Chapter 69: Start of a new day

Homian and Cleamon went into Homian’s house and have a bath as well, they talk about the things at school, the problems of learning magic and Intent. After 30 minutes they leave again to sit in front of the house inside the garden.

The group of girls arrives back at the houses, still talking and giggling. Cleamon and Homian are sitting in front on a bench and are talking to each other about making potions.

“Looks like they’re back, I’m heading off to bed. I have to get up early in the morning to get some items” Cleamon says.

“Okay, good night. Have a nice trip and be safe”

“Thanks, you have a nice date!” he says patting Homian on the shoulder.

Cleamon walks towards his house and signals for Lilia to come. Metztli and Danmi follow as Lilia says good night to the other girls.

The moon is shining brightly in the sky, lighting up the whole garden in a yellowish light. Lilia looks like an angel as she comes closer, lightly dressed in a white nightgown.

“You look beautiful” Cleamon says as she approaches. She puts her arms around his waist and her head against his chest.

“I’ve missed you these past days, it will be nice to sleep together again” she says with a sigh of happiness.

“It’s always a surprise who you bring home next, at the rate you are going you might end up with too many girls too handle” she says looking him in the eyes.

“I’ve missed you too, not a day passed by where I didn’t think of you” he says giving her a kiss on her forehead.

“It’s not really my fault though, I just seem to be fated to meet them. However none of them can ever replace you or the feelings I have for you”.

“I know, besides I don’t mind a few girls. I can have fun with them as well, if you want I can even make them cuter. Especially Danmi is good material, the sisters are finally clean after all these years of having no proper way to clean themselves. I’ll try to surprise you in the morning, you won’t even recognize her!”

Everyone moves to their respective house and tucks in for the night.

Homian is still training his Shadow magic and cultivating.

Narae, Eunhui and Ahri huddle together in the large bed.

“This is so nice, I don’t think I’ll ever wake up” Ahri says.

“I know what you mean, I’m scared and wake up to find out it was all a dream” Eunhui replies.

“Don’t worry, you’ll both be fine while I’m gone. Make sure to follow their orders unless they plan to hurt you. Also try to avoid too much contact with others for now, Cleamon says there are some bad people in the city and they might try to do something” Narae says.

“Yes, sister” they reply in sync.

Amara and Cecily also lie in their beds, still having a bit of small talk.

“Where did the others go? They are part of a royal family right?” Amara asks Cecily.

“My father brought them to my courtyard for now, since it would be a bit too rude to let them stay here. He also needed to talk with them in private and have them checked out to be sure” she answers.

“I don’t even know how confused they must feel now, their whole kingdom was destroyed and their parents missing. I hope we can cheer them up somehow, let’s try to get them some gifts tomorrow” Amara says.

“Good idea, I’ll see what I can do”

Resyana is sitting on a chair in her room cultivating ‘I can’t fall behind everyone, I want to be of use too. Homian is getting so far ahead in strength and I want to catch up to him. Maybe I should ask if he can privately train me more’ she thinks while slightly blushing.

‘Ahh but every time I see his face I can’t speak, I must look like a bad girl in his eyes’

“You know I can’t really sleep like this” Cleamon says.

Lilia is lying on top of him completely naked, she kisses his neck and her hands stroke his face.

“Is something wrong?” she asks playfully.

“Yes and no” Cleamon says.

“What do you mean” she whispers in his ear.

“We have two spectators and they’ve taken over my arms so I can’t move” he says while making a struggling sound.

Danmi is on his left side and she’s wrapped around his arm, his hand stuck between her legs, unable to move.

Metztli has, in a daring move to not fall behind, put his arm around her and his hand on her butt. With one hand she holds his arm in place while her face is bright red and hiding under the blanket.

“They can look all they want, but for tonight you are mine. Actually they are being helpful by keeping you down. Although not everything of you seems to be down” she says in a devious way.

She spends an hour or so kissing and teasing him and they eventually find relief in each other before falling asleep exhausted.


At the Gambrill family stronghold.

