Chapter 48: Tournament round 3

“I want apartment number 2 myself” Amara responds “Resyana what do you want?” they ask her. “Uhm, I’ll stay in apartment number 3 if you guys will keep arguing” she responds a bit annoyed.

Both Amara and Cecily feel a bit silly, they look at each other “want to live in the same room?” Amara eventually says. “Sure, we can also change rooms from time to time so we all get to spend time together!” Cecily adds. “Okay let’s do that!” Amara says.

Resyana was already moving into her room, she unpacked her things and got ready to take a bath.

In room 2 both Amara and Cecily, also unpack their things. When they’re done, they check the bed and sit on it. “So I guess your reason to choose this room is to listen in on next door?” Amara says seriously. “W-what are you saying?” Cecily replies “I can see that you have some ulterior motives, ever since he’s been training you, I’ve seen you look at him differently, I know because I do the same. Even now you chose to live her instead of your normal house because of him right?” Amara argues.

“Well, uhmm, it’s just that I have to find a husband by age 16, if I don’t, I’ll have to marry someone from indirect family or someone from a noble family, I won’t even have a say in that. I just want to make sure I even have a chance of maybe choosing the person I like. I mean I don’t like like him, but you know I want to do more things together and see where it goes” she says after caving in to the pressure.

“I’m sort of in the same situation, only my dad keeps pushing me to get into a relation with Cleamon because of his skills. I’ve known Cleamon for a bit more than two weeks, but it feels like so much longer. So much has happened in this short time. I’m kind of worried about Metztli and Lilia doing erotic things in their room, they already slept together I think they even bathed together. What am I supposed to make of that?” Amara sighs.

“Let’s figure this out together” Amara says as she shakes Cecily’s hand. “Okay!” Cecily responds.

They take a bath together and go to bed.

Meanwhile in the room with Cleamon, Lilia and Metztli.

“This is a nice room” Metztli says, she didn’t check out the room yet so it was a surprise for her. She bounces on the bed a bit enjoying herself. “I’ve never seen this kind of luxury before, most of the inns are much worse and much less luxurious. I think I can sleep nicely here” she says stretching herself.

“Let’s go take a bath and go to bed, we have a tournament tomorrow” Lilia says while starting to undress. “Good idea, I’m tired as well after creating all those crystals and Inscriptions. Almost all of my mana is drained” Cleamon says “What about you Metztli?”. “Okay, I’ll come too, do you want me to wash your backs?” she asks shyly. “Of course if you want to, but I’ll do yours then” Lilia answers.

They spend some quality time together in the bathroom, whilst on the other side of the wall both Cecily and Amara were trying to listen in on their conversation.

Next morning Cleamon wakes up with Lilia sleeping on his chest, a little bit of drool coming from her mouth. Metztli had crawled to her back and had her arm around Lilia. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of it.

They all meet in front of their houses to go to school together. “Did you all sleep well?” Homian asks “I slept so nice myself, I’ve never slept on a bed this comfortable!”. “I think we fell asleep right after our baths, we were both kind of tired” Cecily says and Amara nods in agreement.

“We stayed up in bed for a while before sleeping and did some things together” Lilia says smiling at Cleamon and grabbing his arm. “We did many things” Metztli said quietly and moved to his other arm and mimicked Lilia. Resyana and Homian chuckled from behind, but Amara and Cecily’s eyes became bigger as their imagination runs wild. Their faces turned bright red when they imaged many scenes in their head. “We talked about the tournament and the training, we played a small game and we brushed each others’ hair” Lilia says.

Cecily and Amara nearly sank into the ground hearing it. They felt embarrassed imaging such lewd situations. Lilia enjoys the sight of them struggling even Metztli shows a rare smile.

They eventually leave for school.

At school they check the nearest roster to make sure at what time they are fighting.

