Chapter 53: Tournament round 4 pt2

“It’s hard to believe this is what’s going on… There has been a lot of activity lately, but I thought it was for something else..” Izbella says disappointed.

Many younger people in the families have no idea of what will happen in the near future. The Gambrill and Myrtics families have a lot members, they are one of the biggest families out there. Together the both of them have over 200.000 members. Due to the high ages of people with higher magic, the ages are widespread.

“I need some time to take this all in..” she says.

“Okay, I will be going back to the cafeteria. Make sure people and members of your family don’t get suspicious. Treat me like an enemy instead, that will probable make a lot more sense to them. If you even want to talk to me, make sure it’s either when no-one is around or treat me like you’re going to bully me” Cleamon says.

Cleamon leaves the room and leaves behind a worrying and confused Izbella.

“What was that all about?” his friends ask when he rejoins them. Going with the words he said earlier to Izbella “she was trying to bully me”.

“And did it work?” Homian asks. Cleamon shows a smile to him, but doesn’t answer.

Time passes and the next match is not far away, they all move towards the arena again. Lilia takes off and goes to prepare.

“Welcome back everyone! The following match is between Karina Ravenarm who utilizes Shadow magic versus Lilia Hillsteam who has a combination of Water and Wind. We’ve seen the destructive powers of the spell Lilia uses and the control the Shadow from Karina gives. Who will be the strongest let’s find out!”

Karina and Lilia walk out under applause, they greet each other and take positions.

“Fighters ready! The match starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!”

Lilia doesn’t move, she silently does her Incantation. Karina moves towards the trees and hides within their shadow and slowly fades out. She uses a spell that conceals ones presence completely and allows them to jump from shadow to shadow. Lilia found that out watching her opponent battle before. Her other spell took advantage of that fact as well, it would manipulate shadow to attack it’s owner.

Lilia readied her spell to attack on a moment’s notice, she keeps her senses high to scout for any sudden movements. She is out in the open and the only shadow connecting to her, is her own. Because of the spells that are used for lighting the arena, her shadow is split into 4 parts, but each of them is lighter as a result.

A sudden change in the shadows to the left side of her caught her attention and without restraint she fires her spell. Rocks and trees are all obliterated under the massive amounts of pressure from the water-jet. She moves the spell across the landscape, removing everything in it’s path. The water has nowhere to go and floods the side of the arena where part of the ground was carved out. A small lake forms with water rushing back towards Lilia in a stream.

Lilia is now stands inside the stream with water up to her ankles, there is no sign of Karina.

Karina has managed to escape to the other side and hides within the shadow. ‘That is just crazy, how can she have such a powerful spell at that age. If I get hit with that I’m a goner, she also managed to hide her shadow under water making it hard for me to target her. I need to make sure she has almost no mana left before I attack, but it’s risky’ Karina thinks to herself.

Lilia silently starts the Incantation for another spell, she finishes and 5 shapes emerge from the water. They look similar to Lilia, but their shapes are still too undefined to tell properly. She sends them out to the edge of the trees and rocks which she destroyed. They start checking every shadow, Karina moves as far away as possible from the Water Clones. Five minutes pass with Karina constantly moving around.

With Lilia’s back turned to her, Karina feels a bit more comfortable making up her strategy. Lilia however starts a new Incantation. She turns around aiming at the spot Karina is hiding and instantly wipes out the whole area. Karina jumps out of the shadows trying to avoid the Water-Jet, but the stream following her is too fast. She is launched against the arena wall, faints and falls to the ground.

“What an exiting end to this match! Lilia is the winner with a knock-out”

The audience applauses and cheers, Lilia makes a bow towards them and leaves the arena.

“Make sure you watch the next match at 12:00”

The time flies by and the next match is ready to start.

“Welcome back! We have another exciting match for you. The next match is between Cleamon Ashfall who we haven’t seen using magic yet and Jaycobe Gambrill who utilizes strong fire spells!”

When walking towards each other, Jaycobe throws vile expressions at Cleamon. ‘I want to beat that little shit to the ground and stomp his face in. How dare he defy our family and humiliate my niece!’ Jaycobe thinks. ‘So Izbella is his niece, but it seems Jaycobe has a lot more knowledge about the plan’ Cleamon thinks while probing Jaycobe’s mind.

The take their positions after a very forced greeting from both sides.

“Fighters ready! The match starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!”

Cleamon once again remains in his place and closes his eyes, taunting Jaycobe. Jaycobe’s face turns sour ‘that arrogant little shit, I will teach him a lesson! I didn’t take these pills for nothing!’ he thinks as he gets more and more angry and frustrated.

He starts his Incantation, the Gambrill family shares their spells amongst their family members, one of these is the Fireball spell.

Jaycobe launches a gigantic white Fireball at Cleamon, the spell moves much faster than what Izbella managed also the heat is significantly higher. Cleamon however does no move, the fire draws closer and scorches everything in the near vicinity, it leaves the ground black where it passes.

The fire reaches Cleamon and he vanishes within the brightness of the spell. Half a second later as the spell passes through him, he reappears as if nothing happened. The spell itself passed through Cleamon as he uses his Void skill to phase out of the current plane.

“Amazing, Cleamon takes the Fireball spell head on and remains standing what is this guy made of?” the announces says in surprise. The members in the audience look in awe at Cleamon, even his own friends don’t know how he did it.

Jaycobe’s face looks shocked and fixed in one position ‘I hit him, I definitely saw it hit him!’.

Cleamon still hasn’t moved one step, he now has his eyes opened and stares intensely at Jaycobe. Jaycobe feels a chill run downs his spine, his legs start to shake while he takes a few steps back.

Cleamon walks forward, sending massive amounts of killing intent towards Jaycobe, immobilizing him in fear.

He suddenly charges towards Jaycobe and stops just in front of him, Jaycobe stumbles backwards. Before he can regain his composure Cleamon pushes him to the ground on his stomach and puts on his right foot in between his shoulder blades.

Jaycobe struggles to get free but can’t muster the strength to overpower Cleamon.

“In a weird turn of events it seems Cleamon has won this by technical knock-out. This has been rather a rather anti-climatic match. It seems Jaycobe stumbled and was taken advantage of from that point”.

Cleamon walks out the arena, while Jaycobe walks slowly to his exit feeling ashamed of himself. This is a humiliation to him and his family.

“What the hell were you doing? He can you let that kid just beat you like that! You just stumbled over and that was it! How am I supposed to face the elder when my son is such a disgrace!” shouts his father. All around people could hear him being scolded, not knowing the circumstances he had to fight under, they felt sorry for him for losing in such a way.

“I can’t believe that Cleamon won again without using any magic, does he know some special martial arts or something?” “I think he’s got this tournament in the bag, there aren’t many others that impressed as much as he did” and many other things were said after the match.

The day comes to an end with a final announcement.

“Tomorrow will be the last day of the tournament, instead of the normal format we will shift to a free for all death-match style. However if you’re willing you can make teams, but remember you still have to divide the places amongst yourselves”.

“The following students have made the final round: Cecily Sageflower, Sylas Myrtics, Lilia Hillsteam, Cleamon Ashfall, Aydin Featherspark, Sirah Steelorb, Avae Lonecleaver and Kaydn Fullbranch”

“The match will start tomorrow at 12:00 make sure you rest well and have a fair fight!”

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