Chapter 56: Dungeon explorer

“Here takes this letter with you. She is located at the West Gate Inn, but usually can be found at the stores in that street to sell items. She has long purple hair usually in a tail, she’s about one head shorter than you and wears armor. If you can’t find her wait at the Inn, her alias is Andrea Saurflame. You better leave now, just be careful. Adam Myrtics has always been someone who holds grudges” the headmaster explains.

“Thank you master, I will leave as soon as I inform my friends. I have a way they can’t follow me, would it be okay to take Metztli with me?” Cleamon asks

“That is fine, I’ve arranged she can join as a student when you return so she doesn’t have to hide at school”

“Thank you so much, she’ll be happy to hear that, I will leave now then” Cleamon makes a bow and leaves to meet his friends.

“Everyone I’ve got a special reward from the headmaster which requires me to leave the city for about two weeks. Metztli you can come as well, but no-one else is allowed as this is a very dangerous mission and training session. Meanwhile I will let Lilia and Cecily as leaders for your training schedule, they should know what to do. Also be careful when walking home tonight, I know Cecily has a guard following, but that might not be enough” Cleamon explains.

“Cecily can you ask your father to increase it to three guards?” he continues.

“I will leave now, Metztli follow me, we will leave in stealth” Cleamon says.

He gives Lilia a final hug and whispers in her ear “don’t worry I’ll be fine” and kisses her on the lips, giving the rest of the girls red cheeks.

Cleamon and Metztli leave together, Metztli in her stealth and Cleamon in his invisible void form.

They finally reach the West Gate Inn after an hour walk. Cleamon releases his void form in a place no-one can see him. They first enter the inn.

“Excuse me, is a woman named Andrea Saurflame currently in?” Cleamon asks.

“You just missed her, she left here about five minutes ago” the lady at the counter says.

“Thank you” he says and leaves again.

“Let’s try to find her, the headmaster said she would be selling her stuff at the local shops” Cleamon says to Metztli.

The walk towards the shops district located nearby.

“What!? What are you saying that this is fake? You must be blind! Yes I will go to someone else!” a woman storms out a shop down the street while being followed by stares.

“I can’t believe that asshole! He thinks he’s better at identifying rare gems than me? The arrogance!” she swears and stomps her way towards Cleamon.

Cleamon looks a bit bewildered at the sight of her. She looks like 12 but her words suggest she’s a lot older, but she still acts like a spoiled kid.

“Excuse me miss, are you by any chance Andrea Saurflame?” Cleamon asks her politely.

“Huh, what do you want brat?” she sneers at him.

“Almar Fusesworn sent me for training” Cleamon answers.

“So you’re that brat he holds in high regard, look I’m kind of busy at the moment. You can follow me for now while I sell these things” she says we a sigh.

“Can I take a look? I just heard you weren’t happy with the appraisal that store clerk gave you” Cleamon asks curiously.

“Fine, here” she shows him a gem.

Cleamon takes a good look at it “this is a fake” he says, Andrea nearly bursts into flames.

“Not you too! Is everyone blind or something?” she says holding her face.

“I can explain why it’s fake” Cleamon says “first there is no aura emitting from this gem, which is weird for such a big gem. There are almost no imperfections to this gem, also the colors are uneven hinting that some talented craftsman made this” he coldly explains.

“Oh so you know a bit about gems then, and who made you that expert?” she sneers.

“Let’s just say I have seen a lot of gems in my life, don’t inquire further about it. I can tell you of something is real or fake with just a glance” Cleamon says.

‘This arrogant little kid, this is why I hate children. They always think they know everything! Why the hell did Almar send him to me, argh!’ she thinks.

“Okay, come with me” she says pulling him along.

‘Wow this woman is very pushy, I’m not sure I can handle this kind of lady’ Cleamon thinks as he’s getting pulled along.

They spend an hour trying to sell different kinds of gems, each time Cleamon has to appraise them first and see if his judgment is correct. During the hour Andrea gets more faith in Cleamon’s appraisal skills.

