Chapter 45: Trust required

A powerful demonic aura starts emitting from Metztli and Guernier and Cecily take a few steps back. “You brought a demon here?!” Cecily exclaims. “Don’t worry, she’s harmless. Well, to us at least, we made a blood pact yesterday evening, this means that she can’t betray us. She helped me to take care of the follower’s leader” Cleamon explains. Cecily’s and Guernier’s gaze shift from Metztli to Cleamon.

“She will be a great partner in the coming months leading up to the coup, her stealth is undetectable and she’s much stronger than I am. With the blood pact, we know for sure that she is loyal and can’t betray us. This goes in the opposite direction as well, I can never betray her and nor would I ever want to” Cleamon says as he looks at Metztli. She almost bursts into tears hearing him stand up for her.

She kneels down and lowers her head “Sire, I hereby promise to be of service as long as you require. I will stand beside Cleamon as his partner, the vow made by a blood pact can not be undone and is a greater binding than marriage. Cleamon, Lilia and me are forever bound by this until death”.

“Okay, okay, please raise your head. I believe you, I was just shocked at the reveal, I have nothing against demons, although I’ve never met any demons in my life. I’ve also never heard of this blood pact, can you explain what it does?” Guernier asks. “But this makes me worry about what will happen when you all get more attention from those traitors, we might need to solve these issues as soon as possible before something bad happens. Now it went okay because they chose the wrong target, but if they decide to manipulate you through your friends or my daughter it would turn out very different. I’ve already noticed some peculiar movements by some of my staff, leading me to the conclusion something is going on. I can’t fire them, because that would certainly raise suspicion and they might execute their plan ahead of schedule” Guernier says in a serious tone.

“That’s also part of the reason why I’m here today, I’d like some help, in return I can be of service in certain ways. I would also propose to let Metztli scout around the castle for out of place movements of the staff. My idea would be to temporarily house the targeted students inside the castle grounds” Cleamon explains.

“Hmm, I see, that might be a good idea, but it’s hard to say if your friends are trustworthy enough to enter the castle grounds. How can you make sure they aren’t part of the coup’s spies?” Guernier asks in doubt. “Who is the best Inscriber you know that you can trust?” Cleamon asks. “I’d say my old friend, who is your headmaster. He was the one that recommended to send Cecily over to his school, I’ve known him for decades. I even used to be his student of his a long time back, even my father was once his student” Guernier answers.

“Then I’ll make sure to discuss this issue with him, and make an Inscription that would ensure someone is telling the truth and binds them so they won’t be able to betray you. This should clear them of any doubts, although they won’t know why they are coming here, could you let it seem like it’s because of their scores? I’d like to keep as much information as possible from them, since it could make them a bigger target” Cleamon explain.

“Okay, that sounds fine. I’ll arrange a letter you can take with you to prove you are requesting his presence by order of the king. Give this to him today, so we can resolve this matter as fast as possible. This whole ordeal is making me go crazy with paranoia, I even stopped eating anything the staff makes. Believe it or not, my wife is actually cooking for us now!” he says while massaging his temples and with a big sigh.

Cecily and Lilia can’t help but chuckle.

Guernier writes a small letter directed to the headmaster, while Cecily changes her clothes to something more casual. They leave the castle grounds 20 minutes later. On the way to school Cleamon buys a few new testing crystals that can read higher scores for his friends.

They arrive at school at 8:00.

“I’ll go see if the headmaster is in his office, we need to get this solved quickly” Cleamon says to his friends “Metztli please follow me as well. You guys can go and see some of the other matches”. Cleamon leaves them and moves towards the office, he knocks on the door. “Yes, come in” the headmaster says. “Ah Cleamon what brings you here?” he says as Cleamon walks in.

“Master I have something urgent we have to discuss, here is a letter from the king” Cleamon says as he gives the letter. “This kings? How do you know him?” the headmaster asks. “I’ve been teaching Cecily at his place for two weeks now, I came from the castle this morning after I explained the situation. I would like to discuss something related to the safety of my friends and that of the city. The idea is to have my friends and me live at the castle’s place, this to prevent any attacks on them from the traitors. Yesterday after school I was attacked by the Myrtics family, they sent three men after me to try and extort and eventually kill me, instead we killed them. They now might target my friends as well, so in order to prevent that I’d like to have them stay at the castle. The king agreed under one condition, I need to prove that my friends are trustworthy. I’d like you to help validate some Inscriptions and Seals I will make to mimic the Demon Blood Pact, I asked him to name an Inscriber he trusts and he named you” Cleamon explains.

The headmaster opens the letter “Hmm, I see, I could inspect your Inscriptions and Seals this evening, but how do you know about the blood pact. Demons are rarely seen nowadays and coming across one is very rare by itself, let alone hearing about the process”.

“Well, how I know isn’t something I’d like to explain at this point, I have some real life experience with the pact itself as I made one yesterday” Cleamon says. “You made a blood pact with a demon? Are you insane? Demons are mostly vicious and deceiving, it would be very dangerous to even ally with one” the headmaster says as he jumps out of his chair.

“Don’t worry, she’s a very nice person. I’ve brought her with me so you could meet her” Cleamon says with a smile looking to his side and nods towards Metztli. For some reason she was always on his right side when hidden.

Metztli undoes her stealth and the headmaster’s eyes widen. “She has a stealth technique even I can’t detect, are you sure she is to be trusted? Also what kind of demon is she?” he asks.

“Yes, I trust her with my life” Cleamon says rubbing Metztli’s head. She slightly blushes and becomes shy. “I’m a Werecat” she says as she sees Cleamon looking at her as if trying to make her speak.

The headmaster sighs “fine, if you made a blood pact with her you should’ve seen her past memories and she can’t betray you. Just be careful you don’t gain MS too fast, this will raise too much suspicion and might damage your Magic Soul”.

“I’m well aware master, I’ve made this as a conscious decision. Will you be able to come with us after school? My other friends except for Lilia don’t know that this agreement was made, I’d like for you to tell them it’s a special agreement for their improvements and keep them ignorant for now”. Cleamon says in a serious tone.

“That should be no problem, how long will the process take? I assume at least a few hours to create the necessary Inscriptions required to mimic the blood pact. Unless you want to write them together, I have some ideas on how to make it” the headmaster asks.

“Actually, after buying some crystals, it should take me about an hour to create it. I just need you to verify it for the kings so he knows it’s working as I said it would” Cleamon explains.

“Very well, we will leave the school at 19:30, I will have to fill in the roster for the next day after the last match is completed, we will meet at the gate. Now please go watch the matches, I have a lot of work to do” he says sighing.

“Yes, master see you after school” Cleamon and Metztli bow slightly and leave the office.

‘I can’t believe he made a blood pact, he might be the strongest in the school right now. If he continues to train like this he might even exceed my powers within a few years. I might have to get him to leave school as it wouldn’t be necessary anymore for him to stay here. Probable going outside the city to train would be a lot better, I have some contacts he could visit. Guess I’ll send them a letter to see if they are willing to teach him a few things’ the headmaster thinks to himself.

Cleamon’s friends are currently looking at the roster which now has the layout for the next matches.



  1. thanks for the chapter, also i just noticed all the family names remind me of plants xD


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