Chapter 67: Recap

They stop far enough away from the city gates to prevent guards from seeing them arrive. Narae and Eunhui transform back to their human form and they walk towards the city gates.

“Halt! Who goes there?!” a guard stops them at the gates.

“My name is Andrea and this is Cleamon and these are our friends. Here is our proof of citizenship” she hands over a signed document.

“All looks clear, go ahead come inside” he says looking at the document.

Entering the city the sisters’ eyes shine with excitement and wonderment.

“Wow this place looks amazing, look at all those lights!” Danmi says after finally coming out of her daze.

“Yes it looks so pretty” Ahri says folding her hands in joy.

“Can we go and look around?” Eunhui asks.

“I’m sorry, but now is not a good time, you all still look like magical creatures and you would gather too much attention. There are some problems in the city and we don’t want to stand out” Cleamon tells them.

“However as soon as I get you some items to contain your appearance, you are free to go wherever you want” he adds.

“Also please wear the clothes you found and hide all your bodily features and wear a hat so your head is mostly hidden. We don’t want anyone seeing it or rumors might start spreading” Cleamon explains.

The girls take the clothes from Cleamon and put them on, they look like they belong to an era long forgotten, but not completely out of place.

They move as a tight group towards the castle, passing by many shops and restaurants. The girls all seem very excited at the new environment, pointing and laughing all the way to the castle.

“Andrea can you wait here with them until I come back? I need to discuss the situation with the king so we can resolve this quickly” Cleamon says.

Cleamon enters the castle gates as the guard greets him.


Inside the training room.

“Keep it up, you need to put more weight on your back foot so you can dodge better” Lilia says to Resyana.

Homian and Resyana are sparring, but because of Homian’s natural strength he easily overpowers her with every move. Resyana’s posture is a bit off compared to that of Homian, her kicks and punches are lacking a lot of power.

“Lilia can you help me with my posture? Put me in the right posture so I can learn that way” she says slightly annoyed.

Lilia comes over and helps her posture, it looks more like a pose for a weird dance.

On the other side Amara and Cecily as sparring as well, throwing magic spells at each other dodging out of the way at the last moment to save energy.

“Hey guys how’s it going?” Cleamon says as he enters the training room.

“Cleamon!” Lilia calls and runs up and hugs and kisses him.

“Hi sweetie, long time no see!” he says after the long kiss “I actually need to urgently talk to Cecily”.

“Oh, what about?” she asks playfully poking his sides.

“I’ll tell you later, we will spend this night together so we should have a bit of private time. I’ve missed you” Cleamon says giving her a kiss.

The others are looking at the two lovebirds in gloom.

‘Must be nice having someone that loves you so much’ Cecily thinks while Amara is having similar thoughts.

“Cecily, can I talk to you in private? It’s kind of important” Cleamon asks.

“Uhmm, okay, follow me then” she says a bit bewildered.

He follows her to the next room, she feels a bit nervous.

“So what’s wrong?” Cecily asks.

“I actually need to talk to your father, during our adventure we met some people that are in need of urgent care. I need permission to get them inside the castle grounds so they can be safe. Can you inform your father about it, it has to be done right now”

“O-okay sure, come with me”

Cleamon follows her around and the end up in the library.

“Dad are you here?” she says with a slightly panicked voice.

“Yes sweetheart, what wrong?” a voice from behind a stack of books sounds.

“Cleamon needs to urgently talk to you about something”

“Well send him in then” he answers.

“Sire, I’m actually already here” Cleamon calls out.

“Good, good, well don’t just stand there come here so we can have a talk”.

They both walk over and take place at the table.

“Sire, I have an urgent request to let some refugees inside the palace grounds. During our adventure we came across a kingdom named Mjerna, we found royal family members hiding inside the castle grounds. The whole kingdom was slaughtered by some unknown entity and we made our escape before finding out exactly what had happened. Besides them I’ve come across beings of another race called Efreets. They are dragon-like flying creatures with human forms that look relatively normal. They have been trapped in that city while everyone was dead for 100’s of years. I’d like to get them a place to stay while I make them items so they can be more human-like. I have some letters confirming the link between your kingdoms” he says handing over the letters.

“That… is a lot of information to process. You are sure these people are royal family? And these creatures are they friendly?” he asks.

“Yes they were put into a room where time flows very slowly. They thought it was about 10 hours that had passed, but in reality it has been 100’s of years. The Efreet girls are very friendly, a bit too friendly at times. They have been together for a long time so they were really happy when we found them” Cleamon explains.

“Hmm I see, I’ve heard from the Mjerna kingdom before from my father. I heard him say once that they didn’t receive any word anymore, but I can’t remember the reason why. I have to see them for myself to be sure about them. I’ll go with you, to make sure everything will be okay”.

They move towards the gate together, passing by the training room to inform everyone.

Cleamon walks outside and brings them all in.

“Greetings your highness, we are from the Thrunhildr family of the Mjerna kingdom. My name is Morgana, this is my sister Delyth and this my brother Padrig, we are honored to meet you” she says making a bow. Delyth and Padrig bow as well.

“You have been brought up well, I’m glad to see that. It seems like our family has ties in the past, I’m sorry about what happened. For now I don’t have a special place for you to stay, but you are welcome in the guest houses. There is enough place left in there for all of you. I’ll ask my daughter to show you around”.

“As for you girls, I would like to see your appearance a bit better, can you remove your hats and show me your features? I’ve heard you are Efreets, I’ve read about them before, but I have no idea what they look like for real. I’m quite curious what you all look like”.

The girls remove the clothing that is hiding their scales.

“So pretty” Lilia says looking at the girls.

“Yes I tend to agree” the king says.

“I take it you girls are sisters?” he asks them.

“Yes Sire, all of us come from the same litter” Narae says bowing, the other girls follow her example.

“Well I can’t promise you can all stay here, but one night should be okay”.

“That’s okay, if Cleamon provides us with items to change our appearance we should be fine. Danmi and me will follow Cleamon for the rest of the time he leaves the city” Danmi makes a slight bow.

“I’ll leave it to Cleamon then, I’ll be going now since I have things to do” the king says as he takes off.

Everyone wait until he leaves the room.

“Let me introduce you everyone” Cleamon says.

He introduces everyone to each other.

Danmi walks over to Lilia “are you Cleamon’s girlfriend?”

“Yes, why?” she asks confused.

“Do you mind if I would be his second?” she asks seriously.

“His second what?”

“His second lover, I want to bare his children”.

“W-what? Why?” Lilia asks a bit perplexed.

“Well I’ve taken a liking to him. He knows our language and is very knowledgeable. I can also sense that his aura is very strong for someone his age, so I would like to make sure my genes are passed on with someone that has strong genes as well”.

“O-okay, but I don’t think you can be the second…” Lilia says.

“Why not?”

“Well there is already a second one, although Cleamon doesn’t really know it yet. Metztli is the second, she doesn’t realize it herself, but I can see how she looks and acts around Cleamon” she explains.

“Besides her many of the girls here actually feel something similar, I think only Resyana hasn’t got any of those feelings” she adds.

“Okay then I’ll be third” Danmi calmly replies.

“Welcome to the group I guess” Lilia says “I’d like to know you better, but we don’t have much time until we leave again. You can stay in our room tonight, we have room for one more”.

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