Chapter 62: Clues

Metztli closes her eyes at this scene, she seen enough of Cleamon’s kissing with Lilia every time they are in bed. She doesn’t really mind it, but seeing it done by another girl is making her feel slightly jealous.

Danmi reaches Cleamon’s lips and presses hers against his. She holds his head tight so he can’t break free. In her inexperience she doesn’t really know what to do and just hold him like this for a minute.

“Had enough?” Cleamon asks her.

“I-I’m not sure, I just feel like I want more” Danmi says a bit confused.

“Well I did what you wanted, so now you have to hold yourself in” Cleamon says staring her in the eyes.

“Okay a deal is a deal, but I’d like a kiss every now and then to satisfy my needs” she says getting up.

“Fine, but only once a day” Cleamon says.

He gets up and they leave the room again.

‘I need to find them some clothes, this is killing me. I hope the others found some’ Cleamon thinks.

Walking towards the vault they spot more and more remains, mostly those of guards.

“It looks like these guards were trying to protect something before they died, but it doesn’t seem like they fought or showed any kind of resistance” Cleamon says inspecting them.

They reach the vault door, many remains are scattered around as if they’ve been moved out of the way. Drag marks can be seen on the ground, as heavy armored guards were moved out of the way.

“It looks like there was a group of guards protecting the vault door and moved out of the way afterward” Cleamon says.

“There is a very strong Seal on this door, I don’t think whoever did this got inside. Stand back I’ll open it” he says grabbing his Seal absorbing orb, which was, according to his memory, named Devouring Orb. The name itself seems to hint that it can absorb more than one thing.

He connects his Magic Soul to it, and uses it to scan the door. Many layers of Seals are still active and with a flash, they slowly are absorbed into the orb. Each layer takes a considerable amount of mana, to the point Cleamon has to stop a few times to regain it.

Meanwhile Danmi tries to make friends with Metztli.

“Are you Cleamon’s lover? You seem very attached to him. How did you guys meet?” she asks curiously. Metztli tries to ignore it, but the prying eyes of Danmi make her feel uncomfortable. In the hopes to satiate her curiosity, she reluctantly answers.

“No just friends, we met because I was targeting him”

“But you want to be right? I can see how you look at him, it’s more than just friendship. Even when I was kissing with him I could feel the jealousy coming from you”

Before Metztli has a chance to answers she continues “Why were you targeting him in the first place? Did he do something wrong?”

“I don’t want to talk about it…” Metztli says slightly depressed remembering what she tried to do to Cleamon.

Danmi is a bit disheartened by the short answers and decided to keep her questions to herself for now.

They watch Cleamon remove the Seals in an awkward silence. It takes him almost two hours to completely removed all the Seals.

“It’s done! Let’s move in, but be careful” Cleamon says catching his breath.


“We’re almost there” Andrea says to Eunhui “I haven’t seen many remains here, it looks like they left here for something”.

“The entrance is here, but it’s already opened” Eunhui says scouting around the area.

They both enter the armory, many empty racks are scattered all over the place. A few pieces of armor and weapons are laying on the floor.

“It looks like the people here had notice of something or someone invading and they took up arms, but they never had any chance to really defend themselves” Andrea concludes seeing the mess that was left behind.

“Grab everything you can and search every nook and cranny, there is probable a key somewhere near here” Andrea suggests.

“Okay, I’ll check over there” Eunhui says.

They scour around the various rooms, they find some useless items. Eunhui finds the guards room and looks around every single part of it.

“I found some keys!” she shouts towards Andrea “there are quite a few of them, maybe the one for the throne room is in there as well”

“There is one key that gives off a weird feeling, like it’s infused with mana” she continues.

“Great, I guess we looked through everything now, we still have an hour left. Let’s look around a bit more in the side rooms we came across” Andrea says.


“Sister do you think we can really trust the humans? I know he named us, but I feel that there is something different about Cleamon. I can’t tell what it is, but it feels like he doesn’t belong in this time” Eunhui asks Narae.

“Sister, you have always been more sensitive towards mana, so I’ll believe you. I think we can trust him, I don’t sense any malice coming from him, Andrea or Metztli. I’ll try and find out more about them after we get away from this place, I did promise to serve him if we do”

“Let’s check the living quarters, I’m sure we can find something useful” Narae says.

They search around the many different living quarters, some are designed for guests of the royal family and were not occupied. Others have some remains left behind, but no items to take and no hints to discover.

“Sister I found some clothes that belonged to children that lived here. They’re still in a good condition as well. We should take some of these with us for the other sisters, pick some for yourself too” Narae says to Eunhui while looking at something to dress in.

“O this looks great!” Eunhui says picking up some clothes. They both spend their time looking at all the clothes they find in different rooms. They pick and choose what they like and dress themselves up. They both look like royalty in their fancy clothes.

It takes them more than three hours to scout every place to find everything they need.


Back at the Gambrill residence there is a secret meeting taking place between the leaders of the Gambrill and Myrtics family.

“To prepare for the coup we need more high quality crystals, we need to store a lot of mana to use the spells we need to take down the barrier and the guards. I have found a way of making these using a forbidden technique found in an ancient book” A high ranked elder family member from the Gambrill family says.

“This method requires the sacrifice of a being with a big Magic Soul and high mana count. I suggest we hire someone to find people we can use as a sacrifice in this process” he continues.

“Do you suggest we kidnap and sacrifice people?” another asks.

“Yes, if we want our plan to succeed we need these sacrifices. Magical beasts should work as well, but they are much harder to catch. I suggest we do some research on who would be an easy target before kidnapping them” the elder answers

“Okay, I’ll get someone on it right away. I suggest we keep this a secret from all the other family members. We need to make sure no-one can ever found out we’re behind it” Adam Myrtics says.


Lilia, Cecily, Amara, Resyana and Homian have been getting a special teacher at the castle, the headmaster contacted an old friend of his to teach them how to speed up Incantations.

“First of all I’d like to see how big you MS is, this will help me prepare of method of training for you all, Homian why don’t you step up first” the man in the rather formal clothes says.

“Sure, which crystal do I use?” Homian replies.

“Ahh, sorry here use this one” he says passing a crystal.

Homian concentrates “1573”, Resyana steps up next “1444”, Cecily quickly follows up “1562”, Amara “1486” and finally Lilia “2639”.

“How is this possible, I heard from the headmaster you all had amazing scores, but this is just insane. What kind of training did you all do? Especially Lilia, I’m curious as to what you did to raise your score to that level”.

“Actually my boyfriend Cleamon taught all of us, he has taught us our spells and our cultivation Incantations. He even taught me how to use Intent, although it’s still in the early stages and I can only cast small spells” Lilia says with pride.

‘I want to meet this Cleamon, it’s unheard of that a young child possesses this much skill’

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