“Sir, we received reports from some of our members, they have captured three men to sacrifice for the crystal conversion just now. They are currently locked inside the cells below our stronghold”

“Good, we have to start the process soon, we may be running out of time if we want enough of them. It will take at least a week to convert them. Inform the Myrtics family about this, we will start as soon as they send over someone to help with the process” a man looking like he’s in his fifties says to the messenger.

“Yes, sir I’m on my way now”

The messenger vanishes.

‘It’s started, if we collect at least 10 of these crystal we should be okay for the magic I prepared’ the man thinks to himself.


Early in the morning.

Cleamon wakes up after a night with not much sleep, somehow Lilia is still stuck on top of him and he can’t move his arms.

“Hey wake up” he says.

“Mmmm” he hears coming from Lilia.

“Come on, I have to leave” he says trying to break free with no result.

“Give me five more minutes” she says grabbing him tighter instantly falling back asleep.

‘I didn’t want to do this’ he thinks.

He focuses and uses his void form.

Lilia falls flat on the bed and wakes up confused.

“Huh what happened?” she says sitting up on her knees rubbing her eyes.

“You didn’t let me go, so I had to get out of there” Cleamon says already dressing himself.

“Why it’s still so early~~~~~” she says with a big yawn face-planting the bed.

“ZzzZzzZzz” snoring sounds come from Lilia.

‘She’s already back asleep, well it was a tiring night’ he thinks.

Cleamon gets dressed quickly and leaves the house.

Although it’s still early many people are already up and about. Farmers are moving towards the city gates, innkeepers are getting supplies and shopkeepers are busy opening their stores.

Cleamon moves towards his own house to make a quick visit. Jenny was always worried about him and she hasn’t seem him in two weeks now.

He arrives at his house, lights are still out. In the weekends his parents have free time so they would sleep a bit longer. His sister however is an early bird and would be in her room reading or training privately.

Cleamon enters the house and as expected no-one is awake on the first floor. He moves up to the second floor and sees light coming under his sister’s door.

He knocks carefully not to wake his parents.

“Cleamon?” she asks.

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Because of the way you knock on my door” she says opening her door.

She’s lightly dressed, still in her nightgown showing off her figure. Although still young her body was already taking shape. Her gown is slightly see through and he can see she’s wearing no underwear under it.

“Uhmm should I wait for you to get dressed?” he says looking at her slightly embarrassed.

“Like you’ve never seen my body before? Just a few weeks ago you waltzed in on me naked in the bath” she says a bit annoyed.

“Fine, but it’s hard to look at you like that. I think every guy would have trouble looking at you” he says scratching his head as he walks in.

“Whatever” she says snapping at him.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry at me?” Cleamon asks a bit confused at her behavior.

“Yes I am! You haven’t come over in two weeks! Is it so hard to come and say hi to me? I was worried sick hoping you’d be fine!” she says as she slap him in the face.

“How do you think I feel!? You can’t just leave me here!” she says with tears rolling down her face.

“I’m sorry. I was out of the city for one week and before that I had a lot on my head. Today I’ll be leaving the city for another week” he says trying to comfort her.

“Why couldn’t you just say that before?” she says while wiping her tears.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. You have to believe me that there is a lot going on in my life now and I won’t have much time to visit you anymore. You know I live at the castle for now with Lilia and my other friends”

“Then let me live there too!” she says pouting.

“I don’t think I can do that, there is not much space left. The room where I’m sleeping already has three other people inside it”

“But, but… “

“I’m sorry I can’t help you right now. After I get back I’ll try to see what I can do. I’ll invite you over is that okay?”

“O-okay, but in return you have to give me something I want” she says with a glimmer of cunning in her eyes.

“And that is?”

“You’ll know when it’s there, for now I just want a nice long hug”

“That I can do”

Jenny points at her bed “okay sit there”.

Reluctantly he sits in her bed. She takes place on his lap and puts her arms around him. He does the same in return holding her body tight. She makes a sigh of relief and grabs him tighter.

Five minutes pass before she finally lets go.

“Thanks I feel much better now”

“You’re welcome little sister” Cleamon says as he gives her a kiss on her cheek.

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