Chapter 47: Settling in

“How did your parents react? Mine thought I was joking and had to spend time to convince them” Homian asks the rest showing up as latest. “Mine just wondered if I would be okay on my own, but I told them I would be together with my friends and at a safe place” Lilia says first. “Mine just said good luck and have fun” Cleamon says “although my sister was very sad, but I gave her some tips on training and a few items instead. I also promised to let her visit.” he follows up.

“My parents weren’t in yet, so I left a note. I’ll ask the headmaster if they can send an official letter as well just to make sure” Resyana says next. “Well my parents wished me good luck as well, but with different intentions” Amara says blushing and glancing at Cleamon.

They spend a while talking about what each of them took with them.

“Are you all ready?” the headmaster says as he walks up to the group “I’ve sent letters to your families just before this so they should get an official notice as well, it was all a bit last minute”. The group nods in unison and they move out.

Along the way they stop at a high quality magical items shop to buy crystals.

They arrive at the castle an hour after leaving the school, the guards were already notified and let them in.

They move towards their now homes, these were place on the east side of the castle grounds, they were previously guesthouses for visitors, but now turned into accommodation for Cleamon and his friends.

The king was already waiting in front of the housing.

The students all knelt in front of him.

“Welcome guests, I believe you were all informed about the situation and the reasons why you are staying here. Now before I continue there is the issue of trust and safety, I’ve talked about this already with the headmaster (this was a lie, that Cleamon told him to say) and they will give each of you a crystal that binds you to no be able to lie or in any way be a detriment to my family. Headmaster if you could prepare them, that would be nice. Meanwhile I will guide the students around the place” The kings says.

The headmaster, Cleamon and Metztli (who was hidden) all look after the crystals.

“Everyone please leave you belongings here and we will inspect the rooms, each of the rooms will have necessary equipment to live independently, food and ingredients will have to be bought by the inhabitants. You will each get a weekly allowance to spend on this, besides that you will receive training equipment and will be able to train in our training facility. There are four rooms available, you will have to decide yourselves how these will be split up. You may receive visitors, but only direct family members, meaning your mother and father or brothers and sisters, no exceptions will be made. You will also have to notify us in ahead of time”. He says while walking towards the housing.

Each of the rooms has it’s own door and lock, they go inside the first one.

“As you can see there is a large bed where even four people could fit easily, there is a magical cooling storage, which you will have to recharge once every week by adding mana. Here you can see there is a toilet, bath and shower” he continues.

“wow this room is great, the bed and bath are huge, we can fit four people inside it” the girls were saying among each other. ‘I wonder if I can get into a bath with Cleamon’ Amara wondered, before discarding the mental image.

The king let them roam around the rooms so they could inspect each of them, they were almost identical. In two rooms, the bed was split into two smaller beds.

He went to check on Cleamon and the headmaster.

“Is everything okay?” he says as he joined them. “Yes everything is going fine, I’m overlooking the process of Inscribing these crystal, but I’m just amazed at the skill of Cleamon. Even I couldn’t do it at this speed also I’ve never seen some parts of the Inscription, but I have a vague idea what they do. Take this one for example, there is one part where the blood of both parties is needed this is then stored for another which determines the connection between the two. This other part makes sure that any intended harm will be met with severe consequences, but for just the signing party. This part will track the user while he is inside the castle ground and this triggers when you enter the barrier. The last part connects every crystal to a master crystal which handles to connection and will alert you when something is wrong. It’s genius, I could’ve never come up with a solution like this” the headmaster says in amazement. Even the king couldn’t help but feel in awe of Cleamon’s skills. ‘I’m glad this kid is on my side, it would be a major issue if he joined the coup, we wouldn’t stand a chance’ the king shivers at the though, but in the end feels relieved.

Cleamon finishes the Inscriptions and get the okay from the headmaster. He gives them to the headmaster “We will need to explain why I don’t get a crystal like this, also will you let Cecily stay here as well or will she stay in her own quarters? If so we would need to explain she is your daughter” Cleamon explains.

“I’ve decided to tell everyone she is my daughter after they activated the contract, this will make sure that her identity is safe. This crystal will work even if they leave it behind and are anywhere in the city?” he asks. “Yes, the crystal itself contains the contract, but it’s managed by this bigger one. It will make sure the contract is adhered to wherever the user is, unless they go outside of this realm” Cleamon explains.

They call out everyone to the front “We will have you sign the contracts in these crystals, we will need a drop of blood and you need to put in your mana, after that you are free to move in”.

All of the present people except Cleamon and Cecily go through this process, they use a small needle to draw a drop of blood from a finger and place it on the crystal, it gets absorbed immediately. After that they put in the mana until the crystal changes to red.

“Now you’ve all done this, there are a few things I should add. First of all Cecily is my daughter” he says. Homian, Resyana and Amara look in shock. “Second, Cleamon here, has been teaching her since two weeks now. He was also hired as a teacher for you and will be training you all together” he continues. Their eyes landed in Cleamon, who gave a slight bow “thanks for having me as your teacher” he said politely. Cecily and Lilia looked at each other and let a chuckle.

“Cecily it’s up to you if you want to live here or in your previous room but if you choose to live here you will receive the same conditions as the other regarding funds. Please think about it.” the king says “Now I will be moving back to my quarters, if you need anything or have questions please contact Cecily or Cleamon. Good night everyone” he says and walk towards the castle with the headmaster.

“You are her teacher?!” Homian says “Yes, but I couldn’t tell anyone about it, only Lilia knew. That reminds me, I need to introduce you to someone, you haven’t seen her yet, but she has been near you for the last two days. Metztli can you reveal yourself?” Cleamon says.

They are all stunned at the sight of her, she appeared on Cleamon’s right side as usual and looked a bit shy and apprehensive. “Everyone this is Metztli, Metztli these are my close friends; Homian, Amara, Resyana and Cecily. You already know their names of course”.

“Nice to meet you all” she says in quite a small voice.

“Nice to meet you too” they reply in unison. Metztli hides a bit behind Cleamon grabbing his arm. “Should I tell them you’re a demon or do you want to keep it a secret for now?” he whispers in her ear. “please keep it a secret until I’m more comfortable” she whispers back. Cleamon responds with a pat on her head, leaving the rest to wonder what their relation is.

“We now have to decide who sleeps where, if Cecily will live here as well we have six people and only four rooms” Cleamon says.

“I’m sleeping with you and Metztli, we’ve been doing that the past two days now and I quite like it. Now we even have more space and our own bath!” Lilia says instantly after Cleamon finishes.

“That means that Homian, will have his own room and Resyana, Cecily and Amara will to decide who share a room and who lives alone. You can decide on your own we will move our stuff into the first room” Cleamon says. The three of them go to room 1, leaving the other a bit perplexed.

“They will sleep together? The three of them? I wonder what their relationship is with umm, Metztli was her name?” Cecily says to Amara. “Yes, this might make things difficult for me” she sighs, but a moment after that she realizes what she just said. Cecily looked at her with an “Ah so that’s how it is” face.

Homian leaves the girls to their own and moves into apartment number 4.

“Let’s play rock paper scissors to decide who lives alone, unless any of you want to choose?” Resyana says. “Well actually I want apartment number 2 for myself” Cecily says making Amara instantly suspicious.

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