Chapter 61: Breaking the barrier

“Wait you can speak our language? All this time I was left in the dark and felt useless” Andrea says slightly annoyed.

“Yes, our parents had contact with humans, that’s probable also the reason our eggs were stolen. Because Cleamon started talking in our language we never thought about speaking yours” Narae responds.

“We’ll use human language from now on, then your friends can understand us as well” Narae adds.

“Andrea does this barrier look familiar to you?” Cleamon asks

“Yes, it reminds me of the barrier used in Gedour city”

“Gedour city? What’s that?” Danmi asks.

“It’s the city I’m from” Cleamon says “although no-one uses the name as they almost never leave the city itself. We just call it the city” Cleamon explains.

“I have some memories of a city nearby, but it was surrounded by a wall, nothing more” Danmi says.

“This barrier is the same that protects the palace in that city, but getting through it will be very hard. It might take one or two days to make the necessary preparations for entering” Cleamon explains.

“Only one or two days? I’ve had a minimum of a week in mind” Andrea says surprised.

“Well let’s get started, how many of Inscribing do you know?” Cleamon asks Andrea.

“I know a fair amount of them, just give me then design and I can draw it”

“Okay, we’ll need quite a few of the same. I’ll write the first one down”

Cleamon starts writing down Inscriptions on the ground in front of the gate. They grow exponentially in size until he completes one part. He spends almost two hours on his first one.

“Can you make this four times? They need to be the exact same size and next to this one” Cleamon

It takes almost two days to write everything down. The ground in front of the gate is covered in Inscriptions.

“It’s finally time to activate them!” Cleamon says joyfully “everyone please stand back, Metztli can you share your mana with me?”

Cleamon concentrates and his mana flows into the Inscriptions, his shared mana drains quickly and soon he’s running out. “Sisters can you help me with this? I need a lot more mana than I thought!”

The sisters replace Metztli as her mana runs out, they now share their mana with Cleamon and another surge comes out.

Twenty minutes pass as one for one all of the sisters’ mana gets drained.

A small crack appears near the base of the gate, slowly it grows out to two meters in diameter.

“For now this should be enough, completely opening the barrier would take at least a month. The problem is how we will go outside once we’re in, but that’s something we can find out later. Hurry let’s move” Cleamon says.

One for one they move inside the gate through the crack in the barrier.

Cleamon keeps concentrating while he walks through last, when he releases his concentration the crack closes and the barrier is back to normal.

“Everyone keep you guard up!” Andrea says “you never know what you can find inside places like this!”

Inside the palace grounds, there are skeletons all over the place.

“All these people just died where they stood. I can’t see any signs of struggle” Cleamon says closely inspecting a few skeletons on the road to the main palace. By looking at their armor he determines that they were guards and takes to armor into his Spatial Bracelet.

They walk towards the castle’s main gate, meanwhile Cleamon checks the many remains laying all over the place. If they have valuables he takes them with him.

Andrea walks in front and reaches the castle doors first “it’s open” she says.

Slowly she opens the door and peeks inside, the hall has magic lighting it. Many remains can be seen, all with the same symptoms.

“Something or someone killed off all the people here without a struggle. I can’t think of many ways to do that. Poison, a virus and there are some forbidden magic spells that can do this to people, but not on a scale like this” Cleamon says inspecting the other remains.

“We’re getting close to the throne room now, this castle’s design is very similar to that of our city” Cleamon says looking around “I wonder what the connection between the two is”.

During their walk they discoverer over a hundred remains, many of them had no clothes left except for a few scraps. The others left behind armor that has become dull over the years.

They check every side room for hints and items, Cleamon’s bracelet fills up quickly with armor and weapons, even golden items left behind end up being taken.

They close in to the throne room.

“It’s weird that there are no signs of anything, how can people just die like that?” Andrea wonders out loud.

Finally they reach the doors to the throne room, both of them are closed.

Andrea tries to pull them open but can’t even make them budge.

“I think they are locked or a spell is keeping them closed” Andrea says “did we find any keys while looking through the other rooms?”

“I haven’t encountered any keys so far” Cleamon answers.

“It doesn’t look like the doors have a seal on them, maybe they are blocked from the inside?” Cleamon says inspecting the door.

“Let’s check other places first, I’d like to check the vault, armory and the separate quarters as well. We might find something there” Cleamon suggests.

“It might be best if we split up from here and meet back here in four hours with your findings” Narae suggests.

“I think that would be the best idea as well, let’s split up in groups of two” Cleamon suggests “Metztli and me will be one group. Andrea who do you want to pair up with?”.

“Actually I’ll join with Ahri” Narae says.

“Then I’ll take Eunhui with me, Cleamon you can take Danmi with you, she looks rather excited to join you” Andrea says with a grin.

“Take good care of me” Danmi says grabbing Cleamon’s hand and looking at him with puppy eyes.

“We’ll move to the vault, Andrea can you move to the armory and Narae you take the quarters. We meet back here in four hours, if anything is amiss just cast a spell that makes a lot of noise” Cleamon says.

‘I should really get some private time with Cleamon, I need to know how he knows so much for a 14 year old. There is no way that he is normal, his knowledge seems to exceed even mine’ Andrea thinks walking off towards the armory.

The castle’s layout is almost exactly the same as that in the city so the direction are easy.

“Cleamon let’s go somewhere else first” Danmi says pulling him along. Even though Cleamon is resisting he can’t overpower her raw strength.

Even Metztli can’t make a dent in Danmi’s strength.

She drags them to a private room.

“Look I know you’re desperate, but you can’t do this without my consent. I promise you that I will grant you what you desire after this is all over. You just have to wait a few months, you’ve waited for a long time already so a few months is nothing!” Cleamon tries to explain.

“That’s no good, I need something now” she says pushing him to the ground.

“Then how about we make a deal? If I kiss you would you be okay for now?” Cleamon pleads.

“Fine, but it’d better be a good kiss! Put some feeling into it!” she threatens while sitting on him. She’s trying to take off his shirt and was already half way there.

He puts his shirt back.

She’s still sitting on him stark naked, her hair falling in front of her face. She puts Cleamon’s hands on her breasts and moves in for a kiss.

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