Chapter 49: Tournament round 3 p2

“Good morning everyone! The next match will start soon, we have another first year from class 1a, Lilia Hillsteam, she uses Water and Wind. On the other side we have Renaya Fullleaf from class 3c, she has shown her amazing fire spell in the last battle. Will she be at a disadvantage this round because she is against her natural enemy? Will the contestants please move to the center of the arena”.

Both of them move to the center and greet each other.

“The battle starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!”

Reneya starts her Incantation at the same time as Lilia, but finishes a bit earlier. A large stream of fire launches towards Lilia. Lilia dodges, the stones and trees behind her get scorched. Lilia keeps dodging the fire spell that is now following her around, her cover gets immediately destroyed. Stones melt and trees catch on fire.

She can finally catch a break and starts her Incantation again, as soon as she finishes a very high pressure point forms between her hands, a large ball of water forms in front of it. She directs the pressure towards Renaya and releases it.

The blast pushes Lilia back a few meters and she can barely maintain her balance, the blast is at least four meters in diameter, the water blast reaches Renaya in under a second giving her no time to react. Her Water blast instantly extinguishes the fire and hits Renaya, she lifts off the ground and ends up against the arena wall. Even the ground has a trail of the blast and the ground is soaking wet.

Lilia ends her spell, seemingly rather confused, Resnaya falls to the ground knocked out.

“What an amazing blast! It knocked Resnaya completely out, even Lilia seems to be shocked by this turn of events! The students from class 1a are turning out to be monsters!”

“Wow what a spell! How did you do that?” Amara asks Lilia after she came back to the group. “I don’t know myself, it felt like I had so much power all of a sudden, it scared even me!” she responds. “It’s because of the demon blood, your MS score is probable around 3000 now, but I’m not sure” Metztli quietly whispers in her ear, which makes Lilia jump of surprise.

Ever since the day they all slept together, Metztli has been getting closer to Lilia. It seems like she’s regarding her as a sister, although Metztli is at least double her age she never had any family love or any sort of love for that matter. She’s gradually talking more to Cleamon and Lilia, but anyone else is still too hard for her.

They spend their time having some breakfast in the school’s cafeteria, their group gets quite a lot of attention from the others. “That’s the group of classmates that made it all the way to the semi-finals, I wonder what their secret is. Do you think if I ask they will tell me?” another class 1a student asks of another. “Don’t even try, when their scores were announced many of us tried to get friendly with them, but they just ignored or rejected us. Whatever their secret is, we won’t know” she sighs back at him.

“Welcome back everyone, the next match is again a student from class 1a, Cleamon Ashfall against Xandr Crestsnow from 3c. So far Cleamon hasn’t shown us any magic and has won all his fights by just using martial arts. Xandr has shown us an excellent display of his Wind Blades spell, this match will be exciting as both of these students are martial artists. The match will start in two minutes, contestants please move to the center!”

Cleamon and Xandr greet each other and take their positions.

“The battle starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!”

Xandr does a quick Incantation and augments his arms, fists and legs with Wind Blades. It looks like he has sharp claws and knives on his arms and legs. He approaches Cleamon rather cautiously and circles around. Cleamon has his eyes closed and is sensing his opponent through vibrations in the air and ground. Since Cleamon looks so confident, Xandr is hesitant to attack him.

Xandr moves to his back and launches his attack aiming for his lower back, Cleamon dodges with a back flip while jumping over him. Cleamon kicks Xandr on the back of his head, which makes Xandr fall over flat on the ground. He scrambles away, rubbing his head slightly disoriented. He takes some distance again and contemplates his options. Cleamon has taken his previous position and takes the time. A minute later, after calming himself down, Xandr makes another attempt. He closes in from the front and kicks towards Cleamon’s stomach, Cleamon dodges and sends miniscule Light Arrows to the inside of his leg. It looks like he’s just touching the inside to outsiders. Xandr tries to kick with his other leg as a followup, but as soon as he tries to stand he falls over. He hops over behind a rock and nurses his leg.

