Chapter 73: Up in the sky

With a bright flash they disappear into the portal.

In a split moment the environment changes around them, lush green fields of grass stretch into endlessness. A warm wind brushes past the group, a sun shines brightly upon them. Pure white clouds hang over them in the sky.

“This is the opposite of what I expected” Andrea says.

“Well it is created by someone, why would you make something you wouldn’t enjoy?” Cleamon says.

“Metztli can you smell anything?” he asks.

“No, the only thing I smell is grass and flowers. It might be because of the wind that I can’t pick up many smells”.

“Narae can you fly up and check if you can spot any kind of building” he asks.

“Of course”

Narae transforms and flies up, she flies around a bit to see if she can see past the horizon. But anywhere she looks there is nothing but grass fields with flowers.

“Sorry I can’t see anything, it must be far away” she says as she lands.

“That doesn’t make any sense though, there should at least be something close by. The portal teleportation is random, but it shouldn’t deviate far from the center…” Cleamon says.

He opens the book and reads it again.

“Unless the creator was on a God level, they must be close by” Cleamon says.

“Another option might be that the place is underground or up in the sky” Andrea says.

“Yes, underground will be hard to find, but we can check the sky easily. Narae can you try flying as high as possible?” Cleamon asks.

She flies back up and soon becomes a dot in the sky.

‘This place just feels like a normal world, how can someone even create something like this’ Narae wonders as the view stretches out when she flies up.

She’s reaching the cloud up high above and flies around it, revealing a huge white stone castle on top.

‘So beautiful’ she thinks, before descending again.

She takes five minutes to descent again, and is exhausted by the time she arrives.

“So what did you see?” they all ask in a choir.

“There is a very big castle on the top of that cloud in the sky, I couldn’t see anything else” she says panting.

“So it’s in the sky, take a rest you’ve done great!” Cleamon says rubbing her nose.

She changes back to her human form and lays down on the grass with her eyes closed. She immediately falls asleep in a peaceful bliss.

“I guess it took a lot out of her, she did have to climb a few kilometers in height before coming back. I guess we should split the load and have both Danmi and Narae fly up. I’ll have to use Wind spells to make it easier on them” Cleamon says looking at the sleeping Narae.

Narae didn’t even bother to put her clothes back on, so her body is completely visible. Her scales are shining purple in the sunlight and her face looks peaceful.

“The fact she didn’t see anything up there suggests that either it’s deserted or there aren’t many people in there” Cleamon says looking up to the sky.

“Andrea do you know of a species that lives in the clouds?” Cleamon asks.

“I’ve heard of some creatures living in the skies, but I don’t know what kinds of habitats they have. It could be an Angel, Ravenfolk, Harpy, Lamassu or Dragonkind. There are a lot more than just those, but like I said, I have no idea what would build a castle in the sky” she answers.

“I see… Well there is only one way to find out. Let’s wait for Narae to wake up, let’s take a bit of rest as well”.

Cleamon stares at Narae, he admires her peaceful sleeping posture.

“Why are you staring at my sister?” Danmi asks curiously.

“I’m admiring her posture, she looks so relaxed” he answers.

“Want to join her together?” Danmi asks.

“Sounds good. Metztli come take some rest as well”.

“O-okay” she hesitates to answer.

Cleamon takes place next to Narae and lets Metztli take place next to him, she lies on her side facing Cleamon, slightly hiding her face. He wraps his arm around her and she blushes profusely with a smile on her face.

He moves his hand under her shirt and strokes her back with his finger tops. Metztli lets out a deep sigh and her body makes a shiver. She crawls closer and puts her head on his chest, she sighs another time and falls asleep.

Danmi looks a bit jealous but lays down on the other side of Narae and holds her, falling asleep as well.

Andrea looks slightly confused at the scene in front of her, but eventually succumbs to the nice breeze and sun as well.

They sleep tight for four hours before Metztli finally wakes up.

Metztli is still tightly entangled with Cleamon, to her surprise she is stuck to Cleamon, who’s still asleep. She tries to struggle free, but doesn’t put too much effort in it. Her face ends up in front of his, she looks at his lips longingly. She closes in on him, her breath becomes irregular and her heart is almost beating out of her chest.

‘Should I really do this?’ she asks herself.

She stares for what seems hours to her. Cleamon opens his eyes and sees a completely flustered Metztli in front of his face.

“What are you doing?” he whispers to her.


“You what?”

At this point Cleamon is teasing her, he moves his hand from her back up to her butt. The sudden movement shocks Metztli into moving closer. Cleamon smiles slyly at her, as if inviting her to take action.

In her mind she’s hesitating, her body freezes momentarily. As her face becomes more red, her Werecat characteristics become visible, first her ears appear and then her tail. Her eyes change from normal to cat-like, she starts purring.

She kisses Cleamon while purring loudly.

‘Is she in heat again?’ he thinks.

She rubs her body against his and moves her hands all over his back. He moves both of his hands on her butt and squeezes hard. She stops kissing and starts biting his neck softly while moaning. He massages her butt, while she bites and licks his neck and ears.

Her panting becomes heavier and her body convulses under a loud moan.

Her eyes change back, her body relaxes, her ears and tail retract. Her breathing becomes normal again, she opens her eyes and looks Cleamon in the eyes, her face red as can be.

“T-thank you” she whispers.

“Don’t worry, I know you’ve been wanting attention. I just wanted you to initiate it yourself, you need more confidence in yourself. You know you’re cute right?”


Metztli chokes up, seemingly happy and sad at the same time.

Meanwhile the others have woken up to the sounds and where watching the spectacle rather embarrassed.


At the Gambrill’s house.

“We’ve kidnapped three more magician hunters, how many more do we need?” a messenger reports to the head of the Gambrill family.

“As many as you can without making it obvious people are disappearing, we need to be as prepared as possible” he says sternly.

“Yes sir, the Myrtics family also has 5 magician hunters currently captive, they are extracting 3 of their Magic Souls at the moment”

“Good, keep me up to date”


“Good morning class, today we have a new student joining us. Please welcome Delyth to the class, she has come from another place to study here” the teacher says.

“Hello everyone it’s nice to meet you, my name is Delyth Thrunhildr and I’m here to become a student. I already know a few of you as we spent the last 2 days together. I hope you will treat me well, also I already have someone I like” she says proudly in front of the class.

“Okay, please take a seat wherever you want” the teacher says.

“Her accent is a bit weird, I wonder where she’s from”.

“Quite daring announcing you like someone”.

“I wonder who she knows in here, also I didn’t know children were allowed to travel outside the city”.

Many whispers go around as she walks to her seat.

She sit next to Lilia as the seat that Cleamon uses has been empty for a week now.

“Hi Lilia, I hope you don’t mind me sitting here” she asks.

“No I don’t mind, I’d like to get to know you better as you’re targeting my boyfriend” she says smiling.

“Good, I’d like to know more about you all as well. I’ve never had any friends at my own place since we were just protected constantly”.

“We can go shopping after school, I’d love to get you some new items and clothes” Lilia says.

“Great let’s do that, I saw some on the way here I’d love to visit”.

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