Chapter 5 – Lesson 3: Affinity

After the confession things have calmed down again. Cleamon is holding Lilia’s hand who is still embarrassed about the whole thing.

The class arrives at the training ground, on one side is a large table with several crystals on it. The class contains about 100 14/15 year old students so they are divided into four groups. Cleamon and Lilia are waiting in line together. The first few students do the test and the results are mixed affinities as expected.

Next is Lilia, Cleamon lets go of her hand and says “don’t worry you’ll be fine”. She puts her hands on the crystal, a light fills the crystal. Slowly a blue swirl can be seen, “Water type” the teacher says. With a smile she returns to Cleamon “you were right I am a water type”. “I’ll wait for you over there” she says.

“Next!” as the teacher calls out. Cleamon think to himself ‘no matter what type, I will make sure I’ll learn more than just one’. He places his hands on the crystal, a bright light fills the training grounds. Blinding him and everyone around it.

Inside the crystal a symbol appears something the teachers haven’t seen before, even Cleamon has never heard of this appearing. After a second or two it changes and then changes again and again. ‘What happened when I got reborn? Did my Magic Soul change as well? Who was the person that responded to my Intent?’, many of these questions welled up inside his mind. “Inform the headmaster” a teacher whispers to another.

‘I will have to try figuring this out later’ he thought while walking towards Lilia. “What happened?” she asked with a surprised expression. “Ahh I will explain later, I have to think about this”.

Everyone did their test and four of the students had dual affinity from the start.

“Next will be the test that determines how much Magic Soul (points) you have at the moment, this is how you can see which class of spells you can use” a teacher said. A Magic Soul is like a pond at the start, but you can train to grow it into a big lake over the years. The size of the Magic Soul is referred to as MS points. The average amount for a 14 year old is about 50, with weaker people being around the 20 mark and the strongest around the 100.

The test for MS point calculation is almost the same, you put your magic inside a crystal and it would display a number. The denser the crystal the higher numbers it can display. At this point about half the students already did the test with lowest being 26 and highest 78. Next up is Lilia, in his previous life she had an initial score of 83, which was 2nd highest of the class.

This time again she tests 83. ‘so everything is still the same as before, why did my own soul suddenly change?’ Cleamon thinks to himself. ‘I wonder if the amount of MS has also changed’. Before it was 56, slightly above average, but his MS regeneration was really slow compared to others, which is why he wasn’t that good at using magic a lot.

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