The eventually head over back to the inn and they enter her room. It’s a large expensive room for multiple people.

‘She sure likes luxury’ Cleamon thinks.

“Andrea? I have some things I need to ask you” Cleamon says.

Andrea had jumped on her bed, stretching herself and making weird noises.

“What is it?” she asks finally.

“Well first of all, what race are you? You’re not human, you use some kind of spell to change your appearance” Cleamon says.

“How did you notice?” she asks a bit shocked.

“First I can feel a difference in your aura and I’ve done the same spell to a friend of mine to protect her. So I recognize it when someone else has it as well. Metztli can you show yourself?”

“Who’s Metztli?” Andrea asks just when Metztli cancels her stealth.

Andrea jumps up and readies her weapon.

“Don’t worry she’s not dangerous, she my dear friend. Metztli can you cancel your shape-shift?” Cleamon asks.

Metztli cancels it, and her cat ears, tail and paws appear. She looks a bit shy and hides behind Cleamon.

“A demon, you have a demon friend? How did you even manage to cover her aura?” her shock turns into curiosity.

“Actually I can make high level Seals and Inscriptions, it’s actually a side-job of mine” Cleamon says as he throws her a ring he made before.

“This is… how do you know these Inscriptions?” she activates the ring and it’s a small spatial pocket for items. “Can I keep this?” she asks with sparkling eyes.

“Uhmm… sure, but this is a low quality item” Cleamon says a bit perplexed.

“Low quality? You mean you have more of these?” she was almost in Cleamon’s face now.

“Yes I have, but they’re in use by me and others. I can make them I guess, but I would need an item for that with a high quality crystal” he explains.

“Anyway, can you show me your real appearance? You’re an elf right?” Cleamon asks.

“Fine, but don’t be shocked by my beauty!” she says arrogantly.

She takes her earrings off and her body changes, the boobs she had before become smaller. He hair becomes a bit shorter, her ears change and become more pointy. Her eyes change colors from green to purple and her face becomes softer and her skin lighter.

“Tadaaa! What do you think?” she proudly says.

“I like it” Cleamon says “what you think Metztli?”

Metztli just nods in agreement.

“I guess you’re still a younger elf going by appearance. I guess you’re about 90 years old?” Cleamon says.

“Yes compared to other elves I’m much younger, but I won’t tell you my age” she says.

Elves are beings that become very old, even without any magic inside them. The average age of an elf is about 500 years old, compared to that of a human who’s age has an average of a 100 years old. This also means that elves age slower, their appearance change has almost a rate of 10:1 compared to humans. Even older elves look like in their 30’s.

Elves live in a different realm just like demons do, they occasionally switch realms as a ritual to become adults. They must leave for 50 years and live inside another realm to get more knowledge.

“We should get some rest, tomorrow morning at the first light we’ll leave for the west. The dungeon I’m exploring is about a two days travel away so we need to be rested” Andrea says.

“Okay, is it okay if we take a shower first?” Cleamon asks looking at Metztli.

“Uhmm sure, do you always bathe together?” she asks curiously.

“Yes, although it’s usually three of us” he says already undressing.

‘Youth these days are getting bolder by the day, I’ve never even taken a bath with a guy before’ she thinks letting out a sigh ‘Might as well make myself look like the adult here, I can’t be outdone by some youngster’.

“Okay, I’ll come take a bath as well. I’ve had a rough day today” she says a bit flushed.

Metztli and Cleamon had already gotten naked and grabbed towels.

“Sure, we’ll be waiting inside”


  1. What about the item from mysterious tomb from chapter 28 and the girl and her family from chapter 50?


    1. Hey thanks for your comment.
      The mysterious tomb was discovered by someone else, so Cleamon has no idea where it’s located at the moment.

      The girl and her family are still not safe until their ties to the Myrtics family are cut, there will be more about this in the next chapter.


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