Chapter 44: Pacts

“It’s hard to explain this to you, if you want to know I need to make sure I can 100% trust you” he says to her. She looks a bit confused “and how can I prove that?”. “By making a Demon blood pact” Cleamon says seriously. Metztli’s face turned white “H-how do you know about that ritual?” she stuttered. “That ritual is a secret only known by demons and anyone who leaks it towards non demons will be executed” she continues. “How I know about this, you’ll be able to learn once you do this ritual with me and Lilia. This goes of course both ways, you will be bound to us, but we will also be bound to you. We can never betray you and you can never betray us, the pact will take care of that” Cleamon says. Lilia looked a bit confused “what does this blood pact do?” she asks curiously.

“Normally it keeps a promise between demons, it makes sure the one’s that entered the pact can’t betray one another and strengthens both of them, demon blood is highly receptive to mana and stimulates absorption into the Magic Soul. If you use another demon’s blood you can double that amount. For us human it will have a different effect though, it would be very painful as our bodies have to adapt to the changes and mana gets absorbed so much faster that our Magic Soul forcibly expands beyond what it’s capable of” Cleamon explains to Lilia “this means that Metztli will never be able to betray one of us, but also means that we can’t do the same to her. This should make her able to trust the both of us completely. I’d like for her to stay with us and keep her safe from her own family and the others” he adds to it.

Metztli has tears running down her face, her eyes red and she even turned back to her original form. “sniff.. Thank you so much” she says wiping her constant stream of tears away with her hands “I’ve always been shunned and mistreated by everyone. Even in my clan I was an outcast constantly harassed and bullied just because my physique is different from the others”. Lilia is tearing up too and jumps at Metztli for a hug “don’t worry we will never mistreat you” she says with tears in her eyes.

“Lilia is right, we would never do that. It’s just that this secret can’t be know to anyone else, even not by mind reading, I trust you but it’s hard to really make sure this stays a secret” Cleamon explains. Metztli nods “Okay, I’ll do it, do you know the procedure? I was never taught and left the clan before I could learn it myself”. “Yes I know, we just need a knife and we all need to say the same Incantation” Cleamon says. He grabs a knife from his bracelet and starts writing the Incantation on a piece of paper for Lilia and Metztli to read.

“Now we have to each draw blood, easiest is from our hands. We each make two cuts, one in each of our hands and we make a circle and make sure our wounds and blood intermingle. After that we all chant the Incantation at the same time. Make sure to not let go however painful it gets!” Cleamon presses them.

They take position sitting on the floor, each of them takes the knife and makes two minor cuts in their hands. They join hands and begin starting the Incantation, mana instantly gets attracted to the trio. A small vortex of mana appears in the middle and dissipates into their bodies, both Cleamon and Lilia groan under the massive pressure. Sweats drips down their faces, flashes of memories come across their minds, they can see Metztli’s past traumatic experiences. Metztli however sees parts of Lilia’s and Cleamon’s memories, but she can’t make any sense of Cleamon’s she sees visions of things that never happened. The destruction of the city, the loss of his friends many vision come across her mind, she can also feel massive amounts of sadness and anger.

They stay in this position for three hours, with Cleamon’s and Lilia’s Soul Realm constantly expanding causes massive amounts of pain to them both. The process had a more mental toll on Metztli who was confronted with may of Cleamon’s memories.

All three of them are exhausted and fall over, Cleamon’s and Lilia’s MS rose by massive heights. They take a bit of rest before they get up again. “I think we need another shower” Cleamon says jokingly “I agree” Lilia says. “Okay let’s take another shower then” Cleamon says. They all leave the room and go back to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom.

“I guess I can talk about myself now” Cleamon says “you might have gotten some of my memories, but I doubt you could make any sense of them”. He explains the rest of his story, but only mentions some of the larger events in his previous life. “It makes sense, but this is really hard to believe. How is something like this even possible” Metztli says shocked.

