Chapter 64: Waking up

They rush back to the vaults, whilst Cleamon is explaining what he saw inside to Andrea. She listens and her eyes become wider and filled with shock.

Due to the rush he even failed to notice the other girls had already found some clothes to cover their naked bodies. Danmi is the only wearing a set of armor, which still looks a bit to big for her.

He orders the others to wait inside the vault and ready the rest of the items so he can take them away.

Andrea and Cleamon reach the room and to her shock, sees three asleep-like people.

“How is this even possible, does Time magic really exist?” she says.

“Yes, it exists, although I didn’t expect it to be able to do this” Cleamon answers.

“You knew it existed? How?” she says confused.

“Do you swear anything I tell you will remain between us? If not I’m afraid I’ll have to come find and kill you” Cleamon says intentionally leaking out his killing Intent.

‘W-what is this? His pressure is insane, I feel like he really can kill me without any effort’ Andrea thinks as cold sweat runs down her spine.

“F-fine I swear” she manages to bring out.

“I’m capable of using Time magic myself, although it’s not that strong yet. Many other lost magics like Mental and Void are also in my arsenal” he says.

“Mental, Void, what are those supposed to be? I’ve heard of special magic before, but never of those”

“Well it’s only natural as most proof of their existence his been destroyed thousands of years ago” Cleamon says “I can show you an example of Void”.

Andrea nods in anticipation.

Cleamon uses his Intent and fades out of existence, complete invisible only leaving behind traces of his aura. Andrea’s jaw nearly drops to the floor.

“N-no way! Are you still there?” she waves her arm where Cleamon was before.

Cleamon appears again in the same spot.

“I was still there, but it would be impossible for you to touch me in that state. Now you see there are many other kinds of magic unknown to magicians. Only a few people probable still know about these, Almar is one of them”.

Cleamon and Andrea enter the room.

“Do you know any ways to wake up a person from a spell induced sleep” Cleamon asks Andrea.

“Yes, there are multiple ways, the easiest is an Incantation. For some reason I have the feeling it won’t work though, we might need something stronger. If we can combine the Incantation it might work. I’ll write it down for you hold on” she says grabbing a piece of parchment from her backpack.

She scribbles down the Incantation.

“Let’s start at the count of 3. 1,2,3!”

They recite the Incantation, targeting the left person first. Their mana gets drained at an enormous rate and before long both of their mana runs out.

“This is harder than I though, let’s eat and drink mana regeneration consumables” Cleamon says grabbing his highest quality items from his bracelet.

They eat and drink their items, sitting on the floor they start cultivating all the mana in the room. Through Cleamon’s cultivation technique his Magic Soul absorbs mana at a very fast rate, even though he can’t absorb any more mana he pushes on.

His Magic Soul starts expanding like a balloon and soon it reaches maximum capacity.

“Okay let’s do this” he says standing up.

They recite the Incantation again and feel their mana slip away, but due to the potions the mana recovery rate is higher than it disappears. Ten minutes go by, 20, 30, 1 hour, 2 hours they constantly recite the Incantation.

Four hours later the boy shows signs of waking up, slowly he opens his eyes.

Andrea rushes towards him and picks him up, he doesn’t seem to realize yet what has happened.

“W-who are?” the boy says as his mind wakes up.

“My name is Andrea, I’m here to help you. Do you know where you are?”

The boy looks around slightly confused and says “isn’t this the Grodor castle?”

‘So that’s how this kingdom was called’ Cleamon thinks.

“Do you remember what happened?” Andrea asks kindly.

The boy has a painful expression on his face as he tries to recall what happened.

“I think we are being attacked something, my family brought me here and told and they would put us to sleep and wake us up after the enemy is gone. Are you part of my family too?”

“Sorry I’m not” she says reluctantly.

“What is your name?” she asks.

“My name is Padrig Farbow, first prince of the Farbow royal family. My father is the king of this city”.

“I’m Cleamon, nice to meet you Padrig, I’m sorry but you will have to wait a bit. We are going to wake up the others, can you tell me who they are?” Cleamon says with a bow.

“They are my sisters, are they sleeping?” he says

“Yes, we will wake them up, but it will take about four hours so be patient” Andrea says comforting him.

“Okay… My oldest sister is called Morgana Farbow. My other sister is called Delyth Farbow” he says pointing at them.

“Can I see my parents now?”

Before Andrea can answer that, Cleamon uses a Mind spell to put Padrig back to sleep.

“We can’t have him know just yet, we are not the people to comfort him. Let’s wake up the oldest one first and explain the situation before we wake him back up” Cleamon says “The spell I used is nothing like the one used here, it will just require us to wake him normally”.

“Good idea, he will probable panic if we told him the truth” Andrea says laying him down in his casket again.

“Let’s start waking Morgana up” Cleamon says.

They spend another four hours intensely casting the Incantation.

Slowly the older sister wakes up and opens her eyes. She yawns and rubs her eyes as if waking from a good nap.

“huaaaa~” a very loud yawn comes out.

She looks around half asleep and then realizes the situation.

“Did you wake me up?” she asks.

“Yes, we woke up your brother first, but put him back to sleep for now. Do you remember what happened?” Cleamon says.

“Yes, we were being attacked by something and before I had the chance to know what we were put in here. This place is made to keep members of the royal family safe in case of emergency” she explains.

“If you are here, I assume the enemy is gone and we won?” she says.

“I’m sorry to say this, but you all have been asleep for at least a hundred years. The city and it’s people are no longer here. By the time we came here everyone was gone” Cleamon says.

“No that can’t be! How is that even possible, if we slept that long we would’ve been dead!” the girl says with tears appearing in her eyes.

“This room is specially made to preserve anything that enters it, time here flows extremely slow. A hundred years is maybe 10 hours inside of this room. I’m sorry, but you’ll need to explain the situation to your siblings, when we leave the vault there will be a not so pleasant sight as everyone else in this kingdom was murdered” Cleamon explains.

Morgana nearly faints from the news, and is sobbing in grief.

“Mother… Father… everyone… sniff”

“We haven’t visited the throne room yet, but with the rest of the castle in the state it is I can’t be hopeful. They doors are still locked, but unless they had a way to escape they wouldn’t have been able to stand the test of time” Cleamon further explains trying to calm her down a bit.

Andrea is now holding Morgana as tears flow down her face as well.

“Andrea let’s start waking up her sister, else we’ll be here for a long time. We need to find a way to enter the throne room to confirm”.

“Okay” she gives one final hug to Morgana who lays down and silently weeps.

Another four hours pass by.

Morgana has come down from her place and was now watching the process in silence except for the occasional sniff.

The younger girl starts opening her eyes and rubs them.

“Sister what’s wrong?” she says as tears once again have started to flow.

“I will explain later, we need to grab Padrig and get out of here” she says.

Delyth silently nods.

“Who are these people?” she suddenly asks as she sees Andrea and Cleamon.

“These are the people who woke us up and are escorting us outside” she says lifting Delyth up and putting her on the ground again.

“This boy woke us up?” she says walking towards Cleamon.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 14 years old” Cleamon says a bit shocked at her advances.

Unbeknownst to Cleamon, the princesses lived a very secluded life. They didn’t have any friends of their own age and were being protected against any harm from outside.

To her Cleamon is an existence she never saw before.

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