“Welcome everyone, the first match of arena 1 will start in two minutes. This match is between Cecily Sageflower from class 1a and Kirsen Freeheart from class 3c. This time the match will be Light versus Earth, in theory Earth will be at an advantage here, but with the recent matches anything can happen. Will the contestants please come to the center of the arena” the announcer says.

Both of them walk to the center and greet each other and then take their place.

“Contestants get ready the match will start in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!”

Kirsen takes the initiative and jumps a few meters backwards, while casting her Incantation. Three stones break loose from the ground and lift up in front of her. She continues her Incantation and one at a time the stones fly towards Cecily. Cecily is casting an Incantation herself, but has to stop midway to dodge the attacks. ‘That was close, her casting time is much faster than mine and it looks like she can do it while moving around. I have to find a way to finish casting my new spell’ Cecily thinks to herself. She keeps dodging attacks for another 15 minutes, constantly trying to hide behind cover.

One week ago. “As a Light user you will have trouble gaining an advantage in attacking. Light spells are usually only for healing purposes or distracting and blinding people for a short period. Just like I did in the match with Franthor, it’s good if the enemy doesn’t suspect it or you can move fast enough to attack them in the time they are blinded. There are however spells that directly damage an opponent, the only issue will be the Incantation time that is required for them. At the beginning you will spend at least 15 seconds, which is too long to be of use in combat. Your training will be to reduce this time to a maximum two seconds. We will train this spell for eight hours today and I expect you to train this by yourself every day for three hours. You can use these potions to improve your mana restoration” Cleamon explains.

“After you succeed to make it two seconds I will teach you how to cast this with Intent only, but the process will take a lot longer than the three weeks required to learn casting this spell in a short amount of time. I will now show you the spell on that target dummy” Cleamon continued.

Back to the present.

‘Thanks to that training I got it down to five seconds, but it’s hard to concentrate while dodging this stones, I will need to delay her for a short while’ she thinks while constantly dodging attacks.

She starts another short Incantation, this however only takes half a second to complete and she pulls it off. A bright flash blinds everyone looking at her, she quickly moves away from Kirsen and begins casting her Incantation. Before she can finish Kirsen could already see vague shapes, she targets them as fast as possible. She hits a tree instead and it falls over, next hits another tree, the third hits a rock. ‘Damn, I can’t make out these shapes, where is she?’ Kirsen thinks while swearing.

Cecily’s spell is ready, five bright arrows are hovering between her hands. She launches the first one and it hits Kirsen’s left leg. Kirsen jumps backwards as a reaction, but when landing on that leg topples over. The next arrow hits her other leg and pierces it, there is no blood, but the light interferes with the neurons in the nervous system, his causes her legs to malfunction. Kirsen is now immobile and tries using her hands to crawl to safety. Her vision has been restored, but her mind is panicking.

The last three arrows are launched Cecily hits Kirsen’s back, shoulder and neck. Paralyzed Kirsen falls over and ends up flat on the ground. The spell drained all of Cecily’s mana and concentration and she staggers while walking.

“And the winner is Cecily! Kirsen is down and seems to have passed out, it looked like a one sided match from the start, but in an amazing turn of events Cecily launched a powerful attack and won!”

Cecily looks up to her friends watching her, Cleamon gives her a thumbs up, while the others are cheering. The rest of the crowd looks ecstatic as well. “How long has it been since a student from the first class came this far?”, “What was that spell I didn’t know Light could do that”, “I wonder what her MS is?” the crowd seemed to talk amongst themselves.

“You did amazing, I can’t believe you already got the Incantation down to five seconds. I’m proud of you as your teacher!” Cleamon says with a big smile while putting his hand on her shoulder. “I-I” Cecily blushes brightly red “Thank you” are the only words she can muster in the end. Her energy drained and mana nearly gone.

“Here drink this it will make you feel better” Cleamon says while giving her a red colored bottle. Without hesitation she drinks it, her face turns sour, but she doesn’t complain.

“Ahhh, I feel much better now thanks master!” Cecily says giving Cleamon a wink.

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