Chapter 80: Relaxation

Danmi and Metztli rush to Cleamon as soon as he walks out of the arena.

“Are you okay?” Metztli asks worried.

“I’m fine just exhausted, I expended all my mana with that last attack. I didn’t have the luxury not to… I’m still too weak, any of you would’ve had an easier time in there. I need more training and cultivation…” Cleamon says dejected.

“Don’t worry, you’re strong! Even though our Magic Souls are much bigger, our skills are much less than yours” Metztli says comforting him.

“Thanks, but I know my own weakness. I’ll just have to make sure I’ll grow stronger faster. My MS is currently around 9000 and I’m about to go to the next level, but I’m guessing yours is at least 250.000” he says with his head hanging low.

Metztli can’t help but look worried.

“So what will happen now?” Andrea asks.

“The fight has been delayed until tomorrow, I’ve had my staff arrange rooms for you. You have your own room and the rest are in the other on Cleamon’s suggestion. Can you please leave the room in one piece and try to not be too noisy” she says looking at him.

Danmi and Metztli both have flushed faces.

“W-we’ll be careful” Narae says looking at the other two.

“Is there a place we can take a shower and bath? He looks dirty and needs cleaning, there is sand and mud everywhere” Narae continues.

“In your room there is a separate bathroom, when I created this place I wanted to indulge in luxury and splendor. You will probable not have seen something similar before, the bath is based on Dwarven technology” Dina says proudly.

“I can’t wait!” Andrea says excited.

“Then I’ll let my guard escort you further, have fun. When you all are awake you’ll get some breakfast delivered to your room. There should be some food waiting for you when you arrive if you’re hungry”.

Dina walks the opposite way.

‘I have to be quick, I need to make some extra Inscriptions that can show me what spells he uses. I never expected a child to use Intent to that extend, what is his origin? That last spell felt almost evil, could he be related to devils?’ her mind works at a fast rate to rationalize everything that happened.

She enters the arena and starts placing new Inscriptions.

The rest follows the guard escorting them.

The castle is huge so walking to their rooms takes almost 20 minutes, they have to climb many stairs to get there. They are located in the main tower half way up.

“This place is amazing” Andrea says looking around the tower.

“She must have a very good imagination to create something like this, I wonder how much time it took to fully realize everything here” Cleamon says.

Their rooms are full of luxury, a bed made for a king, upholstery that you would only see from the very rich. The room has a view to the outside, looking over clouds and the rest of the castle. Animals can be seen flying in the sky, far away from the castle itself.

They all look amazed at the scenery before them forgetting about time for a few minutes.

“You should take a bath” Narae says “you smell like sweat and dirt”.

“I forgot for a minute, can you warm up the bath? I need to take off all my armor first, it will take while without energy”.

“Okay, let’s go Danmi lets let them have some private time” Narae says grabbing her hand and pulling her arm.

They enter the bathroom.

“Can you help me undress?” Cleamon asks Metztli.

She silently nods at his request and starts taking his armor off, he eyes constantly moving her eyes over his body. Her face becomes redder as she takes more clothes off. Meanwhile Cleamon has starting to take her clothes off as well, first her leather top, revealing her bra.

Next are her boots, which are made from leather as well. They reach above her knees and are tied with laces on the back.

It takes him a while to take them off. Cleamon is only in his underwear at this point. Before Metztli is completely in her underwear as well he has to take off her short pants. They are secured with buttons on the front.

“Lie on bed on your back for a minute, I’ll get these off for you” Cleamon says.

Even though Metztli has seen him and Cleamon her naked many times, it still feels like a very exciting moment. She turns her head away as she blushes with her eyes closed, thinking of what this situation can bring.

He unfastens her buttons and pulls down her pants, almost pulling down her underwear with it. Her eyes open with a jolt as she grabs her underwear instinctively.

Her heart almost jumps out of her chest as he moves on top of her. He puts his hand behind her back and unhooks her bra, then moves down and in one movement takes her underwear off.

