Chapter 70: Preparations

“I’ll have to go now, I need to prepare to leave again. I’ll come see you the day I’m back” Cleamon says.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you!” Jenny says with a smile on her face.

Cleamon silently leaves the house.

He moves towards Amara’s house and notices more people walking around on the streets.

He knocks on the door.

“Yes, who’s there?” Amara’s father, Mirko, asks.

“Hi Mirko, Cleamon here, I came to pick up a few items”.

Mirko opens the door and lets him in.

“Hi, I thought you were out of the city for two weeks?”

“I came back for a day, I’m in need of a few items. I’m wondering if you have any in reserve here”.

“Yes I have quite a few here, waiting for Inscriptions to be made on them. What kind of items are you looking for?”

“I need jewelry that contains a high quality crystal, anything is fine really” Cleamon says.

“That shouldn’t be a problem, how many do you need?”.

“I need four of them”.

“Also do you have that armor for my friend ready yet and have you got an armor I could wear?” Cleamon asks.

“Your friend’s armor is ready, but I don’t have a set you could wear. I can start making one and by the time you come back it will be ready. What kind of material would you like it to be made off?”

“I will take the armor then, as for mine, what is the highest grade material you can get that is still flexible and easy to run around in?” Cleamon asks.

“Hmm that’s a hard question, I will have to research it and discuss it with the family. It will probable be a high grade leather made from a magical beast’s skin. We would probable need to hire some higher magicians to hunt them. What would your maximum price be?”

Because Cleamon took all the treasure and gold from the vault inside the Mjerna kingdom, his current amount is almost at a million.

“How much do you think it will cost?”

“Depends on the magical beast, I’d say for a decent leather it would require 100 gold. For really good leather you should look at a 1000 gold”.

“Do you have a vault or safe in your house?”

“Yes, but why?”

Cleamon reaches inside his spatial bracelet.

“Here’s 15.000 gold” he says while dumping a large amount of gold on the table. The table nearly succumbs under the weight.

“T-t-t-this is” Mirko’s eyes nearly jump out of his skull.

“It’s yours to spend, just get me the best possible materials you can get. I’d like three types of weapons as well. First is a bow that is able to shoot magical arrows, second would be a short-sword which can be enchanted and third a staff that allows great amounts of mana channeling. Depending on the end result I might order more of the same quality, so I would recommend trying to find a dealer in high quality materials or hire an expert”.

“This is an offer to your family as blacksmiths, I understand it would be impossible for you to do this alone” Cleamon adds.

“T-thank you so much, I will certainly do my best!” Mirko says with a deep bow.

“I will get your other items now”

Amara’s mother, Elwisia, came in to see what all the fuss is about. Seeing the pile of gold she nearly fainted.

“W-what is all this?!”

“Good morning, I’ve come to make a deal with your family. This is payment for the items I ordered” Cleamon says lighthearted with a smile.

“B-but this is just insane, how can you have so much gold!? I’ve never even seen that much gold together in my life!” she says staring at it.

“I told him I’ve got more business if he provides me with good items, so make sure he does his job” Cleamon jokingly says.

“O, I will don’t worry!” she replies seriously never moving her eyes away.

Eventually she calms down and sits down.

“How’s everything going at the castle, I’ve heard some things from Amara, but she hasn’t been very specific” she asks.

“I’m not sure how it is at the moment, I was away for a week and will leave again soon”.

Mirko comes back with three high quality bracelets.

“Here take these, they should be sufficient”.

“Thanks, I’ll be leaving now. I have to hurry back” he says with a slight bow and leaves.


At the Gambrill family’s basement prison.

“Hows the extraction going?”

“Fine so far, it just takes some time to extract all of their Magic Soul and mana and crystallize it. We should be done with the first part of it this evening. The whole process will be finished in 6 days from now”.

“Good, you made sure these people aren’t missed right?”

“Yes, we made sure to target hunters that leave the city regularly for a long time. They will just be reported as killed or missing due to those circumstances”.

“Okay, make sure to keep me up to date. The boss is anxious to finally see our plan in action”


The day before at the Myrtics’ family.

