Chapter 71: Travel

Cleamon, Andrea, Narae, Metztli and Danmi say their goodbyes and they leave towards the gates.

“I hope we can go shopping ourselves next time we’re here” Narae says looking around at the busy shopping streets.

“Don’t worry you’ll have plenty of time to do that” Cleamon says.

After the guards let them through they walk as far as they can so they are out of sight.

“Narae can you transform? Flying would be much faster, just make sure you undress first and remove your bracelet as well” Cleamon asks.

“Of course, can you store my clothes then?”

“No problem”

Narae undresses slowly, teasing Cleamon a bit as he looks at her.

After handing off her clothes, she begins her transformation, slowly her size increases. Two meters, three meters, four meters, five meters in length, her wings unfold revealing her purple scaled wings.

“I don’t think I’d ever get used of seeing that” Andrea says with a big smile.

“We should move towards the area we came from yesterday, the cave we’re exploring is over twice as far away, so the trip will take around five hours. The trip down to the gate I found is around another 4 hours, but I think it will go faster since I know the way and I left marks where to go” she continues.

They climb onto Narae and hold on to her scales.

Cleamon starts his many Incantations and Narae feels like she’s weightless. A great wind picks up behind her and lifts her up. He intensifies the spell and they speed up, soaring west towards the cave.

“Andrea could you tell me what kind of gate you saw?” Cleamon asks.

“It’s hard to explain, I couldn’t read the symbols used. It seemed some ancient gate that hasn’t been activated, it might be a smaller version of the realm gates. The cave leading to the gate was filled with marks of combat struggles, however there were no remains to be found. I’ve been trying ways to open it, but I’ve had no response. I came back to the city to sell the things I did find during my travels, so I left after a day of trying”.

“That does sound a bit familiar… Wait I’ll try to see if I can find a reference to it”

Cleamon searches through his bracelet for any books regarding the subject, he spends an hour looking through the books he collected from the Gedour and Mjerna city vaults.

“Found it!” he takes out the book and opens the page.

“Is this what you saw?” Cleamon asks Andrea.

“Yes that’s it! Where did you find that book?” Andrea asks excited.

“It’s not important for now, what’s important is what it actually is” Cleamon says.

“It says here that it’s a portal that contains a sub-realm by itself, it’s a very powerful magical item. The issue is that we can’t know what inside there, there could be anything hiding in there. Also getting out of there might be very hard if we can’t find the exit. According to this information you can appear in any place” Cleamon explains.

“So what ever is on the other side is a space made by someone?” Andrea asks.

“Yes it looks like it, it will probable be dangerous. You didn’t see any signs of someone leaving?”

“I didn’t specifically check for tracks, we will have to check when we arrive. The markings I found were a lot older and none of them were fresh” she answers.

“We’ll find out later then, Metztli how is your sense of smell?”

“Not as good as Weredogs, but a lot better than normal humans”

“Okay that should be enough to find lingering smells to see if anyone has passed through there in recent years”

“Great, so how do we active the gate?” Andrea asks.

“It takes a massive amount of mana and a special Incantation according to the book”

“I’m not sure about your mana pool, but mine is quite big. What I’ve seen from the sisters they have a very high mana pool as well so we might have a chance”

“Yes, I think so as well. Here take these crystals and fill them with mana, by the time we arrive it should’ve already been restored, Metztli and Danmi you should do this as well. I have about a hundred of them” Cleamon says as he passes the crystals around.

“Cleamon can I talk to you?” Danmi whispers in his ear.

“Sure what’s this about?” he answers.

“You know what this is about, I can’t wait any longer…” Danmi says.

“I guess you don’t mind the others can see…”

“At this point I really don’t care, just kiss me already!”

Cleamon moves in on her, puts his hand on the back of her head, and kisses her. She wraps her arms around him and tilts her head to the side opening her mouth and uses her tongue to caress his. Cleamon puts his hand on her lower back.

Metztli makes jealous glances at them, but doesn’t want to look at it. Andrea looks quite pleased at the sight but doesn’t say anything.

“So what’s the relation between you two? Every time he does something with a girl your eyes show jealousy. Why don’t you just admit you want attention as well, this can’t be good for you to keep it in” Andrea whispers to Metztli.

“I can’t… I mean how can I even ask such a thing. I don’t even know if he thinks I’m pretty or cute, since I’m a demon. Humans have always been revolted by my appearance” she whispers back in a sad tone.

“Also I don’t think I deserve that kind of attention, I’ve done many bad things in my life. I met him when I kidnapped him for interrogation, I was even ready to kill him if needed…”

“I don’t think he sees it that way, it looks like he trusts you with his life. I’m not sure what happened between you two, but I think you should try something”.

“Okay I’ll try talking to him, thank you”

“No problem, it would be nice to see you smile a bit more”.

Metztli slightly blushes.

Cleamon and Danmi stop kissing, Danmi’s face looks very pleased, drool dripping from her mouth. Her eyes shine brightly and she stumbles and falls over.

“How was it?” Andrea asks.

“Good, for an inexperienced girl she kisses like someone who’s done it before. Maybe she’s just naturally good” Cleamon says with a bright smile.


“What’s wrong Metztli?” Cleamon asks.

“C-c-can you do that to me once?” she manages to bring out stuttering.

“Do what?”

“K-k-kiss me…” she says with a bright red face.

“That’s okay, but not now. I’d rather keep it private since you would feel less anxious”.


The rest of the trip Metztli is awfully quiet, time flies by and they reach the cave entrance Andrea meant.

“Land over there” Andrea tells to Narae.

The landscape has changed from plains to mountains, their height keeps climbing to over 3000 meters. Snow and ice starts to show and the wind picks up.

Narae lands on a spot which is surrounded by rocks and trees.

She transforms back into her human form, appearing naked.

“It’s freezing, hurry and give me my clothes before I freeze to death” she says to Cleamon while shivering.

Cleamon hands her clothes over, it’s not the correct clothing for a winter landscape.

“Andrea couldn’t you have told us that it was a cold place where we would be going? We could’ve prepared for it better” Cleamon says.

“Don’t worry, inside the cave the temperature goes up quite rapidly. Let’s move out the cave is not far from here”.

They follow Andrea, Metztli clinging to Cleamon’s arm, shivering heavily because of her clothing.

After 15 minutes they reach the cave and as soon as they enter the temperature turns normal.

“It feels like we past a barrier, the air feels completely different here” Cleamon says.

“Yes, it’s isolated from the outside. Air doesn’t flow in from the entrance” Andrea responds

“Let’s move, we have to walk down a lot. Be careful of anything out of the ordinary. Metztli you sniff out anything that has come by here in recent years. Cleamon keep an eye out for tracks or marks and keep up a Light spell to light the way”.

They move steadily through the tunnel system, the wall look dug out manually with many pickaxe scars all over. There are struts supporting the ceiling, although many of them have eroded. At every junction Andrea checks for her own markings and follows the path she set out beforehand.

The journey takes them deep into the mountain.

“I smell some leftover scents, but they are very old. I just can’t specify what species this scent belonged to. I can remember all the scents I ever smelled, but this is unfamiliar” Metztli says after picking up a scent.

“How old do you think they are?” Andrea asks.

“About 50 years I think, but I don’t know for sure”.

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