Chapter 6 – Lesson 4: 1st Incantation

He walks up to the crystal, the teachers were anxious what would happen. Since his affinity couldn’t be properly tested, maybe his MS had something wrong with it as well?

He put his hands and the crystal and to his shock the number that appeared was only 10. ‘What how could this be? This means I will have to grow my MS so much more’ thought a bit disappointed. Even the class and the teachers couldn’t help but feel sorry for Cleamon.

“Don’t worry I know you can be a great magician, I believe in you!” Lilia comforted Cleamon. “Thanks” as he patted her on the head, leaving her to blush a bit.

The only other surprise was that a girl name Amara had a MS of 98, which had teachers rejoicing. “A genius” they said, “we have four people over 80 this year this doesn’t happen that often!”. A boy named Dan scored 81 and another girl named Cecily 82.

“We will divide the class into small groups that have the same affinity and we will let you cast your first magic, or at least try to!”. “Is the headmaster on his way?” a teacher quietly asks the one that went to see him. “He should be here any moment now, he was signing some papers” he whispered back.

The groups now had their individual affinity teacher and were starting to learn the incantation for the most basic spell for each of theirs. Fire create a small flame, Water trying to manipulate water in a glass, Earth was to gather it and make a small mound, there were no lightning type students (this type is very rare), Light making a small orb of light appear, Shadow trying to make a shadow appear darker and Wind is to make a leaf fly off the table.

While each of the students started practicing their Incantation, the headmaster came “where is the student you informed me about?” he asked. A teacher pointed at Cleamon who was the only one no grouped at this point. “Cleamon Ashfall follow me” as he called towards him. “I wonder what’s going on students whispered among each other”. “Concentrate!” the teachers said.

In the headmaster’s office. “So I heard your affinity couldn’t be decided, is there any case like this in your family? And what do your parents have?” the headmaster asked of Cleamon. “My family has mostly Light and others are mixed. My mom has Light and my father has Earth”. “Hmm this is really strange then, well we can start out by trying every kind of affinity Incantation and see which one reacts to strongest”. Cleamon of course already knows the Incantations to all of these. ‘Since in my previous life I was proficient in using Intent, lets try that instead of the Incantation’ he thought.

“First fire, this is the Incantation” the headmaster said. Cleamon focused instead and a flame appeared and grew to the ceiling leaving the headmaster in shock. “You can use Intent at this age?” he asked with wide open eyes. “I practiced a little” Cleamon lied back. “Well since you already practiced, try the other types as well” headmaster said in anticipation.

Cleamon concentrated on the glass of water and it flew out and swirled inside a perfect sphere and then went back into the glass again. ‘Wow this is much easier than I thought, in my last life I couldn’t even do this with an Incantation!’ as a smile appeared on his face.

‘Next I’ll try Wind!’ as he went into concentration. A small tornado started to form on his hand ‘I’ll try adding lightning for effect!’ he thought. You could see small electric discharges occur inside the tornado. The headmaster’s jaw was on the floor, he didn’t say anything and just watched in awe.

After the tornado dissipated he concentrated on the loose earth in front on the table. Slowly it formed into a solid piece of rock. This is starting to get really tiring, my head feels like exploding, but I want to see of the last two also work’.

He went back into concentration, the room turned a bit darker. Cleamon was panting afterward. ‘It seems like shadow is still really hard to use compared to the others, it makes sense since in my last life I was Light and it’s the opposite of shadow’.

Last one is Light, by all means this should be the easiest and that’s why he saved it for last. After getting his breath again he closed his eyes, focusing on a single point of light and then expanded it.

It was as if the sun itself had appeared, blinding himself and the headmaster. Quickly he let the spell go and the light faded. Although they couldn’t see properly for about 10 minutes after.

After they both could see again, the headmaster appeared to have died of shock. His mouth open, drool slowly dripping down the corner. He suddenly moved again scaring Cleamon a bit, who thought he’d killed the headmaster.

“Never tell anybody about this!” the headmaster said. “If this gets out, your life will not be safe”. Cleamon knew all too well about the corruption and darkness that hid inside the city and unless he had much more strength he wasn’t willing to expose himself.

“Since you already have the affinities, I think it’s best for you to concentrate on increasing you MS. I would like to show you how to, but I don’t think these methods work for all of your affinities. I’m afraid you have to discover it yourself. When you reach 500 let me know, we will go out to a secret place so you can test your improvements then!”. “You can leave and go to your class again, but remember don’t tell anybody, not even the teachers at this school!”.

Cleamon left the room and went back to the training grounds.

‘I think I pooped myself a little’ the headmaster thought while smelling the air. ‘I will have to contact my master about this and see if he has any explanation”.

Cleamon arrived back at the training ground to find most of the people were still focused on the task of making their magic appear.

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