Chapter 75: Trial

What is it?” Andrea says.

You probable won’t believe but that’s an Angel” Cleamon says.

An Angel? I’ve read about them in older lore books. They are described as vicious warriors and ruthless towards outsiders. This one seems rather friendly” Andrea says.

Yes, that’s what I’ve always thought as well” Cleamon says.

That’s a bit rude don’t you think?” the Angel says.

Sure, my people are usually not that kind to strangers, but living and traveling to the outer Realms broadens one’s vision”

My name is Dina, I’m not interested in fighting and wars, the only thing I want is to do research and learn about magic”

So my request to you is, teach me something I don’t know. If you can’t teach me anything, I’ll have to remove you from this place. You could also try the challenge I will set for you, this however, can result in your death. It’s up to you all to choose your fates” Dina says.

What do you mean by removing from this place?” Cleamon asks.

It means you’ll die”

Dina stands up, the wings are slightly translucent, long curly reddish blonde hair can be seen. A yellow aura is emitting from all around.

Dina turns around, her face is like a painting so perfect, her skin is pale and looks like it’s glowing within her aura. The curls extend to her lower back. Her outfit makes her looks like she’s floating slightly above the ground.

So we have no choice in this matter?” Andrea asks.

That’s correct, so far no-one has survived my trials, then again, not many people have come here in the last years. I even made several entrances across realms to maximize the people entering”.

Do we all qualify as a group or does each individual have to do the test on their own?” Cleamon asks.

Every one of you has to do the trial, you may prepare yourselves in advance. You have one hour to prepare. Guard please take them to our guest room”.

Yes master”

The same guard escorts them out, he leads them to a room five minutes away. The room itself is fairly big, more than a hundred people could fit in there.

Can I get something to drink for you all?” the guard asks.

No we’re fine, thanks” Andrea says a bit perplexed.

So we have to teach her something, I don’t want to fight. She didn’t say we could only try once, so there doesn’t seem to be a short time limit. I’m fairly sure I can teach her something, but I’m not sure if I can teach you what to say to her since I don’t know how vast her knowledge is” Cleamon says with a sigh.

I’m fairly certain as well” Andrea says.

I’m worried about Narae and Danmi, they have no real knowledge of the world at this point. They’ve been stuck in that cave for so long it’s hard to imagine they know something special about magic” Cleamon says.

I will test them some things, we need to start quickly. Narae do you know of a way to do a blood connection like the demons have?” Cleamon asks.

There is no memory of my parents doing anything like that, sorry” she says apologizing.

Okay, well then I will have to implement some of my knowledge inside you instead, but I’m not sure if it will work” Cleamon says.

Let’s try” Danmi says.

This requires you to completely trust me else really sharing my thoughts won’t work” Cleamon explains.

You have a magic to share memories and thoughts? I didn’t even know that existed” Andrea says surprised.

There are probable a lot of things you don’t know, this is part of the Mental magic”

Mental? What else can that do?”

If done by a very strong person it can mind control someone, you can suggest ideas and thoughts which seem like the person’s own, you can make them do things they wouldn’t do. There are a lot of things, you can also boost morale, make someone’s mind clearer or help with emotional problems”

This magic is very unstable, you need the utmost concentration to pull it off as there is no Incantation for the spells, everything is done via Intent”.

Danmi I’ll do you first, come sit with me in the corner” Cleamon says pointing towards the corner.


The position themselves in the corner and sit cross-legged on the floor.

Can you give me my daily dose?” Danmi asks.

Let me do it after I showed all of you parts of my memory, we might need all the time we have”.

Close your eyes, I will place my hands on your head, try to clear your mind as much as possible” Cleamon instructs her.

He places his hands, closes his eyes and starts his concentration. He digs his own memories for knowledge of Time Inscriptions, these Inscriptions cause the effected item to cause time, inside the bubble it creates, to flow slower on activation. Another does the opposite, it speeds up time.

He spends 15 minutes sending over his thoughts and images, forcing them into Danmi’s brain.

It’s done, do you remember what I sent you?” Cleamon asks

Yes, I can clearly see it, thank you” Danmi says.

Narae, it’s you turn”


He repeats the process, this time he uses knowledge of master quality armor Inscriptions and for spatial items. Again almost 15 minutes pass, and Narae looks surprised.

How do you possess so much knowledge? The images I saw don’t represent anything from the present” she asks.

I’ll tell you one day, it’s not important for now”.

Metztli you’re next”.

She sits opposite of him.

I think your stealth spell is something that she wouldn’t know, even I had never heard of it. Also when I received part of your memories I saw many things that I didn’t know. You can also use parts of my memory of you want, I’ll be the last to go”

She silently nods and grabs Cleamon’s hands and places them on her head.

Actually I want to know about Void magic, I might be able to use it” she whispers.

Okay, anything special you’d like?” he asks.

Something that lets me protect you, I don’t want you to get hurt…” she whispers with a blushing face.

Okay, thank you. I know something you might be able to use”

He once again follows the same procedure, this time he sends images of old books and Incantations. One spell that makes a Void Shield this will absorb any spell until canceled or the user’s mana runs out.

This will come in very handy” Metztli says excited as Cleamon finishes.

I’ll be even better at protecting and scouting”.

She pulls his arms and hugs him intimately with a deep sigh.

Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ll be fine as well, I’m more worried about the others” Cleamon whispers to her.

Don’t tell them though, even if they would fail the information trial, they are strong enough for the other trials”

I’ll keep silent” she says with a smile.

The guard comes in “it’s time for your trial, please follow me”.

They move back to the room where they first met Dina and the guard tells them to wait outside.

First one move in please”

I’ll go first” Andrea says.

Please go in”

She walks inside and Dina is sitting at the head of the table.

Which trial did you choose?”

I wish to provide new Magic information”

You have one hour to convince me that you have given me information that I didn’t know yet”

One hour? I think that should be enough, what will you do with the information though?” Andrea asks.

I will document the knowledge and keep it in my library, what else I do with it is not of your concern. Your hour starts now”.

My information is about magical potions, this potion has been a secret in my elven clan for centuries. Have you ever heard of the Torvaris clan before?”

No I’ve not heard of them before”

This potion can cure extreme mana sickness and repairs your Magic Soul even when it’s on the verge of breaking due to mana overexposure” Andrea explains

Tell me the recipe, I’ve never heard of this potion so you will pass the trial as soon as I make this potion. I have almost all of the ingredients know here”

Andrea tells her the complete recipe and the exact instructions to complete it.

This potion requires a lot more time than I expected, you can stay for now until I test you. Thank you for the information, please leave the exit at the end of the room. You won’t be able to talk to your friends until they have passed my test as well”.

‘I kind of expected it, but I still had to take the risk to go first and try to get the test information to the others’ Andrea thinks to herself.

Let the next contestant in please” Dina says as Andrea leaves the room.

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