it with mana every day until it hatches. I’ll win the fight later today to get access to the information needed”

“Okay, I’ll do my best” she says with a smile.

‘I don’t mind at all, it feels like our child like this’ she thinks.

“Cleamon your fight is soon, come to the arena now” Dina’s voice echos through the room.

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