Chapter 65: Throne room

Cleamon lets Morgana wake up Padrig.

“We have to go now, can you all follow us. We have friends waiting outside the room so don’t be scared. They might look a bit weird compared to humans, but they are our friends” Cleamon says.

They all collectively nod in agreement.

Outside the room and inside the vault Metztli and the sisters are anxiously waiting, for them only a minute or so passed.

“Let me introduce you, these are our friends. From left to right Metztli, Eunhui, Ahri, Danmi and Narae. These are members of the royal family, could you introduce yourselves to them as well?”

“Hello, my name is first princes Morgana Farbow pleased to meet you” she says with a courteous bow.

“My name is second princess Delyth Farbow”

“M-my name is Padrig Farbow and I’m a prince” he says staring at the sisters.

“Morgana can you please explain the situation to them? I’d tell them, but I think it would be best if a family member tells them” Cleamon says.

She nods and takes them to the back of the vault.

“I’ll store these items, good job moving them Metztli” he says rubbing her head, leaving behind a satisfying smile.

Morgana has brought the news to her siblings and of course they start crying and making a scene.

“I don’t believe you! Mama and papa would never die, they said so!” Padrig says angrily while crying.

“Is it really true sister? Maybe these people are lying to you!” Delyth follows up.

“I think it’s true, but they have not visited the throne room yet, we will be going there. Along the way there will be many bad things so if you don’t want to see it close your eyes okay?” she says hugging them.

They spend five minutes together before they calmed down a bit.

“We’re ready, do you have the key to the throne room?” Morgana asks.

“We found some keys, can you recognize them?” Andrea says showing her the keys.

“No, but it’s probable this one. It has the markings of our kingdom” Morgana answers.

“Then let’s move out” Cleamon says after he put all the items inside his bracelet.

“Morgana do you know the Stonesoul family?” Cleamon asks.

“Isn’t that the royal family of the city above ground?” she responds.

“So you did have contact with them, I wonder what happened that no-one ever came looking for you” he murmurs.

The reach the hall where the vault entrance is. The shock for her is too great as many remains are still present and the castle looks like it’s been deteriorating over time.

“I-I can’t believe this, we really spent all that time sleeping?” Morgana says.

She is holding Padrig in her arms covering his eyes, Delyth is holding her dress from behind and following her footsteps, not daring to look.

Morgana is trembling and visibly shaken.

“I’m sorry, but for now you have to endure. After we get clues as to what happened, we will leave for Gedour city. I have connections with the Stonesoul family and can probable arrange for you to live in the palace” Cleamon explains.

Morgana just nods and follows.

They reach the doors to the throne room and Andrea uses the key. “Clunk!” the door unlocks with a heavy mechanical sound.

She pushes open the doors.

Inside the room there are no remains or hint of where the king and queen could be.

“Let’s spread out and search, call if you found anything” Cleamon says to the sisters, Andrea and Metztli.

They split to search for any clues as to what happened. Cleamon feels an ominous aura coming from a bookcase.

He inspects the bookcase and finds many books on politics, monsters and magic. One for one he puts them in his bracelet, storing them away for later.

‘What is this weird aura emitting from this cabinet?’ Cleamon thinks after removing all of the books.

He closely inspects the cabinet ‘it’s coming from behind it’ and tries moving it. The cabinet doesn’t move one inch after ‘it must be kept in place with a Seal’.

Cleamon takes out his orb and searches for a Seal to absorb, spending more then a minute concentrating he finally notices a small one concealed under the bottom of the cabinet itself. He commands the orb to absorb the Seal.

He moves the cabinet to the side and a door reveals itself.

“I found something!” he calls out to the others “Morgana have you ever seen this room before?”.

“No, we hardly ever came to the throne room. Usually it was just for meetings with important people and parties. We weren’t ever invited, because they were very protective of us” she answers.

“Okay, I’ll go in first then, I’ll call if I need you. Andrea can you follow me as well?”

They move inside the room, it’s about the size of a decent bedroom. Along the walls are bookcases full of books. Cleamon looks through the books and finds some letters.

“Andrea look, there are many letters here from other kingdoms. Looks like they had contact with a lot of others outside of this place” he says while looking through the different letters.

“Here this is the most recent one”

Date: 3rd of November 18882

Dear friend,

Sorry to hear about the recent loss of your good men, I’ve met such distress myself not that long ago and I wish their families can see the importance of their sacrifice. The creature you mentioned is not known to us, but as you said it’s blocking your main exit out of the kingdom, I’ve provided you with an Inscription that has the power to teleport in case of emergency. The only issue is that the spell requires a large amount of mana and can only send a maximum of three people at a time.

This spell has one major flaw in it, we haven’t been able to figure out a way to target where the teleportation goes to. So please be prepared in case you have to use it.

Your request for military help comes at an inconvenient time, our Realm is currently at war and we have many problems ourselves. I hope however that your own race can help you in some way.

In case your problem is solved, we would like to invite you to our kingdom. If no letter is to reach us I assume the worst has come to pass.

Kind regards,

King of Mjerna, Thovif Thrunhildr the 4th

“It seems they escaped by use of teleportation, but their location is unknown. Seeing as they haven’t come back here in all those year, they either ended up in a different realm and haven’t found a way back or teleported to a place where they can’t escape and met an unfortunate demise” Cleamon says.

“It also speaks of a creature that is blocking the exit. That must be the creature the sisters fear and the same creature that killed all these people” Cleamon thinks out loud.

“We have to ask the girls if they ever heard of this creature” Andrea replies.

“Can you go ask? I’ll search the room for the teleportation Inscription, maybe it will give us a hint to their whereabouts”.

Andrea leaves the room.

‘Now lets pack all these books and letters’ Cleamon thinks looking at the room.

He scours through all the books and letters and finds letters directed at the previous king of Gedour city as well ‘I think the king will be interested in these’ he says packing them.

Bit by bit the room becomes more empty, many interesting books end up being taken “Creatures of the night”, “An accurate depiction of Elven social structures”, “The secret behind Dwarven smithing”, “Magics lost in time”. Cleamon stops and looks at the book with shining eyes ‘this is a treasure!’ he thinks ‘maybe I can learn more about other lost magic as well’.

The rest of the books aren’t of importance and he leaves quite a few behind and leaves the room again.

“Cleamon they haven’t heard of any alarming news about a creature. It seems like it was being kept secret to the public as well. The men sacrificed must’ve been men that were trying to hunt it, but instead got hunted themselves” Andrea says.

“So now the issue is, do we go back through the maze or do we try and see what this creature is to find out if it was the cause of this?” Cleamon says.

“Metztli and me can probable come close enough to inspect it” he adds “what do you all think? I’ll give you an hour to discuss it amongst yourselves, here take some drink and food” he says grabbing something to eat from his bracelet.

An hour passes whilst they all discuss their opinions.

“Andrea I’d like your opinion first” Cleamon says.

“Well, to me it’s of most importance to get everyone here back safely. The maze has a lot of traps, but with our help we can probable escape in a day. I’m voting for leaving through the way we came in”.

“Okay, sisters?”

“We agree with that as well, but we do want to know what that creature is. We have been feeling it’s aura for decades now and are very curious as to what scares us so much” Narae says.


“I think it’s best if we know what the creature is so we have some closure as to what has happened here, but I don’t want to risk a fight”

“Then it’s decided, me and Metztli will take a look at what’s hiding there from a distance while hiding. You all wait at the entrance to the maze. If you want you can go to your living quarters first of you have any items you want to bring along” Cleamon says.

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