Chapter 51: Cat troubles

Cleamon is slightly shocked at the sudden kiss, but doesn’t refuse it. “Now that that’s out of the way I’d like you to hear what the plan is” he says.

Cleamon spends the next 15 minutes explaining her what to do and say.

“Sorry, but I have to go now” Cleamon says. Idalia looks saddened, she finally met someone she likes and now he’s leaving her alone. “Oh, and don’t tell your parents anything. This has to remain a secret between the two of us” he presses her.

“Of course, just make sure you’ll be safe. Those families are monsters!” Idalia says giving Cleamon another hug. “Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing” he says leaving her room. She follows him and lets him out of the door and waves goodbye. She closes the door and runs upstairs jumping on her bed, she rolls around smiling brightly hugging her pillow.

“Did everything go to plan?” Metztli asks. “Yes, no worries. We will take care of them in two days at the semi-finals, let’s go shopping I need to buy some supplies for the plan”.

Cleamon and Metztli end up going from shop to shop to find what he’s looking for and eventually return back at the castle.

His friends are still cultivating as only two hours have passed since he left. “Welcome back, was something wrong?” Lilia asks him. “I had to do some errands, I’ll talk to you about it later. I’d like to start my own training now as well” he says. Lilia understands that it’s probable a private matter and doesn’t inquire further about it.

“Resyana I need to talk to you about your match tomorrow, it would be best if you forfeit. I have a suspicion that something bad might happen to you in the match if you continue” Cleamon says.

“Why do you think so?” She asks. “I’ve heard some rumors about your opponent having received orders to hurt my friends as much as possible as revenge that I beat their other family members” Cleamon says sighing.

“Is it really that bad if I would compete? What is the worst he could do to me?” she asks.

“Well, he could try and torture you out of sight, there are also ways to sneak weapons in” Cleamon answers. “There are lots of other ways to do permanent damage to you while others not knowing” he follows up.

“Well if you say so, would it be better to just stay away from school then and tell them I’m sick?” She asks. “Good idea, just spend the whole day here cultivating and raising your MS. Don’t worry about the prizes I’ll get you something nice” Cleamon says making sure she doesn’t feel too bad about it.

“Thanks, but it’s not necessary, you’ve done so much for me already I can’t even imagine how much you changed my life already” she says gratefully.

They spend their evening training together and eventually Cleamon teaches them all a new spell, which they train to cast for an hour. By the time they’re finished it’s already close to bed time. They all leave exhausted to their rooms.

Everyone takes their bath as they are sweaty after the intense training.

Cleamon, Lilia and Metztli take a bath together. “So what happened when you left? Is everything okay?” Lilia asks while fondling Metztli’s ears and tail. “You remember the girl that forcibly came up to us earlier on the day? I had Metztli follow her around and it seems she is being threatened by Sylas Myrtics, the opponent of Resyana tomorrow. This is also the real reason I asked her to forfeit. The girl’s name is Idalia and she’s currently being forced into marriage to that scumbag. He threatened to kill her family if she wouldn’t find any information on me. I made a plan to take care of it and make sure she and her family are safe” Cleamon explains.

“So she did everything to just try and suck up to you and hope you’d fall for her advances?” Lilia asks.

“Well not entirely, she’s been following me since the school started. She says she likes me and proved that as well. I guess it was just her natural response to try and get to me. Sylas even scrutinized her for doing it this way” Cleamon explains now massaging Lilia’s shoulders.

“She proved it? How?” Lilia turns around and sits on Cleamon’s lap staring at his face.

“Well… she kissed me. I had to prove to her that I wasn’t lying so I made a crystal that tells if someone tells the truth. I had her ask me questions as proof and she asked some weird things. One of the questions was if I’d mind her kissing me. You know she looks rather cute, especially with the hairstyle she has” Cleamon says kind of embarrassed.

“She kissed you?! Not fair! At least you could’ve waited until I was there” she says poking Cleamon in his sides. “You know I like cute girls just as much as you! I could’ve had a chance of getting a kiss, she seems like a girl that likes that kind of thing” Lilia says with a sigh.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to soon. This problem should be over on Sunday and she might join us here if problems arise. I might have to ask for a bigger room or an extra bed” Cleamon says with a smile.

“Yea, seeing how she was today, she’d probable force herself upon you. In school she’ll be a bit more reserved now according to your story” Lilia says.

“But for now I’m quite jealous, I haven’t even kissed you today” Lilia says pouting. As a response Cleamon pulls her closer and kisses her on her mouth. They spend their time kissing for five minutes, completely forgetting Metztli is there as well. Metztli looks at them with a weird feeling inside her chest, she looks flushed and excited at the spectacle in front of her.

Eventually Lilia looks to the side and sees Metztli almost in a trance, her face flushed red and mouth open. Lilia chuckles at the sight of it. “Did you enjoy that Metztli?” she asks.

Metztli doesn’t snap out of it and just responds with “nya~”, she’s starting to look more and more like a cat. Her hands become more like claws and her eyes change color and shape. She moves forward to Cleamon and starts licking his face, which amuses Lilia. She is however next in line and Metztli now licks her face as well, while loudly purring. ‘What’s going on’ Cleamon wonders. He realizes that cats have a similar behavior, “It looks like she’s in heat” Cleamon says to Lilia “I’m not sure how to stop her, she’s much stronger than us and it might upset her if we do something bad” he continues.

“Wait I think Amara has cats, maybe she knows! I’ll be back quickly, just keep her busy” Cleamon says jumping out of the bath. Metztli still purring loudly and now was licking Lilia’s neck.

He runs to the next house and knocks on the door, “Amara you have cats right?” he says when she opens the door. Her eyes and face show signs of shock. Cleamon is standing in front of her dripping wet and naked, she can’t help but glance down. He face turns bright red and has to hide it behind her hands. “What’s going on?” Cecily now joined her at the door and had a similar reaction.

“No time to feel embarrassed, I need to know if you have female cats” Cleamon says in a serious tone.

“Y-y-yes I have” Amara manages to bring out, while glancing through her fingers. “What do you do when a female cat is in heat?” Cleamon asks. “Y-y-you need someone to squeeze her butt tightly and hold her until she no longer shows signs, but it will only help for a few hours. Why are you asking this?” Amara says.

“No time to explain thanks!” Cleamon says while he runs back inside.

“Okay, got it!” he grabs Metztli’s body, puts it against his and uses his hands to squeeze her butt. Metztli starts making louder purring noises and uses her claws to hold Cleamon tight. Her body convulses and she makes a loud moan, which can be heard in all the other rooms as well.

Amara and Cecily are still standing near the door, confused about what happened. Homian makes a thumbs up in his mind and Resyana just covers her ears.

Another moan comes from Metztli and her body slowly returns to normal.

“Did she just come?” Lilia asks looking a bit curious at Metztli’s body still twitching. She runs her finger down her belly and another moan can be heard, this time however it sounds more human.

Metztli returns to her senses and realizes what happened. She hides her face in shame and moves out of the bath. Quickly dries herself and hides in bed under the blankets.

“It looks like she did” Lilia says “can you explain what happened?” she asks of Cleamon.

“I just did what Amara said would help with a cat in heat. I didn’t know it would result in this!” he responds with shock. “I think we need to comfort her that it’s okay” Lilia says. “Yes, we also spent too much time in bath already” Cleamon answers.

They get out and help each other dry.

They enter the bed as well, This time Metztli is in the middle, both Cleamon and Lilia hug her together. “Don’t worry, it’s okay. We won’t think differently of you, actually you were really cute back then” Lilia says patting her head.

“You don’t think I’m weird?” Metztli answers with a shaky voice.

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