Chapter 46: Tournament round 2

“The next match will be Tain from class 3b versus Resyana from class 1a. Will the contestants please come out to the arena” the announcer says.

Both Resyana and Tain leave their rooms and walk to the middle of the arena. They make a bow to each other and move apart again. “The fight starts in 10 seconds, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!” echoes through the arena. Tain and Resyana both start their Incantations, Tain finishes his first. A large ball of water forms above his head, expanding in diameter, 2 meters, 3 meters, 5 meters, 10 meters, the process only take two seconds and he throws the ball of water towards Resyana. Resyana finishes her Incantation a small wind starts to blow towards Tain. The ball of water quickly gets closer and Resyana releases the fire part of her spell, a torrent of fire swallows the ball of water just in time. A huge cloud of steam appears as the water gets evaporated by the liter.

Tain keeps adding more mana to convert it to more water, at the same time Resyana’s fire keeps getting more intense. They both remain stationary to be able to concentrate on their spells. Resyana’s fire starts changing color, it began bright red but is now turning yellow, the wind picks up as well, pushing back the water towards Tain. They keep going back and forth for 10 minutes, showing no signs of stopping. Resyana starts to add more mana to her spell in the hopes to overpower Tain, her flame once again changes color, now to blue and the wind becomes stronger. A huge steam explosion occurs, knocking away the fire and the water, but also Tain who was closest to the spell. The shock-wave throws him back 20 meters, he grabs his face in reaction. The stream scorches his skin to the point of blisters. Resyana however remains at the same place, she made sure her wind spell carried the steam away from her.

“Aaaaah!!” Tain screams out as his skin is almost peeling off. The judge jumps in “Don’t worry we will heal you as fast as possible” he says as he carries him off to the medic.

“That was an explosive end to an exiting match! The next match will start at 12:00 be sure to come and watch!” the announcer says.

“Well done Resyana” they say as everyone congratulates her. “That was good control of your mana, you’ve improved a lot since last time. It was very smart to drain away most of him mana and then overpower him in the end” Cleamon says as he holds her shoulder. Resyana looks excited and slightly embarrassed.

They spend their time watching the other matches, but compared to that of Resyana it falls short. Most of the matches end up using just a little bit of magic and a lot of melee fighting, as the magicians are just too slow to cast spells reliably.

“Welcome back everyone, the following match will start soon. Cleamon Ashfall of class 1a versus Izbella Gambrill from class 3a. Contestants please come forward!” the announcers calls.

Both Cleamon and Izbella walk towards the middle, Izbella has a very serious look on her face. ‘She must’ve gotten orders to win no matter what. She might’ve taken some pills before this match to heighten her level’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

“I’ll crush you, Izbella says when they arrive in front of each other “How dare you go against our family”. “Go against your family? Your family tried to kill me, you’d better apologize or else I will humiliate you in front of all these people” Cleamon says with a smile on his face. Izbella’s face turns from serious to angry, she looks as if she’s going to kill him.

‘The Gambrill family sure has a lot of hotheads, well no wonder they are mostly fire based’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

They take their distance “The fight starts in 10 seconds, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, START!”.

Izbella starts her Incantation and finishes in two seconds she launches a huge three meter fireball at Cleamon. He just remains still and standing with a smirk on his face. ‘That idiot he’s not even moving’ Izbella thinks. As the fireball closes in on Cleamon he release pure aura and blocks the fireball. Izbella and the audience is stunned. Cleamon walks closer to Izbella, she continues to throw fireballs at him, but none of them even hit.

Izbella starts to panic, thinking of a solution. “You think you’re so cool, but can you block the next spell!” she yells. Cleamon calls her bluff “sure, go ahead”. She starts her incantation, the fireball this time is at least 10 meters in diameter and scorches the air. She puts most of her mana in it and it changes color to bright orange. “Try blocking this!” she yells as her spell launches at Cleamon.

