Chapter 78: An unexpected opponent

A two meter tall dog-like creature walks through it. It’s face resembles a dog, but it’s body looks more like a very muscular man.

“Meet my first creation, it was inspired by books I read about the various demon clans. It might look cute, but has a fierce personality and is very loyal” Dina says through her amplified voice.

‘She sure has a weird definition of cute’ Cleamon thinks looking at the beast closing in on him.

‘I need to either finish this fight fast or observe it’s fighting style. The aura emitting from it is pretty high, not high enough to a direct attack’ Cleamon thinks.

‘I guess fast would be the best option, don’t let them know what my specialty is and don’t give them a chance to analyze me’ he decides.

“Are both contestants ready?” Dina asks.

Both of them nod.

“Then let’s get this started”

“Five, four, three, two, one, GO!”

Cleamon’s opponent roars vigorously, taking slow steps forward. He carries a big sword with two hands that glows with hints of magic.

Cleamon jumps as far back as he can, with his back almost against the wall giving him time to prepare his spell.

‘Looking at the creature and its scars, physical attacks will have not much of an effect. The patches of fur missing indicate that it has experience fighting against Fire magic’ Cleamon’s brain works at full speed. He tries taking into account every small detail on the body of the creature.

‘I should try using Mind magic on it, this won’t show any traces of what I did to the others’ Cleamon thinks with a sly smile.

He focuses as much mana as he can spare into his Intent. First he listens to the creature’s thoughts.

‘Master says I have to win. It should be easy he looks weak, I will squash him like a bug’

The creature’s thoughts are simple and straightforward, it only has one goal in mind.

‘It should be easy influence his train of thought’ Cleamon thinks

Cleamon sends a powerful wave of Intent into the creatures brain, injecting it with his thoughts. It’s movements stop, his body goes limp as if it’s a doll. The sword falls down on the ground with a loud bang, the magic on it dissipates.

“What’s going on?!” Dina asks herself out loud.

“I give up!” the beast shouts.

“You can’t just give up!” Dina shouts.

“I give up!” it shouts again.

“Fine, first round goes to Cleamon” she announces with irritation in her voice. Her face shows frustration and intrigue.

“There is a 10 minute break, Cleamon can you come outside the door for a minute” she announces.

The beast leaves the ring without any fighting, but his steps show his confusion as he staggers to the exit.

Cleamon leaves the arena and waits for Dina, he enters a meditative state to recollect his spent mana with a potion.

“Cleamon?” Dina says as she arrives.

“Yes? Why did you want to talk to me?” he asks fully well knowing what’s it about.

“What did you do to my minion?” she asks directly.

It was Cleamon’s intention from the start to get her attention so he can manipulate her.

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you. We have a deal that I’ll tell you if I lose. Unless of course you don’t mind that if I tell you I get access to your knowledge anyway?” he says mocking her.

“I am really curious as to what magic you used, but I’m not willing to modify our deal just to satisfy my curiosity. Then how about this, if you tell me I’ll let you have one of my items from my collection?”

“That’s fine by me if I can choose any item I want” Cleamon says.

“As long as it’s from my collection and not something I personally use, it’s a deal”.

“Then we have a deal, but I won’t tell you now else you could prepare your next fighter against this magic” Cleamon says with a smirk while he walks back into the arena.

‘What a mysterious kid, the only magic I know that could do something like this has been extinct for nearly 500 years. There are books hinting at it, but no spells saying how it can be done. If I get access to this, my army will be so much stronger!’ she thinks walking back to her spot.

Cleamon waits in the arena for Dina to show up at her spot. Meanwhile he’s been thinking of his next choice.

‘Maybe I should try the same again, although I have a feeling it won’t be that easy. Maybe I should try some void magic to make her more interested in me. I could get a lot more out of my deal than just information’ Cleamon smirks and licks his lips.

Dina has arrived at her spot and her eyes are sparkling.

“Then let’s get this going again. Come out my minion it’s your turn!” her voice reverberates through the arena.

The gate on the opposite side of Cleamon opens, loud stomps can be heard and felt coming from whatever is moving towards it.

Boom, boom, boom, the noise becomes louder and the ground trembles.

Two hairy hand grab the sides of the gate and a head appears, the head resembles that of an ape. The creature roars loudly before moving it’s body completely through the gate.

It’s at least 50 times the size of Cleamon, it’s body takes about 10% of the space in the whole arena.

‘Isn’t this a bit much?’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

Metztli and Danmi look worried at the entrance of the creature.

“What is that thing?” Andrea asks Dina.

“It’s something I came up with when traveling through different realms, it’s based on a creature I’ve seen in the Water Realm where you come from. Although it would not be this size unless it had accumulated massive amounts of mana over many decades. Even then it wouldn’t grow to this size, I’ve stimulated it’s growth by use of potions and feeding it my mana.

“This won’t be easy for Cleamon, even with his knowledge I can’t see him winning from this beast” Narae says scared.

“Don’t worry, I instructed it to stop before killing him, that would violate our agreement” Dina says smiling.

“Even if he does die due to an accident I have some things that can bring him back” Dina’s demeanor changes as she says it, not so much an angel, but more to a devil.

“This women is crazy, we have to stop her” Danmi whispers to Metztli who’s looking on with pain in her heart.

“We have to trust him, he wouldn’t do this if he didn’t think he could win. Strength doesn’t mean anything if you can’t use magic properly. Weak spells with great effect trump strong spell with a weak one, I’ve seen him use a spell once that even we’d have trouble with” Metztli whispers back.

Dina’s eyes flash to them whispering for a split second.

‘A spell that advanced… I want to see it’

“Contestants ready, the match starts in five, four, three, two, one, GO!”.

With one jump the creature closes in on Cleamon, who barely dodges it by rolling to the side.

He focuses his Intent in a flash, using an Earth spell to send spikes through the left hand of the creature.

The creature pull it’s hand away and roars looking for Cleamon, who’d scurried off.

He uses his void spell in combination with a darkness spell to hide in the shadow of the creature’s feet.

‘Do you mind if I kill it?’ Cleamon’s voice enters Dina’s head, who’s eyes suddenly show hints of fear.

‘How are you in my head?’ she thinks hoping he will hear it.

‘It’s not important now, I need to know if I can kill this creature yes or no’

‘Even IF you kill it I can easily bring it back to life as it’s my own creation’ she thinks in a condescending tone.

‘That’s good news’

Meanwhile the creature has released it’s aura sending powerful ripples through the arena. Water sprouts from the ground forming a small layer on the surface, winds howl as it circles around with no exit.

The creature starts to transform, it’s size decreases to the point where a human shaped ape the size of two meters is left. In it’s hands a staff made of ice can be seen, ice particles swirling around the tips of it.

Cleamon has jumped far back as the creature transformed and is now watching from the other side.

‘I’ve never seen a transformation like this, it almost looks human. It’s aura has increases ten-fold, this will be difficult even with a surprise attack. I’m glad I got part of Metztli’s memories that show hints of her stealth spell. I can almost figure out how to use it to think of a plan while hiding’ Cleamon thinks.

“I know you’re hiding, I can still feel faint traces of your aura” the creature suddenly speaks.

“My name is Sun Wukong, or rather I was created in the image of him”

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