Chapter 60: The power of naming

“Who wants to go first?” Cleamon says. They all look at each other and seem to have silently agreed on the order.

“I’m first” the leader says.

“Your name is Narae, it stands for Wing. I chose it because of your beautiful wings” Cleamon says handing over a piece of paper with her name written on it.

As soon as she accepts the name, Cleamon can feel a large amount of mana being drained. A great vortex of mana is absorbed by Narae.

“I’ve heard about this before!” Andrea says excited “it’s the power of giving names to mythical creatures. It allows them to have better control of themselves and they will regard the one that names them as someone special. I’ve never seen it happen before so this is a real treat!”

“Thank you Cleamon, I will cherish this name, you will forever be engraved in my heart” she says giving a slight bow.

The next girl walks up to him, her scales are more purplish and have a matte effect. Her eyes are purple colored as well.

“Please bestow me a name” she say politely to Cleamon.

“Your name shall be Ahri, it means beautiful. I chose it because the tone of your skin and scales are very pretty” Cleamon says giving her a piece of paper with her name written on it.

Once again a massive amount of mana is drained from Cleamon, leaving him having to catch his breath. He takes a potion from his bracelet and drinks it, speeding up his mana recovery.

The next girl waiting for him is staring at him like he’s a breeding stag. It makes Cleamon feel slightly uncomfortable.

“What about me? Even without a name I’ll make you mine though!” she says while patting Cleamon’s crotch.

“Your name is Danmi, it means lovely girl. I would like for you to let go of my crotch now though” he says pulling her hands away. He quickly gives her a piece of paper and she accepts.

Almost all his mana is drained and Danmi grows a few centimeters in size, her breasts seem to have swollen slightly. Her face shows an even more lusting expression.

“Ahh, that felt great. I’d like some more of your mana inside me” she says licking her fingers.

“Maybe later if you behave yourself” Cleamon quickly says.

The last girl seems rather shy and silently moves forward with his eyes staring at the ground as she approaches.

‘Hmm my initial impression of her was off, it seems she needs a name that fits her personality more’ Cleamon thinks.

“Your name will be Eunhui, it stands for kindness, beauty and joy” he says after thinking a long time.

For a final time his mana is drained, the girl seems to liven up. Her face is brighter, showing a faint smile. She moves closer to Cleamon and pulls his head down. Without warning she gives him a kiss on his mouth.

“This is my thanks for naming me, I hope we can be good lovers in the future!” she says. The other girls look slightly jealous as they’ve resisted their urges.

‘I didn’t expect the naming to have such powers, it can even change personalities based on the meaning behind the name and the feeling I used to create them. Ahri became more refined and her purple scales are even more radiant, Danmi is now more aggressive towards me and seems most likely to jump me the first chance she gets, Narae seems to have that mystical big sister feeling written all over her and Eunhui seems to have livened up a lot from her shy demeanor’

Metztli now looks like a kitten craving attention, she has seen girls take advantage of Cleamon, but she herself hasn’t had the chance. They sleep, eat and bathe together, but from her standpoint it isn’t enough anymore. She had to watch Lilia and him kiss more than once in the bed, they even hugged very intimately with her next to them.

Seeing Metztli on the verge of tears and with her eyes asking for similar treatment Cleamon closes in and gives her a kiss. He eyes light up and mana flows in-between both of them. All mana in the environment is being sucked towards them and fills them completely in an instant.

“What was that!” Andrea says shocked at the many things that just happen “can you at least explain what’s going on here I hate being left out!”.

Cleamon explains the naming process and the effect it’s had on the girls. He also explains that Metztli and him have a demon blood pact, which apparently benefits them both while kissing as well.

He also explains the plans the girls have made regarding him, that he probable can’t escape their intentions for too long. He has to be careful not to be caught off-guard in his sleep.

“Let’s move inside the city, I want to look for clues” Cleamon says and they walk towards the gates.

Almost 24 hours have passed since Sylas had his last diagnosis.

“Sir, I’m afraid his mana is completely gone. He won’t be able to use any magic anymore. Our doctors are working hard to find out what’s happening, but we haven’t made any progress so far” a doctor says to Adam Myrtics while constantly bowing.

“Spare no expenses in your research! I expect results by next week!” he sneers at the doctor.

“O-of course sir!” the doctor says with fear in his voice, he bows again and leaves in a hurry.

‘What the hell is going on, I’ve never heard of mana potions and pills having this side effect. Did something happen during the match itself? I didn’t see anything besides him losing embarrassingly and shamefully. Just thinking about it is making me rage, I’ll have to properly discipline him when he gets better’ Adam Myrtics thinks returning to his office.

Lilia and the other girls have been bonding over the last 24 hours, without Cleamon to bind them together they had to find other topics to talk about. They spend their time training together and Resyana even moved in with Lilia to keep each other company.

Homian however is feeling quite lonely in the group of girl, he’s left out of their talk since it doesn’t interest him. This forced him to concentrate much more on his training and therefore increasing his mental fortitude.

Cleamon, Metztli, Andrea and the sisters have already entered the city scouring for items and clues.

“We’ve already looked through most of the houses, we didn’t check for items though” Narae explains “when we eventually found the big stash of food we stopped looking through houses, we tried breaking into the castle for many years, but never succeeded. We spent many of the years hibernating out of boredom, there is nothing to do for us here” she says with a sigh.

“We’re glad you came, although at first I wanted to eat you” she says with a laugh.

“I’m not a good snack though” Cleamon says playing it off as a joke.

“Well, eating you now has a different meaning” Danmi says grabbing his crotch again while intensely staring at it.

“Wouldn’t it be better for you to put on some clothes? It’s kind of hard to talk to you all like this, I’m not sure where I’m supposed to look” Cleamon says rather embarrassed “not that I mind looking at your bodies, there is a better time and place for that I think” he adds to it.

“We would like to, but all the clothes are already gone. Most of them fell apart after a while, we even tried making some but the fabric was already rotting and therefor useless” Narae says.

“I see, well if I can break into the palace there are bound to be some clothes for you all” Cleamon assures them.

“Pff, I don’t need clothes. You can touch and look at my body all you want!” Danmi says putting Cleamon’s hand on her breast.

Metztli quickly interferes and pulls them apart. Her face show signs of jealousy and anger, she hisses at Danmi. Cleamon looks surprised at her sudden change in behavior, she’s like a cat protecting her owner. Even Metztli’s ears have turned into those of a Werecat again.

“Ohh, this girl is a demon? That’s a surprise, I’d never thought I would see a demon here” Danmi says.

“You know about demons?” Cleamon asks.

“Well, we haven’t seen them ourselves, but the information our parents imprinted on us contains information about many demon races. It’s far from complete, but it seems they or their parents once had contact with demons” Narae explains.

While talking they’ve arrived at the castle’s gates.

“No matter what we tried, we can’t break open these gates. It feels like there is a strong barrier protecting it, since we also can’t enter by flying” Narae says.

Andrea feeling left out is asking for an explanation of what happened.

“Ahh, we’re so sorry, we got caught up in our own language we forgot we can speak yours as well” Narae suddenly says.

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