Chapter 7 – Lesson 5: Realm History

Each Realm is a separate world with it’s own continents and inhabitants. There are multiple Realms linked to each other by means of Realm Portals, these portals have been there as long as history remembers. They are indestructible and seem to be placed there by a divine being.

For as far as we know the biggest Realms that exist are Heaven Realm, Water Realm, Earth Realm and Sky Realm. In the past future Cleamon had discovered other Realms that seem to be forgotten in history. The Realm Portals to these places were hidden deep underground, locked behind powerful Seals only an expert could unlock. In each Realm there are multiple Realm Portals that can transport someone to the Realm it’s linked to. As far as is known there are currently four Realms accessible from Water Realm currently resides. The Heaven Realm, Earth Realm, Merfolk Realm and Deep Sea Realm. Each of these houses different species some of which are highly intelligent. You would need special permission to enter these Realms, not just for the protection of those living there, but also for the protection of humanity itself.

In his previous life Cleamon has been to several of these Realms and has seen what kind of destruction those species can cause in this life he will make sure nothing of the sort will happen.

Water Realm has a rich history of war and prosper, although it’s peaceful for now this state will never last as taught by history. In the year 16870 a great war erupted, causing death and destruction, erasing about 80% of the whole population over the span of almost 150 years. The war was only stopped when they had to force to work together to fight of an Earth Realm invasion trying to take advantage of the current state.

Water Realm always had the highest resource in cultivatable land and clean water resources, as well as plenty of food in the form of fish and animals. Earth Realm’s surface is near inhabitable due to scorching heat and the dangerous creatures living there. In the future they would try to invade again, because the situation inside the Earth Realm is getting more dire as time goes on.

Earth Realm has of course Dwarves, but also Gnomes, Trolls and Goblins. Dwarves are the most intelligent species located there, Gnomes would be a close second with Goblins and Trolls at a primitive state of mind. Dwarves and Gnomes had a mutual agreement to live together to fight the fast reproducing Goblins and Trolls. One of their main sources of income was trading valuables with the other Realms for food and supplies. Many of these gems were highly useful for magic users, which the Earth Realm has much less of.

In the Sky Realm Raven Folk are most prominent, these human like creatures possess the ability to fly with their wings and are highly intelligent. Their names comes from the fact that they always pay their favors back and they are very playful in their character. The Wyverned seem to be a race mutated from the noble Wyvern creatures and are on the same level as Raven Folk, but the population is much less. The next species is highly dangerous and destructive, but in recent years they seems to have calmed down quite a bit. Maybe because every 25 years or so it’s mating season for these awesome winged devils called Dragons. Their size is that of a castle and their flames can destroy entire cities. Even though they can’t speak, they are still very intelligent creatures. They won’t attack unless provoked, that is why the rest of the species are able to survive in Sky Realm.

Heaven Realm’s two most dominant creatures are the Angels and the Harpies. These are constantly in a state of war over their respective domains. For thousands of years they have been at a stalemate without either one of them giving an inch. These creatures have no qualms with those of other Realms, but they don’t easily trust outsiders.

Besides those there are multiple upon multiple of Realms beneath each Realm, some known, but most hidden and forgotten over the ages. Each of these Realms have their own massive history, their own dangerous monsters and creatures and some of them have intelligent species as well.

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