“It will be impossible to heal Sylas sir, we’ve exhausted all possibilities and even resorted to methods used long ago. His mana has completely disappeared and his Magic Soul has closed down, he’s now just a regular human without magic” a very nervous doctor reports to Adam Myrtics.

Adam sighs deeply.

“Damn it, now he can’t be my successor, he will have to leave the school as well. I’ll probable even have to cancel his engagement as there is nothing in it anymore” he mumbles as he slams his table, making cracks appear in the thick stone-like surface.

“The least I can do is get revenge on that arrogant little shit that beat him, but no-one has even seen him for a week now. We also have to be careful of the headmaster, he’s too powerful for me to handle alone”.


By the time Cleamon gets back, everyone is outside enjoying the sun.

“Did you succeed?” Lilia asks him

“Yes, I’ve got the items here. I just need to Inscribe them”

He sits at the table in the garden and Danmi takes place next to him.

“I told Lilia about our deal, can I get my daily dose now?” she asks looking at him passionately.

“Can you wait until I finish these? Or when we leave the city again? I’m kind of in a hurry as we have to leave in an hour” he says grabbing his Inscription tools.

“Fine, I’ll wait while watching you then”

Cleamon starts his work, while the rest just relaxes. Andrea comes over as well and looks at his progress. She’s very interested in his work as she has quite a lot of knowledge about Seals herself.

“How did you come to know these Inscriptions?” she finally asks.

“I studied a lot when I was very young, I’ve read many books and copied other items” he lies.

“Ahh, I see”

‘That’s impossible, the knowledge he has can’t just be learned from books. I might have to concoct a potion that makes him tell the truth later’ she thinks to herself.

“I won’t tell you anyway” Cleamon mumbles.

‘Did I say that out loud?’ she thinks confused.

Cleamon spends 30 minutes Inscribing the bracelets.

“Narae, Eunhui, Ahri can you come here. Try on these bracelets, they should help you hide your Efreet features”.

Danmi grabs one first and tries it on.

“Nothing is happening?” she asks.

“Ahh, you need to search out for it, use your Magic Soul to connect and pour in mana” he explains.

Slowly her appearance changes, the small wings disappear, her tail retracts, the scales turn into skin and her facial features look exactly like that of a human.

“How do I look?” she asks seductively sitting on Cleamon’s lap.

“Cute, but you already were. I don’t mind your Efreet features, but for this city a normal appearance is best. Many people here would get scared to see any sort of magical being, they are used to a peaceful life and magical creatures don’t fit in that image”

“I hope in the future you can just be yourself, that’s the way I’d like to see it. The same goes for your sisters and Metztli, but now is not the time”.

“Thanks for helping us, we are in your debt” Narae says after transforming herself.

“Wow sis you look amazing! I wouldn’t even recognize you if I saw you on the street”

“The same goes for you!”

The sisters enjoy their new appearance.

“Let’s check in the mirror in our room! And let’s try on some clothes!” they excitingly say.

“Narae don’t take too long we’re leaving soon” Cleamon says as they walk towards their house.

“Yes, we’ll be back in 15 minutes”

“Lilia can I ask you to take Eunhui and Ahri shopping for some new clothes? Take Cecily with you too, here is 100 gold, that should be enough for some nice clothes and maybe some armor”.

“I will don’t worry!” she says giving him a kiss “you’re a really sweet guy, I’m glad I could see you for a day. I’ll miss you when you’re gone again…”

“I’ll miss you too” he returns the kiss.

“Cecily, I’ve got something for you as well”

“What, you’re going to kiss me?” she asks a bit shocked.

“Huh, why would you think that? No, I’ve received your completed armor, here try it on” he says depositing the armor on the table.

“Wow, that looks so pretty!” the girls say in a choir.

The armor has a blue-silver glow depending on the angle you look at. There are patterns scattered across it. High quality crystal dust has been added to the mix so the entire armor can store mana and contain high level Inscriptions and Seals.

“This is beautiful” Cecily says teary eyed.

“I will have to add my Inscriptions later, you can think of some things that might be handy for yourself”.

“Thank you so much, I’ll do my best!”

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