“Have you ever heard about the God Realm?” Cleamon asks and Metztli shakes her head. “The God Realm is said to house magicians that have crossed the highest ranks and become immortal, each of them has their respective element which they are the master of. I believe the goddess of time has helped me out, but until I see it for myself I can’t be sure. The God Realm can only be reached once you are the highest rank currently known and requires some special ritual, at least that is according to some ancient ruins where I found books” he explains.

Both Lilia and Metztli look shocked at this revelation. “You mean there are actual gods?” Metztli asks in wonder. “Yes, I believe so. I just think they don’t usually meddle with us normal people, I’m not sure why the goddess helped me” he answers. “The one thing I do know is that she’s a female and she has amazing powers” Cleamon says shrugging his shoulders.

They spend their time talking about minor details before going to bed, all of them are very tired and fall asleep quickly.

Cleamon wakes up early the next morning and wakes up Lilia and Metztli. “We have to go to the castle today so let’s leave quickly” he says. “Why are we going there?” Lilia asks as she gets out of bed. “I need to tell what’s happened to the king, but I can’t just send a messenger as the information might leak” Cleamon answers.

They get dressed quickly and leave without any breakfast. Metztli keeps hidden all the way to the castle. They eat some breakfast on the way to the castle.

At the castle gate they meet the guard. “Hi Cleamon, are you here today to teach miss Cecily again? I heard she won her first match yesterday” he asks. “No today I just need to talk to her, is it okay if I go in?” Cleamon asks. “Sure, go right ahead. Just make sure you ask a servant to get miss Cecily for you”. “I will, thank you” Cleamon makes a light bow and moves through the gate. For a moment he wonders if the shield would force Metztli to leave his stealth, but on entering nothing happens.

Cleamon walks up to a servant “Could you bring a message to miss Cecily? Tell her Cleamon is here” he asks. “Of course sir, please take a seat in the waiting room, I’ll come back with news soon” the servant makes a bow and leaves. Five minutes later he returns “the young lady invites you to her private quarters, please follow me” Cleamon, Lilia and Metztli follow the servant and walk for almost five minutes before they reach a small area. The area is about 25×25 meters there is a small house on the side with steps leading up to it. The rest of the area has a small grass park and a pond with fish in it in the middle there are some benches and on the other side of the house there is a stone training room with Inscriptions all over the outside.

“Madam, Sir, please wait on the benches over there. I will get miss Cecily for you right away” the servant says, he makes a light bow and moves towards the house. He knocks on the door “Miss Cecily, sir Cleamon has arrived”. “Okay I will be out soon, please tell him” she says as rustling sounds come from behind the door.

“Sir, she will be out soon, I will take my leave now” he bows and leaves the quarters.

A few minutes later Cecily finally comes out of her house, she wears a purple dress with golden accents and details over it. Her hair is braided into two tails both falling over her shoulders and covering her breasts. “Cleamon! Nice to see you!” she happily says coming out of the door. She sees Lilia and her face turns slightly sour, which Lilia notices. “Hi Cecily, shouldn’t you get dressed for school instead? You look very pretty in that dress, but I don’t think you can go to school with that one, unless you want every boy there to drool over you” Cleamon says with a straight face. Cecily’s head nearly explodes as it turns red. “U-uh n-n-no this is because u-u-h” she stutters trying to find the right words.

“Cleamon don’t be so mean, she dressed pretty for you. Just enjoy the sight, I know I will” Lilia says with a wink to Cecily, who started muttering to herself. “Actually Cecily I came here to talk to your father, would it be possible to meet him now? You should be there as well as this concerns your situation too” Cleamon says. Cecily calms down and answers “I think it should be possible, in the mornings he doesn’t do much anyway. Follow me, we’ll go to his quarters” she replies.

They walk for five minutes before arriving at a big plaza, wait here I’ll go see if he’s ready. Cecily moves up to the door of the building across the plaza. “Dad are you properly dressed? Cleamon is here and it seems he has some new information, it looks like it’s urgent” she says after knocking on the door. “Yes, it’s fine you can come in” he replies. Cecily motions for the others to come as well and they enter the room.

