Chapter 79: Wukong

‘Where have I heard that name before’ Cleamon thinks.

“What’s going on?” Andrea asks Dina.

“This is it’s normal form, the big form was just to try and scare the opponent into giving up. It obviously didn’t work so it switched back to it’s normal form. I made this creature in the likeliness of apes from the Water Realm, but it’s personality and powers are derived from a book I read about gods from the God Realm. Although this place is just a myth even for us angels, we still believe in it’s existence” she explains.

“Gods? What are those supposed to be?” Danmi asks.

“Legend says they were originally just like you and me, inhabitants of the known realms. During their lifetime they accumulated so much mana that their existence alone would cause troubles, magical beast would appear wherever they go because of the leaking mana transforming innocent creatures. Eventually these gods used their powers to create their own realm, far away from ours. Here they can unleash their powers as they see fit, who knows what goes on in there” Dina explains excited.

“Sun Wukong is one of those gods?” Andrea asks.

“Yes, his powers are supposed to be Water, Wind and Ice. He carries a staff to fight, and his combat skills are top of the line. Of course my version is nowhere near what the original is supposed to be, it’s just an insignificant creature” Dina says a bit disappointed.

Sun Wukong walks slowly towards the place where Cleamon is hiding, he twirls his staff in his hand.

“If you’re not coming out, I’ll force you to”

He jams his staff into the ground and from the epicenter ice starts flowing in all directions.

Cleamon has been keeping still all this time to not show his actual position, but that is not an option anymore.

‘I should have accumulated enough mana for this spell, it’s a risk but looking at his body this is the only way I could win. I just have to catch him by surprise’ Cleamon thinks.

He uncovers himself, revealing his location. Mana swirls around him, and vanishes into the ground. The ground starts to shake violently, surprising everyone.

“What did you do?” Wukong asks surprised.

“You’ll see soon enough” he says.

As soon as he finishes saying that, the water level starts to rise.

It starts slow, but increases exponentially. Within 10 seconds the whole arena is filled with water to the ceiling.

Cleamon used a spell to trap air around him, Wukong did the same as him.

Both are now trapped in an air bubble, Wukong’s staff I causing him issues.

‘This water is making handling this staff too much of a chore, the water around me is freezing’ he thinks.

Wukong gets rid of his staff, it vanishes into small particles of ice.

‘Even though I’m a Water user myself, I can’t seem to control this water. Is it because it was created by him?’

‘It looks like he can’t control it, it need some time to think of a strategy. First of all where did I hear that name before. I know I’ve read it somewhere’ Cleamon thinks searching through his spatial ring in a hurry while looking at the titles of the books he’s gathered.

‘No, no, no, no, argh it’s on the tip of my tongue. This seems familiar!’ he stops at a book called “The myths behind the Gods”. He quickly pulls it out of the ring and starts reading at a fast pace, mostly looking at the images drawn by the author. They are just impressions, but eventually he comes across the picture of Wukong.

‘Here! Sun Wukong, he’s said to possess immense strength, travel fast, can transform, knows martial arts, can create clones and knows magic as well. This definitely sounds like a God to me, but for some reason the guy in front of me doesn’t seem to have that kind of power. Also the image is exactly same now I look at it closely. Dina must have copied him from a book like this or even the same book. That means his powers are limited and I stand a chance’ Cleamon thinks closing and storing the book again.

‘His weakness is said to be smoke and fighting underwater, which is lucky for me. I stumbled on his weakness by accident, next fight I probable won’t be so lucky’ he thinks.

‘How can I create smoke underwater…’

Wukong is trying to move through the water in his air bubble by using air itself to propel him, but due to the water’s properties it feels like walking through a swamp while being knee-deep in mud.

‘The only way I can think of is volcanoes, but I can’t generate that kind of heat while maintaining this water spell, it has already drained half of my mana’

‘I can pretend it’s smoke!’

“Hey Wukong!” he shouts.

Wukong looks at him.

“I heard you are afraid of smoke, so I made you a present!”

From the bottom of the water, small clouds of smoke start to form, first it looks like just a layer of smoke on the floor. The clouds get bigger and are starting to close in on them.

Half the arena is now filled with smoke underwater, Wukong is desperately trying to go up and away from it.

‘This is my chance, his mind is weakened and distracted!’

Cleamon gathers 20% of his mana.

‘This had better work, my control and aim has to be perfect’.

His mana vanishes from his Magic Soul, below Wukong’s air bubble a small back dot appears.

Cleamon uses a gravity to increase gravity in a small spot massively, Wukong’s bubble is slowly being absorbed into it.

Dina’s eyes glow with excitement ‘what’s that magic?’

Besides her Andrea looks on in horror ‘this magic… it feels evil, like there is something else contributing to it’.

Metztli, Danmi and Narae all have a bewildered look on their face.

‘This magic feels like it has 3 different types of aura, I can feel my own, Cleamon’s and something else is in there, something sinister’ Metztli thinks.

Danmi and Narae can feel the same differences although not as specifically as Metztli can. They all have shivers and goosebumps all over their body.

The black spot grows slightly bigger and exponentially increases it’s force. The bubble almost completely vanishes leaving a just a small part of it around Wukong’s neck.

Wukong’s body becomes sluggish underwater, his face shows panic. The water around his body starts to freeze as it touches the water for a long time. Little by little the struggling slows down to a crawl as more and more ice starts to form.

“What happening to his body? Is Cleamon doing this?” Danmi asks out loud.

“No, this is an effect of Wukong’s body. When I created him I thought it would be nice if he could turn anything he touched into ice. I just didn’t expect it to be permanently active, it was a mistake on my end. I didn’t think he would find out his weakness so fast, are you sure this is just a kid?” she says biting her nails out of frustration.

“Wukong gives up!” she announces inside the arena.

Cleamon looks slightly disappointed, he cancels all his spells and sinks towards the bottom as the water recedes. Using all the spells has completely drained his mana, he’s been going on reserves the last few minutes. There is blood coming from his mouth as he coughs choking on the water.

“Do something!” Metztli yells to Dina.

“Fine, wait here”

From behind the barrier she instantly drains the water inside the ground, leaving Cleamon laying on the floor unconscious.

‘That stupid kid, why did he have to go so far? I can’t let him fight under these conditions, my guard will slaughter him. I do want to see him go all out again to see if he has anything else up his sleeve’ she thinks.

She rushes to his aid, providing him with air through her Wind spell. Cleamon coughs up water and open his eyes while groaning.

“What happened?” he asks Dina.

“You fell unconscious as soon as the fight ended, you must’ve pushed yourself beyond your limit” she checks his breathing and makes a sigh of relief

“Are you stupid? Why push yourself that hard? Was it because you thought I wouldn’t let you do anyway?” she says annoyed.

“No, because I want to win our bet. It’s important for me that I get access to your knowledge” he says coughing.

“And I knew you wouldn’t let me die, especially after the last spell I used” he gives her a smile.

“Fine, but no more fights today. Your last fight should be at your best, so get rest for today. The girls you’re with are concerned about you. You should give them some comfort while you’re still okay”

They both glance up and Cleamon sees tears in Metztli’s eyes as she was worried sick.

“Okay, can you get us a room?”

“Just one?”

“Two rooms is fine, Andrea will stay on her own. The rest is with me”.

“Fine I’ll ask my servants to prepare rooms for you. Can you walk on your own?”.

“It’s fine I can still walk”

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