Chapter 77: Deepened bond

“Sure, although I’m not sure how my blood will help you” Cleamon says a bit confused.

“It won’t, but then we are equal. How do you want to put my blood inside your body then?”

“I’ll use Blood Magic, you have to keep absolutely quiet about this, manipulating blood is normally a terrible sin. I’ve been practicing it in secret and I’m confident enough I can use it to help us. Using Blood Magic on yourself can help you enhance abilities, but it can also damage your heart. You can even stop blood flow inside another person, or move their limbs with the blood. I have to use this process to make sure the demon blood is distributed evenly else I might die” Cleamon explains while he draws an Inscription on the floor.

“Sorry everyone, but you won’t be able to see me for 30 minutes, but don’t worry I’ll be fine” he says out loud.

“What’s going on?” Narae asks.

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you yet. I need to concentrate on this else it might go wrong”

He activates the Inscription and Metztli and him are shrouded in pure darkness.

“Are you ready?” he asks her.

She nods.

“Then let’s begin, I need you to make a cut on both you and me while I prepare to connect to our blood streams”.

She takes her knife and cuts herself first, she slices her wrist horizontally and does the same for Cleamon.

“Ready” she whispers.

Cleamon starts his Incantation, Metztli feels her whole body glow as he connects to her blood. It feels warm and as if Cleamon is inside her body.

She closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling.

A small stream of blood exits her and Cleamon’s wrist and at the same time form a ball of blood in the air.

Slowly the blood gets directed into his and her wrist, carefully administering the doses.

Cleamon’s body feels like it’s on fire, but he continues to add more blood into his system. The ball of blood becomes smaller and smaller until there is nothing left.

With a small Light spell he closes the wounds.

Cleamon sinks deep into his subconscious his mind completely surrounded in darkness. A small flame begins to burn, it grows and grows, it start from one meter and grows to the size where it could reach the heavens. It feels like his body is evaporating, sweat pours out of all his pores and pours down his body.

Meanwhile Metztli experiences something similar, he mind becomes blank, she sees faint memories and past joys. She sees herself in his memories as someone he cherishes, her body glows with Light magic. He Magic Soul becomes tranquil and her mind void of any negative thoughts, she can feel a pure intention coming from Cleamon inside her head. Her brain reaches a state where it sends out only theta waves.

Metztli’s physical form changes, her appearance becomes human. After remaining in this state for 15 minutes she awakes as if she were dreaming.

She feels the difference in physique and is amazed by the changes. As soon as her mind reaches full awareness her form changes back to her Werecat form.

‘What is this feeling? I’ve never experienced something like this, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so calm and happy’ she thinks while tears are streaming down her cheeks. She has the brightest smile on her face as she looks at Cleamon full of love.

She glares at Cleamon while he continues to cultivate.

Inside Cleamon’s mind.

The bright fire that occupied has mind has now died down and shows a pure white flame. Within the flame he can see Metztli’s past and the warmth emanating from the flame are her feelings. It envelops him and the scenery changes, first lush green fields pass under him. Again the scenery changes, all of a sudden he’s inside his room at the castle. Metztli is sitting on the bed looking at him, Cleamon walks over and sits next to her.

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

“Why are you not including me in your love life? I can feel it every time you have fun with Lilia or Danmi, my heart tightens and I feel dejected. Why is it that you can’t be like that with me?”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, but it’s more that we only recently met. I know we have a deep connection through blood and trust, but it’s hard to put any real feelings into it. I like you, you’re a good girl, but I don’t have feelings of love for you yet. I don’t want to take advantage of your feelings if we want to be serious about our relation. Give me a few more weeks of being together with you, it will help you as well. We’ll come out of it with a much stronger relation than what I could have with Danmi”

His vision blurs, and the vision dissipates. Metztli is sitting in front of him crying.

“Do you really mean that?” she says.

“Was I talking out loud? I saw you in my vision”.

“Yes, I heard everything you said. You really want that kind of relation with me?” she asks again.

Cleamon nods “I think it would be best for the both of us, I don’t mind being intimate with you. It should come from yourself and not from jealousy. Just come to me when you want it instead of feeling down”

“I will, I want it, but I was so scared of being rejected that I couldn’t” she says wiping her tears.

“Don’t worry about that” Cleamon says with a kind smile.

“How much time has passed while I was in trance?” he asks.

“I’m not sure, it feels like time flew by” Metztli says.

Cleamon deactivates the Inscription on the floor and all the others in the room instantly turn around.

“Are you Cleamon?” Danmi asks cautiously.

“Yes why?” he asks bewildered.

“Your aura has changed dramatically, it’s almost like you’re a different person. What did you do to increase to size so much?” Andrea says with shock on her face.

“It’s still me don’t worry, Metztli and me bonded on a different level. You’re probable feeling her influence on me” Cleamon says avoiding a direct answer.

“You do smell a bit like a demon…” Narae comments.

“A bit?” Cleamon says

“Well it’s just a hint of demon, also Metztli smells more like you than before. She seems more human now. I’m not sure what you did, but you probable had a good reason for it” she says after sniffing him a few times.

“I did have a good reason, I want to win the upcoming fights. If I win we get access to all the knowledge Dina has accumulated over the centuries. This could help us a lot, as she has knowledge of forgotten magic and potions. What else could she have gathered from all the visitors that came here, humans were all killed, but she didn’t say anything about other races”

“What do you need the knowledge for?” Andrea asks.

“I can’t tell you yet, most of all because I don’t have the time now. How long until the fight starts?”

“you have five minutes left, is there anything we can do to help?” Narae asks.

“No it’s fine, I’ll ask if you can spectate. This will be good for you as well” he says

“Didn’t you forgot something?” Danmi says with a pouting face.

“Sorry, I didn’t think the time would pass that quickly. I can give it to you now or you wait until after the fights. Now you have less time, to enjoy it and after we have all the time we need” Cleamon says trying to convince her.

“Fine, after is okay. I’ll hold it in for now, but it’d better be good!”

“I promise you’ll like it”

The rest of the time passes quickly as they have some small talk.

“Cleamon you’re matches are waiting, please follow me” the guard he’s supposed to fight later says as he opens the door.

“Okay, can my friends watch the matches?”

“Yes, they are invited. They will have to follow me after I lead you to the arena” he answers.

“Now follow me, it will take 10 minutes to reach the arena. I assume you’ve prepared for the fights? I won’t go easy on you just because you’re young”.

“Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to. I’ve prepared plenty to make sure I win” Cleamon says with an arrogant tone.

“We’ll see about that”

They move through the castle and reach the center, where there is a large circular around. The diameter is at least a hundred meters. The area itself is just a flat surface made from earth, the walls are decorated with many Inscriptions, looking at them Cleamon deduces that they are there to protect the arena itself.

His friends have already taken place at the spectator’s area slightly above the ground.

Dina is also present.

“Your first match is against one of my weaker creations, good luck” Dina says with her voice amplified.

The door on the other side opens and his first opponent walks through.

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