Chapter 57: The journey west

When Andrea enters the room Metztli is washing Cleamon. ‘Don’t be scared it’s just a naked body’ she thinks to herself.

“Are you guys almost done? I’d like to wash myself as well before I enter the bath”

“Yes, we’re done. What took you so long, could it be you’re too shy?” Cleamon says teasing her.

They eventually all enter the bath and spend some time soaking. Metztli is half falling asleep against Cleamon’s shoulder while he strokes her hair. ‘Kids grow up too fast these days and who the hell has a demon as a lover?’ Andrea thinks looking at that scene.

“Cleamon how did you even meet a demon and how can you trust one so much?” she eventually asks when curiosity takes over.

He explains her the whole story and she seems shocked at the revelation she was an assassin and that they’d done the demon blood pact. They spend their time talking about the upcoming adventure. Metztli falls asleep while they talk for an hour.

The next morning they all prepare their outfits, Cleamon wears his armor and weapons, while Metztli has her own attire. Both Andrea and Metztli use spells to change their appearance again. All ready they set out on the crack of dawn.

The town was still calm and most people are still asleep, the occasional person could be seen going to work. Arriving at the gate there were six guards posted, two of them at the gate itself, two on guard on top of the wall and two other patrolling around the area.

“Halt! State your business” one of the guards asks.

“Greetings, we’re traveling out to the west. I’d like you to let us through” Andrea says in a calm manner.

“Okay, but be careful out there. Last night we spotted a large beast” he says letting them through the small door inside the gate.

“Thanks for the warning, we will be careful” Andrea says.

They leave towards the west.

Around the castle itself are some farmlands that didn’t fit inside the city anyone, the city barrier extended far enough to just protect those lands from beasts. Beyond that is a vast open plains, with rocks and the occasional tree.

“We’ll move across these plains, it will take about eight hours. After that we’ll enter a dense forest which will take another eight hours. We’ll have to travel through the mountains afterward, from there it will take twelve hours of climbing. The entrance is there up in the mountains” Andrea explains.

“That’s a bit too long of a travel, I’ve got a solution. Hold on let me prepare something” Cleamon says taking out three of his none inscribed bracelets.

He sits down and starts his Inscriptions, it takes five minutes per bracelet to get everything done. He inscribes them with Wind magic, allowing them to float above the ground and high speeds. Flying itself would be too dangerous with the magical beasts up in the sky.

“Here use this” Cleamon says as he throws over the bracelet to Andrea.

“What’s this?” she asks confused and intrigued.

“It’s an item that allows up to move at least four times as fast, it will deplete a bit of mana though, but we should be fine if we take these potions” he says throwing over a potion. Andrea’s eyes start to shine at the sight of it “T-this is a very high quality potion, how did you get this?”.

“Well, I made it. Well I have them the recipe to create it. I have about a hundred of them with me” Cleamon says.

“A hundred!” Andrea starts to drool from hearing that ‘this kid is a walking goldmine, I have to get on good terms with him. Almar told me he has a lot of knowledge, but I didn’t expect it to be this much’ she thinks wiping of her drool.

They all put their bracelets on and activate the spell, they hover in their place.

“This is great, so how do we move forward?” Andrea asks.

“There is two parts to this, first it extracts mana from your body to make you hover. If you want to move forward you have to put in mana yourself and direct it to the back of your body” Cleamon explains.

They leave the wall and head to the west, soaring past any monsters they encounter. The landscape looks desolate and mostly void of life. Once every while they stop to make sure their mana is recharged.

They are making good time and are now ready to enter the forest after just two hours, since the forest limits use of the spell they used they deactivate it again.

“Let’s hurry and move ahead, the longer we stay out here to more monsters we attract” Andrea says.

The forest is filled with all different kinds of monsters, from snakes to birds of prey. They move around cautiously, which slows them down considerably. After about four hours of going through the forest, they reach a big pond.

“Let’s rest here for a bit” Cleamon says. He takes out food he had prepared earlier and shares it with the rest. They all take seat on a fallen tree and enjoy the view, the pond is surrounded by thousands of flowers in many colors and normal wildlife.

In his previous life Cleamon came to this part of the forest a lot of times, mostly for gathering herbs. One time though he found out about a secret passage nearby.

He stands up and walks over to the largest tree on the opposite side of the pond, Metztli’s and Andrea’s gaze are following him as he moves forwards.

He stops for a few minutes and inspects the tree, walks around it a few times and starts concentrating. He sends out his Magic Soul and bright light gathers at the base of the tree, the earth around the lake starts to shake.

Slowly an opening in the tree appears.

“Well stop watching, are you guys coming or what?” Cleamon says.

“What is this place and how did you find it?” Andrea asks curiously.

“I could feel aura emitting from it, so I checked it out and saw that there are Seals and Inscriptions hidden all around it” he lies, although in his previous life he did discover it like that.

They enter the entrance at the tree.

Inside many lights, created from Light magic, light the pathway down. A big staircase leads down deeper into the ground.

“What is this place? It looks like no-one has ever been here in ages” Andrea asks.

“It’s looks like an underground dungeon” Cleamon says fully well knowing what it is.

“Wait!” he stops and throws a rock towards a few steps down, when the rock reaches the step it instantly vaporizes.

“It’s a Seal that makes an illusion barrier and misdirects persons into a trap” Cleamon explains.

“Wait, let me try to remove the illusion” Cleamon says. He takes some items from his bracelet and prepares them for Inscription. Meanwhile Andrea is whispering to Metztli.

“Who is this kid? Did you discover anything about where his knowledge comes from?” she asks Metztli.

“I don’t know” she lies back “when I met him he was already like this” she says. “Really? It feels like you’re hiding something from me? I’ll found out anyway even if you don’t tell me anything” she sneers at Metztli. Metztli moves over to Cleamon and leans against his back.

‘Sigh she’s useless, I can’t get anything out of her, it might be better if I ask Cleamon directly’ she thinks.

“Metztli what’s wrong?” Cleamon whispers to her. “She asking who you are, she wants to find out why you know so much” she whispers back. “I see… I’ll take care of this later, can you help with these now? I will need a bit of your mana to make this work“

Metztli nods and puts her arms around Cleamon, she feeds her mana into him.

Cleamon chants an Incantation and uses almost all his mana, cracks show up in the path before them. Then with a loud bang the wall shatters revealing a different path altogether.

“Okay, the illusion is broken let’s continue. Just be careful to not touch anything on the walls, there might be some traps planted there” Cleamon says.

They move further down the different path, the air gets hotter the further they move down and eventually they reach a big gate. Many Inscriptions are all over the sides of the gate.

“I’ve seen these before” Andrea says, she walks over to gate and starts looking all over the sides of it.

“T-this is a very high level dungeon”

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