He lifts his arm and makes a slashing motion, with Wind Intent he cuts her fireball in half. To outsiders it looks as if he did it with just his arm. Izbella looks enraged ‘that stupid kid, he must be cheating somehow. If I don’t do anything about him my father will beat me. I didn’t sign up for this and their stupid plans’ she thinks to herself. Unbeknownst to her Cleamon was actually reading her mind since the start, he made her angry to lower her guard so it was easy for him to invade. She would’ve noticed if she remained calm. ‘I feel kind of sorry for her, they must’ve pressured her to do this. I might be able to inject some thoughts into her brain and have her be a spy. It’s risky but it might be worth it, we need someone on the inside’ Cleamon thinks to himself. ‘Actually I should just talk to her first, but it would be a mess if they saw us talk, I’ll implant the idea that she’ll come to me later’ he thinks and imprints the thought of meeting him in her brain.

He walks closer, now only two meters away from Izbella. She’s slightly trembling, but gathers her courage and jumps forward at Cleamon. She tries hitting him, but her punch gets blocked, Cleamon grabs her hand and presses firmly on her wrist and down on her artery, Ezbilla blacks out and collapses. The crowd erupts in applause only to be silenced by an angry mob of Gambrill family members. Her father looks at Cleamon with pure hate in his eyes.

Cleamon carries Ezbilla and puts her sitting against a rock, he uses his Intent to splash some water at her face. ‘Time to activate the Intent I placed in her’ he thinks as she slowly comes to. “Ah, you’re awake, good. Sorry I was so rough on you” He says and pats her head. He stands up and leaves, leaving behind a very confused Izbella.

“After a spectacular dominant performance of Cleamon, he wins by knockout!” the announcer finally calls out.

Meanwhile at arena 2, Homian versus Avae

“The contestants have been in a stalemate for five minutes now, neither of them giving in!”.

Homian is trying the same tactic he used against his previous opponent, but this time his opponent uses Light and Earth. He can’t get any closer to Avae, and the Avae can’t seem to find a way to hit Homian as well. Homian keeps casting his darkness spell, trying to make sure Avae can’t see where he’s coming from, but she prepared against him with a spell that allows you to see in darkness. Her eyes are glowing with Light magic. Every time Homian tries to come closer the Earth spell she cast makes his footing unstable. She turned the ground into sand and manipulates it.

‘I can’t keep going like this I need something to get her to move’ he thinks. He stops his spell and instead tries to jump over the sand directly at Avae. She smiles, she was waiting for this moment. The sand begins to move and wraps around Homian tying him to the ground. She releases her Light spell as the darkness is now completely gone. She casts another spell, this time to make the sand solid again.

Homian is stuck unable to move, he struggles, but can’t break free. After a minute the announcer calls “Avae wins by technical knockout, Homian is unable to fight and therefore loses this match”.

Homian meets Resyana and Amara outside “Good match, but it was unlucky she was your exact counter” Resyana says comforting Homian. “Yes, I couldn’t think of a good strategy, I really need more combat experience” he says with a deep sigh. “Let’s see how Cleamon did” Homian says.

They move towards arena 1, but meet Cleamon, Lilia and Cecily on the way there.

“How did it go?” Cleamon asks Homian. “I lost due to inexperience” Homian says. “Well at least you have experience now” Cleamon says slamming him on the back. “How did your match go?”, “Well, it was easy” Cleamon says with a smile.

“I have something to talk about with you all, can you follow me?” Cleamon says in a serious tone, making the others look a bit confused. They walk towards an empty classroom, Cleamon checks for spies and eventually they enter.

“I’ve heard from the headmaster that we are selected to stay at the castle for special training” Cleamon says. “What!? We will stay at the king’s place?” Amara says in surprise. “Yes, but keep it a secret. Also we won’t be seeing the king, we will be staying at a side house quite a bit away from where the actual main castle is” Cleamon answers.

“After school we will meet with the headmaster who will guide us there, we leave here at 19:30. I just heard about this, so I think it would be best if we go and inform our parents now” Cleamon continues.

They all leave quickly after the conversation to inform their parents and grab some extra clothes and stuff. They meet in front of the gate at 19:00.

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