Chapter 66: Escape

They all move towards the exit near the maze.

“Okay, we’ll split up for now, Metztli let’s go check what’s over in the cave there” Cleamon says grabbing her hand.

She just nods silently staring at their hands.

Andrea and the rest go up and wait in front of the exit.

“Go into stealth, I’ll use my void form. We need to be very careful, from the description of the sisters the creature has a very frightening aura” Cleamon says.

They both activate their stealth spells, Cleamon using an extra spell to mask his aura as much as possible. As they creep closer the effects of the aura are beginning to put a weight on them.

“Doesn’t this aura feel familiar?” Cleamon whispers to Metztli.

“Yes” she whispers back.

The closer they get the more prominent the aura becomes, they start to distinct that there are two different aura’s and within those aura’s something sinister is hiding.

They reach the entrance of the path towards the other exit, faint noises of breathing can be heard. Slowly they move forward, passing through a tunnel with a ceiling of three meters high and at least a kilometer long. They feel wind enter and leave from the tunnel in a rhythm.

Finally they reach the end taking their time to not make any sounds.

In front of them are two huge sleeping Efreets, their aura nearly crushes Cleamon and Metztli and their hairs stand on end. Even speaking would be too difficult and frightening.

‘These guys are massive! Compared to the sisters these are at least 10 times as big, but what’s with this ominous aura exuding from them, there is something besides their usual aura’ Cleamon thinks.

He doesn’t dare to use his own aura to sense in detail.

‘I wonder if these are the girls’ parents, if so they were probable put here by the inhabitant of the city. If that is so, there is no way they could’ve killed all the people inside the castle…’

‘Or maybe they were used as guards, but someone stole their children and they went berserk. With an aura like that, many people would die on the spot under the pressure. Still that doesn’t explain the weird feeling I’m getting from their aura. It somehow feels like a curse, but to give off this kind of aura it’s not something even I can dispel with my knowledge’

Silently he leaves and heads back towards the others, their hands are wet from sweating under the pressure.

“So what did you find out?” Andrea asks as the rest also looks at them curiously.

“There are two gigantic Efreets sleeping in a big cave, they are at least 10 times the size of the sisters. Their aura is massive, but that’s not the only thing, it seems like something dark has happened and it has manifested itself in them” Cleamon explains.

“What are Efreets?” Morgana asks.

‘So they haven’t heard of them before, that doesn’t rule out the fact they were hired as a guard’ Cleamon thinks.

“We are Efreets” Danmi says “we are in our human form now, but when we transform we grow many times our size”.

“Narae, do you remember what your parents looked like and what their aura felt like?” Cleamon asks.

“Yes, we are imprinted was the image of our parents. The aura we feel is not that of our parents” she answers.

‘Well that rules out that their eggs were stolen from them’.

“The issue is believing that they went ahead and killed everyone on their own accord, I believe there has been foul play. Their strength is more than enough to have been able to kill everyone in the city on the spot, but I don’t see the reasoning behind it. If they had a goal they wouldn’t be there anymore and would’ve left. I’m afraid to wake them up, especially with that ominous feeling I get” Cleamon sighs.

“Andrea do you have any idea’s?” he asks.

“I’ve seen curses and read about spells that can influence someone’s mind to do your bidding, but usually those aren’t specific and just cause mayhem. If there is something like a curse active on them it would have to be a very strong one. That means there is foul play and someone left here after reaching their goal. It makes sense as the guards seemed to have been protecting the vault, but maybe the thing they were looking for was somewhere else” she says.

“Hmm, that would make sense. Morgana do you know of any item that was known as being valuable in your kingdom?” Cleamon asks.

“No we were not told much, but if there was anything it probable wouldn’t have been in the vault. Many people had access to it” she says “maybe our parents had it with them when they teleported out of here?” she answers.

“Could be, that would mean your parents are maybe in hiding now protecting it” Cleamon says.

“Well we can’t find out any more while we stay here, trying to reason with those Efreets would be suicide if we can’t find a way to remove that malice” he continues.

“Let’s move out towards Gedour”.

They follow their trail back through the maze, all the traps had been activated again so they spent at least six hours cleaning everything up.

“Narae, Eunhui, Danmi, Ahri I know this may sound a bit weird, but inside Gedour you girls will probable have a hard time living normally. Seeing as you all look like magical beasts even in human form. I don’t want you all to become locked inside like you were here, so I’ll make special items for you that transforms your body completely so it becomes human. I know your kind can do that eventually with enough practice, but for now let’s do it like this” Cleamon says pointing at Metztli’s item.

“Will you be leaving us alone then? I thought we had a deal!” Danmi says “which reminds me, another day has passed so I want part of my deal” she moves in towards Cleamon and kisses him full on the mouth in front of her sisters and Metztli.

Metztli tries to pull him away, but is too late as Danmi has already put her arm around him leaving him no option. Cleamon grabs her head and holds her tight to him, their lips intermingle and glide over each other.

The others look on quite displeased as the two kiss like lovers. For a minute the two interlock and notice no-one around them.

Danmi finally lets go and seems disoriented.

“I hope that satisfied you enough” Cleamon says to Danmi wiping his lips dry.

She absentmindedly nods while staring in front of her.

“Now back to my point, you will all need items to survive in the city. Andrea, Metztli and me will be leaving soon afterward again to visit another place, but we should be back in eight days. If you guys want you could also stay with us while we visit the other place, but we’ll be bringing Morgana, Delyth and Padrig to Gedour city so they are in safe hands. This also gives them time to take what happened in”.

“I’d like to come with you” Narae says “I bet Danmi will think the same after she recovers”.

“Then the other sisters will get a safe stay inside the castle once I negotiate with the king about your situation. I will also introduce you to my friends and girlfriend” Cleamon says.

“Are you all okay with that?”

Morgana nods, her little sister and brother are currently sleeping from the stress on the backs of Andrea and Morgana.

“Okay” says Eunhui and Ahri nods in agreement.

“Good, then let’s move out. Once we are outside, I need you sisters to fly us to the city, I will support you with some spell to make the journey faster”.

They ascend the stairs and soon reach the outside, being underground so long they forgot what time it was. A black sky filled with stars awaits them as they reach the surface.

“Time to wake everyone up” Cleamon says.

He gets Danmi from his back, who was still in a daze. Morgana wakes her sister and brother up.

“This one is of no use now” Cleamon says trying to get Danmi to cooperate “I’m sorry, but it seems like the three of you have to carry us and your sister”.

“No problem” Narae answers with a smile.

They transform to their original forms, they tower about the trees. Morgana, Delyth and Padrig are amazed and stare at the sight in front of them. Slightly hesitant, Andrea takes Morgana, Padrig and Delyth on Eunhui. Cleamon, Danmi, Ahri and Metztli take place on Narae.

Cleamon casts supportive wind magic on both the girls as they take off, giving them a lot more speed in the air and a lot less air resistance. Within two hours they have the city in their sights.

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