‘He hasn’t even moved from his spot, even when he dodged my first attack, he landed on the exact same spot. Who the hell is this guy? Is he really just a first year student, all his friends are insane as well’ Xandr thinks to himself. He nurses his leg back to health when the effect of the spell runs out. ‘I need to find a way to catch him off guard, but it seems like he knows exactly where I am and can counter me. Looks like I have only one option left’. Xandr readies for his next attack, he casts a small Incantation that sends him flying. He flies to the ceiling and moves overhead, he cancels his flying spell and falls on top of Cleamon, he readies his Wind Blades on his arms and falls headfirst, arms stretched out.

He closes in, Cleamon still has his eyes closed, three meters two meters 1 meter, when he gets ready to strike, Cleamon slightly sidesteps and round house kicks him in the stomach. Xandr flies all the way to the edge of the arena, crashing into trees and eventually a rock. He falls unconscious on the ground.

“Again Cleamon finishes a fight without using magic! I wonder if we’ll ever seen him use magic during this tournament!” the announcer says.

Cleamon is purposely not using visible magic, so it’s hard for the watching eyes of the Gambrill and Myrtics family to figure out what affinity he has. They’d never expect a school student to be able to use Intent at this level, nor would they expect his MS to be so high already.

Cleamon meets his friends afterward, more and more people are following them around as they take a bit of rest in the cafeteria.

“How did you guys get so strong? What’s your secret? Do you think you can teach me?” A hyperactive second year girl asks as she sits down at their table next to Cleamon. The girl is wearing a rather short skirt and a blouse that is revealing her cleavage, with her hair in two low twin-tails. She scoots over closer to Cleamon and is almost touching his face with hers, Cleamon keeps his calm and just looks back. “I can teach you a few things as well in return if you teach me” she says softly, but loud enough for the people at the table to hear.

Amara, Cecily and Resyana look flustered at this revelation, looking at each other in shock. “You know Cleamon has me right?” Lilia says cutting in. “Of course, but isn’t it normal for a man and woman to love multiple people?” she retorts. “Yes, but you might want to start with proper introductions before you move towards to intimate stage. There are some girls here that might take offense to you getting a head start on them” Lilia says smiling and glancing towards the other girls at the table.

They can only respond by blushing knowing that they’ve been found out already.

“Ah, it’s like that, it seems you have quite to adoration by girls, don’t you? What about him? Is he part of this too?” she says pointing at Homian, who was trying to stay out of it. “No I don’t have any part in this, I already have someone I like” he responds to get out of the situation.

She turns back to Cleamon “let me introduce myself, I’m Idalia from class 2b. I’ve been eying you the last few matches and you’re exactly my type” she says stroking Cleamon’s face. Cleamon’s face still didn’t move a muscle. “Well it’s kind of hard to respond to your behavior, what are you trying to achieve? You just want me to train you, you don’t seem to care about me at all” Cleamon says in a serious tone.

“Okay, I’ll prove it to you” she says standing up and stomping her feet walking away. “That was weird, I’ve never even seen that girl before” Cleamon says to Lilia. “Yes, I’m not sure if she meant it, but I’m curious what she wants to teach you. I might invite her to a private session myself!” Lilia says joking. “Haha, just be careful she isn’t a spy, although she can’t even visit us at the castle. Metztli can you follow her around today and she what she’s up to?” Cleamon says.

“Of course, I’ll be back at the end up the day” She whispers to Cleamon and leaves to follow Idalia.

“Amara I guess your match is up soon, should we move over there? We are catching a bit too much attention” Cleamon says.

“Good idea, the mood here is a bit weird now after that. I need to clear my head a bit” Amara responds.

They leave for the arena and Amara goes to her waiting room.

“Welcome back everyone, we have another spectacle waiting for you. Another student from class 1a Amara Shadeglow who uses Earth magic versus Claissa Clawvalor from class 3c who also uses Earth magic, this will be a fight to see who has the best and strongest Earth magic. Will the contestants come forwards!”

Amara and Claissa come forward and make their greetings.

“The battle starts in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!”


  1. Hey vamp.
    You mention above that metztli is twice the age of Lilia but in an earlier chapter, when she captures Cleamon, that she’s 18. If it’s true she’s either 28 or Lilia is 9.
    You may want to take a look at that.
    You have a good concept going


    1. Hey thanks for your comment.
      I looked it up and was scared for a moment that I messed up.
      I’ve quoted the part here.
      She looks 18, but is older.

      A black haired girl with light grey eyes appears from the shadows, she looks about 18 years old with mid long hair.


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