Chapter 68: Relations

“Narae how would you like to to divide the rooms? Danmi says she wants to sleep in our room, which means the three of you have to decide what to do” Cleamon asks her.

“We’ll take one room together, it would be a bit hard on us if we had to sleep separate after all these years” she responds.

“Okay, let me show me your room” Amara says cheerfully.

They leave together towards the room.

“How’s everything been going here?” Cleamon asks the group.

“Fine, I guess. We’re having trouble using Intent in our spells, somehow we can’t get the right feeling to make the spell happen. We can do them without saying the incantation, just moving our mouths is enough” Cecily says a bit dejected.

“Aren’t you all a bit too young to learn Intent?” Andrea says surprised.

“I disagree, it’s better to start when you are young than to learn it when you’re older. It might be a bit more difficult as your brain needs to adapt to that way of using magic, but the results are so much better” Cleamon says.

“For example, I can use almost all of my spells as Intent. This makes them activate a lot faster and gives the enemy no clue what to expect. It requires a lot more concentration, but it is worth it” he adds.

“I see… It might be time for me to start learning it then. I’ve been so busy exploring ruins that I’ve only used specific spells. Mostly for magic and trap detection, since I’m alone in those places anyway I don’t really have to battle. Running away is one of my specialties” Andrea says while rubbing her head.

“If I had time I would show you how to do it, but we have to sleep soon and tomorrow I have to get up early to make the items for the sisters. I might get a chance on the flight to the ruins we were going to initially, but you won’t have enough chances to really practice” Cleamon says.

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay in the city after our adventure and have Almar teach me a few things. He still owes me for letting you come with me” she says with a smirk.


“This is the bathroom, you can easily fit four people in the bath” Amara says showing off the house.

“The bedroom has a large bed where you can sleep together, you should be able to sleep soundly tonight. If you want food you can ask the blonde girl Cecily, her father is the king and she supplies the food. Any questions?” She continues as they move to the bedroom.

“Actually, I wondered what all your relationships are to Cleamon. He doesn’t seem like a normal kid after what happened” Narae says.

“Our relationship consists of friendship, Cecily, Resyana, Homian and me are friends. I met Cleamon at school, although I knew his name before that as well. We all live in the same neighborhood and our parents know each other as well. He also teaches me privately one evening a week and has a business agreement with my father” Amara explains.

“What about love?” Eunhui suddenly asks making Amara blush.

“What do you mean love?” she asks.

“Well for some reason our sister Danmi really likes him, but also the girl he came with, Metztli, seems to like him and here he has a girlfriend. His girlfriend doesn’t seem to min him having more than one girl as long as she can have part of it as well. I saw you look a bit dejected at the moment they embraced. Not just you, but Cecily as well, do you have feelings for him?” Eunhui asks bluntly.

“W-why do you ask?” Amara responds surprised.

“Just curious, we haven’t seen a male in a long time so I think we all got attracted to him at first sight. Even Narae has fallen under his spell although she won’t admit it” Eunhui says poking Narae in the side.

“It’s natural, he is the one that named us so we have a deep connection. We might never find someone we can connect to on that level. I made up my mind already and so has Danmi, but Eunhui and Ahri are a bit more hesitant about it” Narae says grabbing Eunhui’s hands.

“Made up your mind about what?” Amara asks.

“Staying with Cleamon, I offered my life to him when he got us out of the place we were locked in at. I will have no desire for any other man in my life” she answers proudly.

“Then do you like him? Or is it more out of duty? Danmi says she wants children, don’t you have that desire?” Amara asks a bit confused.

“I don’t know yet, from what I’ve seen he’s a good partner and trustworthy. I do want to reproduce, but I will wait until it comes naturally” she hesitantly explains.

“That makes sense, I have to same kind of feelings. I feel he’s very trustworthy and would be a nice partner. He is also very knowledgeable and strong, but something feels off. I wish he would explain why he knows all that stuff” Amara says sitting down on the bed with a sigh.

“I know what you mean, I hope he will tell me, but I still trust him for what he has done for me and my sisters” Narae says.


“How about we all go into the castle’s bathhouse? Would be nice to get all the girls together and have a bit of a conversation” Cecily asks.

“Sounds nice, I’d love to talk to the other girls as well. It would be nice to get to know them a bit. I’ll go get them!” Lilia says enthusiastically and runs off to their house.

All the girls agree and they move to the bathhouse together leaving Cleamon and Homian behind.

“So tell what happened?” Homian asks after they sit down for a drink.

“A lot” Cleamon sighs.

Cleamon tells the story about how he found the tree and the entrance. How they discovered the empty city full of remains. How he found the Efreets flying around and talked to them, how he named them and tried to uncover what happened at Mjerna city.

“So you think those two Efreets that are still there are behind all those deaths?” Homian asks curiously.

“I don’t know, but it seems unlikely. They might have killed the people, but they were forced to do it somehow. I wish I had more time to research it, but having a conversation with them is out of the question. I’ll try asking the headmaster if he knows anything after I get back”

“I see, what about those girls and the royal family you brought? I heard the one girl want your children how did that happen!?”.

“Well the girls are the Efreets, they have two forms, but will stay in human form for now. The Royal family we found inside the castle vault where they were in a room where time flows much slower than that outside of it”.

“That room sounds awesome! Do you think you can make something like that in here as well? It would be handy to use for training if you could reverse the functionality” Homian says with bright eyes.

“It would be very difficult, the amount of mana needed is too large to do with normal crystals. Also I would need to go back and remember all the Inscriptions. Besides that I would have to reverse the functionality. Maybe I will have to chance to do that at a later date. I will think about it when on my travel tomorrow”.

“So what about the girl that came onto you earlier? Is she a lover you picked up?” he says slyly winking at him.

“You mean Danmi? She has already decided she wants to be with me, she’s rather pushy and we have a deal. It’s kind of hard dealing with her, she’s a lot stronger than I am so resisting is pointless” Cleamon sighs.

“Lucky you, she’s cute! It doesn’t look like Lilia minds it as well. Did you do anything with her?” Homian says slightly irritated.

“Well Lilia is special, she likes cute girls almost more than I do… Actually the deal we made is at least one kiss a day to satisfy her needs for the time, that’s also as far as we went”.

“Nice, you’re really lucky when it comes to girls. At school we had two of them come ask for you and where you went. I think their names were Idalia and Izbella, they seemed rather nervous especially Idalia. What happened between them and you, are you blackmailing them?”

“That’s a secret for now, I’ll enlighten you all later on the issue”

“So how’s things between you and Resyana? I’ve noticed some tension between you two earlier”

“Fine I guess, I mean she’s cute and all, but still a bit shy around guys. Every time I try to talk to her she becomes timid. Not sure what to do about it…”

“How about you take her on a date? Make her relax a bit, here take some money and do something fun together” Cleamon says as he gives 50 gold to Homian.

“50 gold!! Are you crazy? That’s more than most people make in a month”

“Well, do a lot of dates then” he says patting Homian on the shoulder.

“Thanks so much, I won’t forget this!”

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