Chapter 76: Proposal

Metztli enters the room next, she’s quite nervous and her hands are shaking.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine” Dina says.

“It’s not fine, you set a hard task to us and expect us to just do it or else we die” Metztli responds.

“I guess so…” Dina says.

“Fine, I guess this is not really fair, but it’s not my problem. What trial have you chosen?”


“Okay and what have you got that I don’t know?” Dina asks curiously.

“It’s a spell, I made this spell myself so you can’t know about it, although I’d rather not tell because it’s my own. What will you do with it?”.

“Well I guess I can disclose some of the purposes I’m after. The knowledge I’m gathering is for eventually stopping an upcoming war, I fear that my kind will invade other realms. I want to stop them no matter what”.

“I see, then you’re not against humans?”

“No, actually I like human nature. It’s just that there are bad apples amongst the majority of them”.

“Okay, well then I guess it’s fine” Metztli finally says.

She explains the extend of her Shadow Hide spell, it takes her 30 minutes to explain the Intent behind it.

“I know a similar spell to this one, but not this particular spell. I guess this will do, you pass. Please move towards the door at the end of the room, you’re friend is waiting there”

Metztli silently leaves the room without looking back.

“Next one! Come in please!”

“You go Danmi next, do your best” Cleamon says.

“At least give me a good luck kiss!” she says poking him.

He gives her a small kiss on the lips.

“When I see you next, you’ll get more”

“I’ll do my best!” she says as she opens the door and goes inside.

“Welcome, so far all your friends have succeeded with the knowledge trial, are you about to undertake the same one?” Dina asks.


“You all seem to possess a lot of knowledge, the previous contestants didn’t know anything of use and all ended up dying in a fight”.

“We won’t end up like that, either we have the knowledge or we just win your fight” Danmi says slightly annoyed.

“Let’s see what you have to offer, your time starts now”.

“My contribution will be Time magic based Inscriptions, do you have much experience with those?” Danmi asks.

“Some yes, but mostly spells and not Inscriptions. I’m quite curious as to how you came across them. Time magic is supposed to be erased from history, I’ve got a limited supply of spells here, those would be a nice addition to my collection”.

“I won’t tell you how I got it, just the method of using it. If you agree to let the next two pass I’ll tell you how I came across the spell” Danmi says trying to tease Dina.

“Sorry, but no. This trial cannot be skipped, we can however trade information if you want”.

“I have nothing that I need to know, if I do I’ll ask someone else” Danmi says.

“Fine, then tell what you know” Dina says irritated.

Danmi explains and draws the Inscriptions out on a piece of parchment. Explaining their functions and uses. It takes her 40 minutes to explain and show all the uses.

“Hmm, well I guess this is sufficient enough. You can pass through the door at the end to go to the rest of your friends”

Narae enters the room next, and just like the others before her, she passes with ease.

‘I can’t believe this group, everyone of them has had valuable knowledge regarding very high level magic usages. I will have to ask them for more afterward, this is too good of an opportunity to pass up” Dina thinks smiling brightly.

‘The last one is just a child, I wonder how he even got here. Compared to the others he hasn’t had much life experience yet, what age is he I wonder, maybe 14 or 15 years’.

“You can come in” she says as she calls Cleamon.

Cleamon enters the room as the last one.

“Your friends have already passed the trial, you’re the last one” Dina says.

“Good, I had high expectations for them. I have some questions thought” he says walking in confidently.

“What kind of questions?”

“What do we receive once we pass all these trials? What happens when one of us would win a fight instead of providing you with information?” he asks.

“I’ve never thought of that really, I guess I can share some of my information with you. As for the fight, I don’t think anyone can win from my guards, it’s just entertainment for me”.

“What if I could win a battle from the guard? Could I have access to all the knowledge you’ve gathered over the years?” Cleamon boldly asks.

“Interesting proposal, how would you be able to fend against them? You’re just a kid and you think you stand a chance against the creatures I created?”

“Then how about we don’t make it a fight to the death, but just a fight until either one collapses. If I win I get access to all your knowledge and I’ll even tell you a few secrets” Cleamon says.

“I think winning one fight wouldn’t be sufficient for that kind of reward. How about you do three fights, you start with a weaker opponent and the last one will be the guard that escorted you here. That way I’ll be entertained. If you lose one of the fights you will have to provide me with the knowledge or else you die anyway” she responds.

“Okay, agreed”

“We have a deal, you can go and inform your friends. We’ll start the fight in an hour, you can prepare for it meanwhile. Anything you have you can use to your liking”.

Cleamon joins his friends.

“So you passed as well?” Danmi asks jumping in for a hug.

“Actually I made a deal, I’ll be fighting instead. However it’s not to the death, so you don’t have to worry about it” Cleamon ensures Danmi rubbing her head.

“Andrea can I talk to you for a minute?”

“Sure, what’s wrong?” she asks curiously.

“No nothing’s wrong, I was just wondering if you have any potions from your clan on you. I will probable need them in the fight, I have some potions I could trade for them if you want. I can also pay for them with gold, just tell me how much you want”

“I don’t have that many on me, what potions are you proposing to trade?”

“Master Magic Resistance Potion and Grand Master Cultivation Potion”

“Are those the potions you shared with the girls before?”

“Yes, they are made to be a potent as possible with the herbs growing in the city. If I get new herbs I could probable make much more potent versions” Cleamon says with a smile.

“Mind if I try them first?” she asks.

“Sure, go ahead I have many of them left”.

Andrea sits down and takes the two potions at once, her aura instantly spikes and accumulates at an exceptional rate.

“This is crazy, I almost can’t keep up with the rate it’s filling my Magic Soul. This place is already high on mana, but forcing this much into me might even heighten my cultivation by a great deal!”

“You have a deal, you can have as many of my potions as you want, in return can I keep using these? I’ll even provide you with herbs you can’t get in your city. Here take this backpack, look for anything you need” she manages to bring out while cultivating.

“Thanks, I’ll take two of your potions, I’ll put some of mine in yours. I’ll take a look at your herbs and try to make something out of it. I won’t have time to do it now though, I’ll ask Dina if she has an alchemy station we can use”.

“Go ahead, I’ll need all my concentration now to make sure my Magic Soul doesn’t explode” she says closing her eyes while entering a deep meditation.

“Metztli can you come over? I want you to help me with something to prepare for the fight”.

“Of course, what do you need my help with?” she asks with a cute expression.

“If you look at me like that I might want something more than what I was going to ask”

Metztli blushes and tries to avoid his gaze.

“Come a bit closer I don’t want the other to hear this”

“Actually could I get some of your blood? I want to strengthen our bond and the power shared between us”.

“You want to take more of my blood? You know this can be really bad for you? My Magic Soul is so much stronger than yours that it could damage you. I don’t want to hurt you even though our connection would deepen even more” she says a bit scared.

“What kind of connection do you want to make?”

“I want to inject your blood into my body, before we just lightly touched, but this time I want it to enter my blood stream” he says a bit hesitant.

“Only if I can use yours for myself” she responds.

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