Chapter 55: Three versus five

The other team is shocked at what just happened, they look at Sylas and see a bloody mess. Fear of Cleamon is ingrained into them.

“It doesn’t matter if we wipe them all out at once from now, can you both use all your mana and send in into my body. I will use a big spell to take them all out” Cleamon whispers to Lilia and Cecily.

They nod in agreement.

Cecily and Lilia exert all their mana, injecting it into Cleamon.

He concentrates, and calls forth over a 100 of Light Arrows, they make a huge wall in front of them. They emit a bright light and dazzle everyone that looks at them.

The audience gasps at the sight of it. “How can they possess so much mana at this age?” someone asks out loud.

The whole process takes 10 seconds before Cleamon is satisfied with the results. The massive wall of arrows shines brightly upon his opponents, who look on in horror. Cleamon shows a sly smile and orders the arrows to attack. They all move in synch at dazzling speeds, the arrows soar through the arena. Cleamon is controlling every single one of them so it takes a lot of concentration on his part.

The five opponents try to dodge out of the way, but even while seeing the arrows come, dodging this amount is impossible. All of them get hit in several places, mostly the limbs. Two of them were unlucky and got hit in the head, with total paralysis as a result.

The three remaining that can still move limp away from sight, they bunch together in the hopes to heal their paralyzed limbs. Cleamon however gives them no chance of recovery, he orders Lilia and Cecily to attack together with him.

The three of them rush forward towards the place their opponents are hiding. Cleamon charges straight in while Cecily and Lilia each take a side. When they reach them, they seemed stricken with fear. Before they can attack, one of them shouts out “we give up!”.

Cecily looks disappointed at this announcement.

“It seems like the other group has given up! We have our top 3 contestants! Now the question is whether they decide to fight amongst themselves!”

“We already decided our order” Cleamon shouts at the announcer.

“Then it’s decided the match is over! We will announce the results later at the rewards ceremony, please make your way to the main hall”.

A loud applause rises from the audience, except for a certain part where the Myrtics and Gambrill family is located. Cleamon glances towards them and their killing intent can be felt from their stares.

They all leave the arena and have a shower and get dressed again in their normal clothes.

The main hall.

People have taken place at their seats, there is a podium at the end where several teachers are standing in line. Cleamon, Lilia and Cecily are taken to the podium and stand in front of the crowd.

“What is the order you decided on?” The announcer whispers to Cleamon, he responds with what he decided.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ceremony party celebrating the top three students. This students will go on and compete in the main tournament in six months. They also receive special permission from the school to make unlimited use of their supplies and knowledge to train as well as a small gift for each of them”.

“In third place we have Cecily Sageflower! She has shown us amazing control of her Light magic and spells even I have never seen before! She dominated her branch and had only one more difficult fight. As a reward fitting for someone that uses Light, she will receive an enhancement ring that helps her increase her control”.

“Next, in second place is Lilia Hillsteam! Her powerful combination of Water and Wind magic was a sight to behold. Many trees, rocks and opponents withered away after being hit with this amazing spell. For her we have a bracelet that can store mana for later use”

“In first place we have Cleamon Ashfall, he demonstrated that strong magic doesn’t mean you can easily win! Throughout the tournament he has shown that physical combat is just as important as magic combat! As a reward he will receive the chance to pick an item provided by the headmaster himself after the ceremony”

“Furthermore I’d like to thank all the other students for their amazing performances. The teacher and staff for taking care of the matches and all of you for attending and supporting the matches”

Applause sounds from the audience.

Lilia, Cecily and Cleamon all make a bow towards the audience and move off the stage. There are many stalls placed inside the school with foods and drinks, it was just like a festival.

Cleamon meets up with the rest of his friends who were watching the whole event from the back and moves around the school visiting different booths. They eat a lot of snacks before taking place at the cafeteria.

Cleamon notices one of the Myrtics family following him at a distance, it’s Sylas’ father. He tells his friends that he will meet the headmaster now and leaves to his office by himself. He is still being followed and turns around a corner and waits there.

“Why are you following me” he says right as his follower turns around the corner giving him quite a scare. “You! How did you know I was following you?” he says quite angrily.

“None of your business” Cleamon says with a straight face.

“How dare you speak to your elders like that! Didn’t your parents ever teach you manners?”

“Says someone that sneakily follows me around and sends his son to do his dirty work” Cleamon retorts.

“What are you talking about? What dirty work? It seems you really need to be taught some manners” he says as he exudes his aura.

At that moment the headmaster comes by.

“What do you think your are doing Adam Myrtics? Why are you threatening a student of mine?” the headmaster says with a stern voice.

“This little brat is being rude to his elder, when I just asked him some questions. So I was ready to teach him some manners in his parents’ stead” Adam says looking at Cleamon.

“That is not your place, why are you even here when Cleamon is meeting me?” the headmaster now shows some of his aura to Adam, who slightly cowers away.

“Hmpf” he turns around and leaves without saying a word.

“Cleamon you have to be more careful with your words, I head you talk and they might get more suspicious of you now” the headmaster says.

“I just couldn’t stand that sneaky bastard I lost it for a moment there, if I have the element of surprise I can take that bastard on” Cleamon says still angry.

“I understand how you feel, but now is not the time for that, you have to be patient and pick the right time for your fights. At least you drew away attention for your other friends that were victorious in the tournament, but they might still target them”

“Come to my office, I have something to discuss with you”

Cleamon and the headmaster move to the office.

“Cleamon I know you have a lot of strength and knowledge. As a reward for winning the tournament I couldn’t think of anything that would benefit you in your current state. What would you think of leaving the city and train with an old friend of mine? She’s a dungeon explorer and is in town right now, but she will leave tomorrow to further her expedition. I told her about you and she seemed interested, she’s currently exploring some deep underground dungeon, but got stuck because of a difficult seal. It might be in both of your favors to try and break that seal. Of course I will provide the necessary items and consumables to sustain your journey, but I would refrain from inviting your friends” the headmaster explains.

“How long will the expedition take?”

“She said about two weeks at most depending on the results. She always comes back one day in two weeks to sell her loot. I would inform your parents about this as well”

“I’ll do it, but I want to meet her first. Can you arrange a meeting tonight?” Cleamon asks.

“Of course, but you will have to go to an inn where she’s current located. I think it would be fine if you just dropped by, hold on I will give you a letter of introduction”

The headmaster writes his letter.

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