With the remaining strength he picks her up and carries her in his arms towards the bath. She wraps her arms around him holding her head against his chest.

“I’ll give you a massage later to relax your muscles, it will also restore the flow in your Magic Soul. I’ll use a special mana massage to massage as much mana as I can into your body” Metztli whispers to Cleamon.

“I’d like that, but you might have some problems with Danmi trying to help” Cleamon says smiling.

“That’s okay, I know she’s trying to help”.

They enter the bathroom.

The room is at least four times as big as the bath inside their own place, it has clouds as a shower raining down warm water on one side, cold on the other. Beyond is a layer of mist covering the floor, giggling can be heard beyond it.

“This place is really something else, I’ve never seen anything like this shower. I want to research it, getting control of clouds sounds like a handy magic to have” Cleamon says inspecting the shower.

“C-can you let me go now? Your hand is on my butt and it’s making me feel funny” Metztli says embarrassed.

“I’d rather keep hold of it, it feels nice and soft” he says while kneading her butt.

“A-a-ahh” she manages to bring out digging her face deeper into his chest.

“Sorry, I’ll let go now” he says putting her down on her own feet softly.

“You forgot to take of your underwear” Metztli says pouting.

“Ah, I was busy with yours so I didn’t think about it” he says with a smirk.

Metztli just looks at him pouting and holding her butt still feeling the sensation.

She walks off towards the giggling in the distance leaving Cleamon behind.

‘I guess that was a bit too much’ he thinks while getting showered by the clouds.

‘I’ll have to apologize to her later’

He washes himself thoroughly and moves towards the others.

Through the mist, vague shapes can be seen. As he approaches closer a vast space can be seen. There are three different types of baths available. The girls are sitting in a bubbling bath with a thin layer of mist on top of it, from his point of view it looks like they are cooking inside a pot.

“Cleamon come in, this water is just perfect. It’s filled with mana and has healing properties as well” Narae says delighted.

“This woman is a genius!” Danmi says smiling with her head half under water.

“Can’t you take her with you? Seduce her or something, she would be a valuable asset to the team. I’m even willing to share you” Danmi follow up.

“That’s not yours to say” Metztli says a bit annoyed.

“Don’t worry I was just joking, he already has his hands full with you alone”

“T-that’s not true!” Metztli says.

“Don’t be so serious all the time, have some fun. I’m just playing with you, I know Lilia is his girlfriend. I’m just saying we all want attention too!” she says looking at Cleamon.

“I don’t mind giving attention, but too much will distract me from my training. If I have free time just come to me, I’ll make sure you don’t feel lonely. Lilia can also help, she likes giving attention to things she finds cute” Cleamon says.

“I’ll get my portion now then!” Danmi says.

“You promised me that after the match you would give me something I would like. Before you forget again I want to claim that”

“Okay, but tell me honestly. What is it that you want most of the moment?” Cleamon asks.

“Intimacy, love, attention” she says.

“I can give you two out of three now, but love still has to grow. It will happen eventually, I like you and all of your sisters. You girls are cute, smart, kind and strong. I want you to be as happy as possible, but I feel like it would be taking advantage of your desire”

“I think I can speak for all of us when I say that you don’t have to worry about that. It’s our choice, it’s on our nature to fall in love with the person we trust the most. You saved our lives, gave us clothes, food a place to live and call home. You provide us with means to survive in your home town. I don’t think we can be more grateful towards you. Our desire for reproduction has nothing to do with the desire to just be intimate because we like you” Narae says.

Danmi looks surprised at her sister.

“That’s how it is” she says with a smile.

“Okay I won’t think else of it again. Then do what you want” he says.

Danmi moves over to Cleamon and moves her lips towards his. She kisses him as intimately as she can, she moves her body on top of his. Cleamon is sitting under water against the wall, she moves to sit on his lap and rubs against his body as her kisses become more fierce.

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