Chapter 54: Death match

Cleamon and his friends depart from the school quickly and make their way to the castle. They arrive at the training grounds for a meeting.

“I think we should group together, Lilia, Cecily and Me. I have a feeling the others will be grouping up as well together with Sylas” Cleamon says.

“I agree” Lilia says.

“I’m not sure, I’ve always wanted to try and fight you both. I guess we can do that here as well, but not to the extend we can at school” Cecily says a bit dejected.

“I know, but we can save that for later. Now it’s important to beat them all and also we have to beat them in the right order to ensure we get into the top 3 ourselves. Whatever happens when we reach that point is up to you, but I guess it depends on who defeats the most opponents or we could decide beforehand” Cleamon explains.

“If it’s for the rewards, we can even share them. I don’t think any of us need the rewards really, but getting into the top 3 will assure us participation rights for the main tournament of the city” he continues.

“Okay, then let’s just go as a group and decide the order by rock paper scissors” Cecily says.

They spend the rest of their time cultivating and practicing spells. Cleamon also makes sure to add more mana to the egg, which has grown in size again. The cracks on the egg were starting to glow as the size seemed to hit a critical point.

‘It probable won’t be long before it hatches, I still have no idea what it contains. It might be best to let it hatch somewhere safe so others aren’t involved’ he thinks staring at the egg. The initial malicious Intent coming from the egg had turned into a needy and loving Intent. Like a small bird making noise for its parents to feed it.

He tries to have Metztli and Lilia feed it their mana, but as before it rejects them.

The evening passes quickly and the all spend some quality time together.

The next day at school one hour before the match, Sylas and the other students are seen walking in a group. It is as Cleamon predicted, they have made one big group and seem to have increased their MS by the use of potions and pills.

“Look they all grouped up, they must feel the pressure from those of class 1a why else would they do this” a student says

“Looks like the Myrtics family had some influence as well, they are even wearing their mark!” he friend replies

“I saw them leave together yesterday so they probable had some extra training” another one joins the conversation.

Many people are walking about looking at the group of imposing third years.

When Cleamon and his friends arrive it’s already quite busy inside. They split of and Cleamon, Lilia and Cecily move to their waiting room.

“Ladies and gentlemen, today is the final day of the school tournament. The top 3 will all move on and have a chance at the city’s main tournament. The format for this last round is Death Match, but students have the chance to make groups if they want to. This will be an exciting match!”

All of them move to the center and greet each other.

“Oh what’s this!? The students have made two groups. The first years are banding together and so are the third years. It unevenly matched though since the third years have six members and the first years only 3! However what will happen if they win? They still need to decide who takes the top 3 places!”

“So let’s get this battle underway, contestants please take your positions and get ready”

“Remember go full-out at the start, I will take care of Sylas. He will probable come after me anyway. Pull them away from me and keep them busy while I quickly take care of him” Cleamon whispers to Lilia and Cecily.

“Fighters ready! The match starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!”

As Cleamon suspected three of them target Lilia and chase after her, two go after Cecily and Sylas stares down Cleamon. Cleamon sees him take three pills and feels the pressure of Sylas’ aura growing, if he were to do a MS score test now it would probable be around 1500.

Cleamon however is not worried at all, since doing the demon blood contract his MS has soared to new heights.

Cleamon goes to the southern part of the arena where there is a lot of space away from his friends.

Sylas doesn’t make any threats but follows him and charges as soon as Cleamon stops. He targets his head with a high kick, but Cleamon ducks under it. Cleamon injects small amounts of paralyzing Light Arrows inside his leg. Sylas doesn’t notice and continues he assault, he throws kicks, punches and every time he does Cleamon makes sure to add more of his Light Arrows inside his nervous system.

Eventually Sylas notices himself getting slower and prepares to launch a magic spell instead. Because of his frustration he says the Incantation out loud as if threatening Cleamon.

“Rise from the ashes, burn everything in your path. I beseech you to vanquish my enemies, O spirit of flame, spirit of vengeance and master of destruction. Rise and burn it all Fire Phoenix!”

As soon as he finishes, from the flames in his hands, a fire phoenix arises. It’s size is growing to a wingspan of 10 meters, it flies up and targets Cleamon.

Meanwhile Lilia and Cecily do their best not to get caught by their enemies’ spells. They hide in cover and jump out of the way dodging everything. Since their enemies has a long Incantation time they could predict where they would try to strike. Fire, Earth and Light magic tries to hit them, but every time it’s dodged.

Sylas looks smug, he has a sinister smile on his face ‘try dodging this’ he thinks. Cleamon however has seen this spell many times in his past and it has two major flaws. The first is that it takes a constant amount of mana to keep the spell up and the second is that as soon as the caster is out of commission the spell instantly vanishes.

Opting for the second result he barely dodges the phoenix’s charge. He lands on one leg and launches himself towards Sylas. Sylas tries to dodge, but his body is not reacting properly. Cleamon reaches Sylas with ease and Sylas puts up a block.

The day before.

“Wait, I have to buy something in this shop” Cleamon says as they pass a magical crystals shop.

“Welcome sir, how may I help you?” the owner asks.

“I’m looking for the smallest, highest density crystal you have” Cleamon answers.

“Of course sir, wait a moment” he says while going through his collection.

“This is the smallest I possess, it is possible to store 10.000 amounts of mana units in it” he says proudly. The crystal is the size of a small pea.

A mana unit is what spells use, for example the Light Arrow spell uses 300 per arrow, the bigger the arrow the larger the mana cost. If fully charged, the crystal can maintain a small mana usage spell for up to 10 years.

“I’ll take it” Cleamon says.

Sylas manages to block Cleamon’s punch and jumps backwards. Cleamon follows up with another punch and this time Sylas can’t block. During the punch Cleamon injects the crystal inside Sylas’ chest, beyond his ribcage. Sylas screams from pain, but not from the crystal, just from the punch.

Cleamon moves in again and keeps his barrage up, kicking and punching Sylas like a punching bag. Sylas can feel his mana being drained and the phoenix can’t keep up with Cleamon’s movements. Eventually the phoenix dies out in a puff of smoke.

Sylas collapses on his knees coughing blood, he gives one final look at Cleamon. Cleamon sends his killing Intent back at him and uses his most powerful kick. He hit Sylas in the stomach and it looks like he’s kicking a football at maximum strength.

Sylas flies all the way to the other side of the arena, past his teammates, through trees and hits the arena wall with a loud bang. He looks like a fly squashed on the wall before falling off of a loud thud.

The arena prevents students from dying or receiving mortal damage, but up to that point everything is possible. Sylas ends up breaking almost every bone in his body and succumbs to the pain.

His teammates look terrified.

“One down 5 to go!” he shouts towards Cecily and Lilia who are now smiling.

They both use the confusing to run towards Cleamon and join up.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what we just saw is nothing short of amazing. With again just martial arts, Cleamon takes victory over his opponent! Don’t worry Sylas is fine, the medics are on their way to get him away from the battlefield. It looks like this match will end with a three versus 5 group battle!”

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