Chapter 63: The vault

The door to the vault opens with a creak. A dark tunnel descents down seemingly unending stairs.

“This looks promising” Cleamon says.

He activates his Light magic and lights the way down. On the side of the stairs are rails, which were used to haul treasures up and down. They move down the stairs wary of possible traps, but nothing happens.

Another set of doors appears to block their path, Cleamon open it with ease.

He sends his Light spell to the middle of the big room they entered. The whole room is as big as one of the arenas at school. Along the sides many treasures are stored, stacks of gold and other precious metals are in one corners of the room.

Many weapons hang from the walls, due to the room, they remain in pristine condition. Armor is displayed on wooden mannequins, from cloth to mythril, they are perfectly decorated and probable gifts from other kingdoms.

“Cleamon mind if I take that armor?” Danmi points at a black leather outfit that looks like dragon scales. The set comes with a mythril undershirt, boots, gloves, chest piece, arm-guards, knee protectors and helmet.

“Go ahead, but I’m not sure if it will fit you” Cleamon says, but as soon as he said “Go ahead” Danmi was already trying on the boots.

“Metztli do you see any armor you like? Just look around here for items you think will fit you and let me know” Cleamon says to Metztli who nods.

“Damn this armor is way too big for me!” Danmi says cursing. “I expected as much, you girls are quite small. Also it would give problems when transforming back to your other form. It would probable be better to make armor specially for that purpose. I could make armor that would transform along with you, but it will take at least two or three weeks to design it” Cleamon says looking at a disappointed Danmi.

“Really?! You’d better prove yourself then now you said that” she replies with a sparkle in her eye.

‘I should try to keep them as happy as possible, if they want to stay near me on their own volition it will help my cause greatly. These girls have probable enough firepower to take on the elders of the Gambrill family’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

“If you follow me until I return to Gedour city, I’ll promise to make you all personal armor. I might even be able to provide you girls with a place to live, although it will be hard to convince my benefactor to let you all live there. You might have to swear an oath of allegiance towards me so they can trust you.”

“Whatever is fine for me, as long as I can leave this place I’m happy. I’m sure this goes for my sisters as well. We’ve become so bored and sick of this place that any change would make us happy. Besides that I still want do things with you, you promised me before that you would help me satisfy my needs”

“Yes, I know, I never forget a promise” Cleamon says with confidence.

“I think you can fit the armor over there, it looks like it was made for a child that was more or less your size” he says pointing to a lighter set of armor on the opposite side of the room.

Cleamon walks through the vast room, he’s planning to take everything with him anyway so for now he decides to check for any rare and important items.

‘If this place is anything like the vault in the city than there should be another room here with some precious items’ Cleamon thinks looking around.

He spots the outline of a door hidden behind a big cabinet ‘found it!’ he joyously thinks.

The cabinet itself is empty, which is weird in its own way, but scratch marks on the floor show that it has been moved into that position.

He moves it out of the way and finds a steel door, they door is unlocked, but protected with magic. With the orb he absorbs the Seals protecting the door and pushes it open.

Behind it appears a path that leads further down.

“Metztli, Danmi I’m going to check out this path, you guys stay here and pick items you want to use. Also gather them close together so I can take them all” he says.

Both of them reply with acknowledgment.

Cleamon follows the path, it goes straight for 50 meters and then makes a turn, a faint light can be seen at the end. He moves cautiously through the tunnel, wary of any traps that could’ve been placed. Ten minutes later he reaches the light.

The sight before him sends chills down his spine, in the center of the circular room 3 caskets are displayed. In each of them a person is visible. The things that shocks him the most, is that they still look like they are just sleeping. In the left one a small boy, about 8 years old, is peacefully sleeping. The middle one has a girl, around age 13, laying as if she were dead and on display. The right casket has a young woman inside it.

‘Are they still alive?!’ he wonders ‘I can feel massive amounts of mana from this place, there must be a very powerful spell active here. I wonder if these people are the source of this mana’ Cleamon thinks inspecting them from a distant.

He takes his orb from his bracelet and searches for any Seals present, but to his surprise can’t find any.

‘This whole place is one big Incantation!’ he thinks after closely inspecting the walls ‘these people are then protected in a timeless state. I can recognize some of the Inscriptions belonging to those of time manipulation, but even for me these are highly complicated’

Cleamon spends time inspecting the Inscriptions from just outside the room, to make sure no harm to him is done upon entering it.

Five minutes pass and he has, so far, not seen any indication for a harmful spell. Still wary he takes a pill from his ring and throw it into the room, the pill used for increased mana regeneration, just rolls down the floor eventually hitting the stand with the caskets.

Hesitantly he takes one step inside and once he notices nothing happens he walks inside the room.

He looks behind him and sees the Inscriptions continue around the room, the whole wall is one big spell. He takes 30 minutes to inspect the wall as much as he can.

‘This place must’ve been to escape to in case of emergency, it looks like they’d prepared it beforehand to support three people. Then these must be members of the royal family left here until discovered. How reckless!’ Cleamon can’t help but think.

‘For now I’ll go back to the others and I should look for information about this room’ he thinks walking back outside the room.

“Was there nothing there? You got back really quick” Danmi says with a confused look at her face expecting more from it.

“What do you mean? I spent at least 40 minutes in there” Cleamon says slightly confused.

“40 minutes? Are you drunk? You weren’t even away for a minute” she says.

‘Time stands still in that room?!’ Cleamon face looks like he’s seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” Danmi curiously asks after seeing Cleamon’s face.

“Follow me I have to test something, Metztli you can look around a bit more here”.

He takes Danmi to the room.

“Wait here outside the room, after I emerge back tell me what you saw” Cleamon says.

Inside the room he walks around for 10 minutes.

‘What are these kids doing here? What the hell is going on? As soon as he took a step inside it looks like he’s frozen in place!’ many questions formed inside Danmi’s head.

Suddenly Cleamon appears in front of her.

“Kyaa~” she shrieks out as he scared her.

“Well what did you see?” Cleamon asks right away.

“Nothing, I saw you step in and as soon as you were in you looked like you were frozen in place. Then all of a sudden you appeared back here scaring me to death!” she says.

“So I was right! This room actually slows down time to a crawl, that means those kids are still alive! Let’s go back for now and let the others know, I’d like Andrea’s feedback on this” he says as he drags Danmi along.

“Metztli come we have to meet back up with the others, we’ll come back to this place later” Cleamon says with a bit of excitement in his voice.

“Okay” she says putting down stuff she was moving to the entrance of the room.

They hurry back to the main hall and are the last ones to arrive.

“Sorry, but no time to explain please come with us. Andrea I need to speak with you while we walk!” Cleamon says before anyone else can say anything.

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