Chapter 59: Naming

The creature stares at the small human in front of it, releasing a puff of smoke from it nostrils.

“Greetings, my name is Cleamon what is your name?” Cleamon says in the Djinnian language. According to a book he once read, this is the language of Efreets and other legendary creatures in the same category.

“You speak our language?” it replies with a deep voice, but sounds surprised.

“Yes, I can understand you and know some of your language. We didn’t mean to offend you coming here” Cleamon says bowing to the creature.

“It has been a long time since we set eyes to creatures other than us, the last one’s were once the inhabitants of this city. They all perished hundreds of years ago”

“What happened here? How did a great city like this fall? We saw many skeletons that have scorch marks all over them and the city itself seems like a huge torrent of fire took it apart” Cleamon asks politely.

“We do not know, by the time we hatched all that remained were hundreds of thousands of dead people scattered all over. The cave we were born in had some of the survivors, but in our hunger we ate them. Although we noticed this after we gained our intellect. When we are born the only thing we know is hunger and instinct takes over” says the creature kind of saddened.

“How did you manage to survive all this time? You have been here for more than a hundred years” Cleamon asks.

“At the beginning there were many bodies laying all over, we ate their meat over the years. After that we found many supplies of food inside the city and started using that. The city has many spells that still work to this day. Some kept the food fresh and others provided us with mana to grow up” the huge Efreet explains.

‘That explains why they are still alive, but why are they here. There must be something keeping them in this area’ Cleamon ponders.

From behind a rock 2 pair of prying eyes watch the spectacle in front of them, Cleamon talking to a creature 100’s of times the size of him.

“If it’s not to rude to ask, what keeps you all here? Why haven’t you moved on from this place?” Cleamon asks as polite as possible.

“I’m afraid leaving here is impossible for us, even in our humanized form we couldn’t find a way out of that maze and gave up. We tried looking for other exits, but the one on the other side of the city has a very strong Seal. Whatever we tried we couldn’t break it, so instead me and my sisters are stuck here. There is a pathway that leads somewhere else, but the aura emitting from it scares even us”

“Humanized form? You can transform your bodies?” Cleamon asks curiously.

“Yes, us Efreets are able to use two forms. Both are us and both are natural, the knowledge of our race is passed on during conception. We possess the knowledge of our parents, but we do not know where they are now”

“I might be able to help you get out of here, but first I would like to explore the city for any clues as what happened here. Also I would like to see if there are items I can use” Cleamon says with confidence.

“I have two friends traveling with me, but they can’t understand the language. Would it be okay for them to join in the search for clues and items?”

“If you can promise no harm will be done to us, I will tell my sisters to leave you alone during your search. We will expect you to lead us out of here, if you manage to free my sisters I’m willing to join you as a servant”

“Would it be okay to ask for your humanized form? While your current appearance is very beautiful it will be quite hard to travel in the outside world. Many dangers await for larger creatures even strong ones like yourself” Cleamon asks.

“I see, well then I would like to guarantee safe travel of my sisters to a place where they can live free of fear and prosecution”

“I swear on my life! We will travel to another dungeon as soon as we leave this one, currently I’m in training. You are welcome to join us in our travels until we find a suitable place for you” Cleamon says with a bow.

“I will hold you to that promise” as the creature says this on it’s paw a magic mark appears and the same mark burns into Cleamon’s skin.

“This mark symbolizes our contract”

The creature shrinks in size and starts to transform, most of the major defining body parts remain. The transformation takes a lot of time, the creature shines bright white during it. The other sisters had stopped circling around and sat waiting on the outer walls.

With a bright flash the creature completely disappeared and what remains is a young girl. Her long red hair reaches her butt, scales still run over her arms and sides. Her wings are glowing brightly red and her tail just about reached the ground. Due to the transformation no clothing appears on the girl, she has the figure of a girl just hitting puberty.

‘She looks like a 10 year old. She reminds me a bit of my little sister’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

“Andrea, Metztli you can come out” Cleamon yells towards his friends.

Slowly and hesitant they both walk towards Cleamon and the little girl. Metztli hides behind Cleamon and Andrea seems perplexed at what happened.

“You don’t need to be scared of her” he assures both of them.

“Sorry I completely forgot to ask your name. Miss what is your name?” he asks the girl politely.

“I don’t know, we never received names. We were taken from our parents before they had to chance to name us. When we were born here we ate the ones taking care of our eggs and we haven’t seen a live creature since then” the girl says shaking her head.

“Do you want a name?” Cleamon asks her.

“I you wish to give me a name, I implore you to give my sisters names as well”

“I’d like to meet your sisters, it will be easier to give you names if I know your personalities and looks. We will think of good names for you”

Andrea and Metztli are looking bewildered, they have no idea what’s being said. Even worse, now the three others came flying in.

“I asked them for her name, but it seems they’ve never received any. If we want we can give her a name, but she asks of us to name her sisters as well” Cleamon explains to the frightened pair behind him.

“Names, hmm, I never was good at naming things” Andrea bluntly says “I’ll try my best to think of something good”.

Metztli nods in agreement.

‘It makes sense Metztli has no naming sense, she’s been alone most of her life. The only people she dealt with are not people you want to honor by passing on their names’ Cleamon thinks rubbing her head.

The sisters had flown in during Cleamon’s explanation and started turning to their human forms on command of, what seems to be, the leader or older sister. One for one girls similar to the head sister appeared, the only differences being eye and scale colors. Some had a more defined body, but they still looked very young.

“Sister have you found us a mate?” one with a more defined body asks her, the others look with hope in their eyes at Cleamon.

“No, well maybe if he agrees. This man is willing to help us escape this place, as compensation I’ve offered my servitude for your safety and happiness” she tells her sisters.

“Not fair, you just want him for mating by yourself!” the same girl says pouting. She walks up to Cleamon and inspects him closely.

“You can understand us right? How about you and me go to a more private place?” she says pulling his arm. Since she’s much stronger than him, he almost falls over as she pulls him along.

Metztli clings to Cleamon trying to prevent him from being taken away, but even she can’t help being dragged with him.

“Sister, please show some restraint. Let’s wait for our names first before doing anything hastily”

“Okay, but after that he’s mine” she says with a glance towards Cleamon.

“Sorry for that, but you have to understand, we haven’t seen a man in hundreds of years. Even I had some trouble constraining myself, although talking to you made it a bit easier. I expect things from you when I’m at your service as well. For our race it’s important to make offspring” she explains to him.

“Does it have to be right away? Currently I have a girlfriend and would like my first time to be with her” he says honestly

“Fine I’ll wait for that, but after that you’ll have to do it to me to” she says with a threatening look on her face.

“Okay, but let me think of your names first” Cleamon says feeling slightly uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong Cleamon?” Andrea asks.

“Well it seems they are starved from men, so they want to mate with me to satisfy their urges” Cleamon says with a sigh.

Hearing this Metztli looks shocked, pulling his sleeve she looks at him “w-what about me?” she manages to bring out.

“Don’t worry” he says rubbing her head.

Andrea looks rather confused ‘why do they find this kid attractive? Is it because they haven’t seen men for such a long time? He even has this demon following him around like a puppy in love’.

“Okay I’ve thought of your names, please come forward one at a time, I’ll write it down for you” Cleamon says after thinking for a few minutes.

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