Chapter 8: Introductions

As he looked around the training grounds he saw most students were still trying to get their respective magic Incantations to work. Some students that have already completed their task were waiting on the side and talking to each other. Lilia spots Cleamon and waves “how did it go?” she asks as he approaches “it went fine, actually he just gave me a test, I’ll explain it later to you” he says with a wink causing Lilia’s heart to flutter. “Ah, sorry I forgot to introduce my new friend, she had the highest MS score in our class and is quite cute don’t you think?” Lilia says smiling at her new friend. “Hello, my name is Amara Covenforge, nice to meet you Cleamon” she says with a blush on her face. “Nice to meet you too Amara, and yes she is rather cute” Cleamon proclaims with a smile.

He was used to Lilia’s free spirit in his past life, she liked cute girls as much as he does. In this Realm many have more than one spouse or lover. His father has two wives and he has a little sister from his other mother. Because magicians in this Realm have such a long lifespan multiple lovers and wives are seen as normal, you can always love more than one person.

“What affinity do you have Amara?” Cleamon asks. “earth, inherited from my father’s side”, “do you already have some way to train your own MS?”. Usually ways to train your MS are passed down along the family generations. The issue is that they are usually much less effective than some pure ancient methods. As expected she says that her cultivation method is passed down her family.

“Would you like to come to my house after school?” Cleamon asks Lilia and she happily agrees. “How about you Amara?”, “I will teach you both a very good cultivation technique that will help boost you MS much faster, but you have to keep it a secret!”. Curiously Amara also agrees.

Magician’s houses all have a cultivation room for them to train their MS in, this room attracts Mana which makes it easier to expand you Magic Soul. You use a cultivation spell to attract Mana into your soul and force it to grow. The stronger the cultivation method the more Mana is forced into your Magic Soul and the faster it is attracted.

Cleamon though to himself that in this life he would try to help as many people as possible without revealing his secret. He would look for the people that he trusted before. In his class there are four people that he trusts besides Lilia, Amara is one of them that’s why he invited her right away. Others are Cecily Sageflower, Resyana Aetumal and Homian Hawthorn, but they are still practicing their Incantation.

Besides Amara, Homian was a boy from the same street, he and Cleamon have known each other for about six years, when his family moved there from outside the city. In his previous life he is one of the students that dies in the internal struggle which will happen in two years if nothing is done.

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