It’s a big room filled with many peculiarities and magical artifacts, Cleamon is impressed by the sheer amount of them. “Cecily why are you dressed like that? Didn’t you have a tournament today?” the king, Guernier, says.

He looks at Cecily, who’s face has started to turn red again and looks over at Cleamon. “Ah, I see, well good for you” he adds. “Dad!” Cecily stomps her foot. The others laugh at her expense.

“Sire, the reason I’m here is that last night I was attacked by members of the Myrtics’ family. They had followed us he days before as well, but last night after the first round of the tournament they choose to strike. Before that they actually sent an assassin after me, but I managed to convince her to join me instead. So far I’ve successfully redirected their gazes at me, but it might be hard to keep defending myself. Now it was three men that were after my life, but who knows what they send next!” Cleamon explains.

Both Guernier and Cecily look shocked at this revealing. “Are you sure they were from the Myrtics family?” Guernier asks. “Yes, I had their leader spill the beans before we cleaned him up” Cleamon coldly says. “You killed them?” Guernier looks at him with wide eyes. “Just his two henchmen, they were unprepared so I got a sneak attack on them as soon as they wanted to kill me. My friend killed the leader after he tried to escape” he continues. “That leads me to the following, Metztli can you show yourself? These people can be trusted”.

Metztli appears next to Cleamon. “Revert to your original form and take off the ring” he says and she complies.


  1. first of all, i like the feeling this novel gives off, it kinda reminds me of the earlier chapters of TDG. and i do love all knowning character. i also like the sex-free-for-all approach you try to do its kinda refreshing and does remind me of ‘brave new world’ although not as crazy xP the best part about this novel however is, that you come to a point and dont use 100ds of words and 10 chapters just to advance the plot a small little bit. thanks to this the chapters are just bitsized enough to read inbetween.

    that being said however at the beginning i had mayor problems with how easy the other characters just blindly belief the mc.

    i mean i can understand his childhoodfriend trusting or at least humor him about the timetravelstuff and such. and with a bit more of cohersion even the princess. but that the king is so unbelievably naive to just take his word for it almost immediately, and then more or less support him with almost zero further suspicion, frankly shocked me. same with the parents of the other kids that just took 20 gold and said ‘oh yeah, we have a deal’ without even asking how such a young boy gets his hands on this much money.

    so i am actually delighted to in this chapter see a hint of misstrust in this sentence:

    >“It makes sense, but this is really hard to believe. How is something like this even possible”

    after all she just had a decent amount of flashbacks and is pact-bound and is still mildly suspicious which is actually nice to see thats a trustworthy reaction.

    anyway quite a decent novel so far, and between us a great site i love the read and the fast navigaion.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, I’ll take it into account for the next chapters I write.

      Yes the beginning was a bit, well, hastily written is the best I can say about it. I had so many ideas in my head that it just all flowed out like that, now I take more time per chapter which gives me more time to actually think about why some things take place.

      Well actually the king is supposed to be a bit naive, it’s the reason people want to get rid of him in the first place. They don’t think a nice trusting king is worthy of leading the city. Although Cleamon told them about the magical creature that would be spotted, he wouldn’t think bad about a friend of his daughter. You usually see that nice kings get murdered and replaced in fantasy stories. There are always backstabbing bastards everywhere.
      They forgot however the king is actually quite strong himself, I won’t go into detail (yet), but he has seen some shit and it’s the reason he’s like this.

      The reason that the other families accepted that money, is because they all have been friends, it’s quite rude to ask about how you got your money, especially doing business. It would be like asking an investor you know where he got his money from, before accepting it.

      Metztli is a weird character, she mistrusts everyone and is stonecold to any enemy, but quite loving towards people she does trust (which aren’t many).

      Anyway, glad to hear your feedback 🙂

      as a small sidenote this will also be released as a manga somewhere at the start of next month.


      1. heh tanks for the answer 🙂

        and yes i do agree your writing did improve, tho not that anything was really wrong with it at the start.

        and yeah i will look into the manga for sure


        1. No problem, feedback is always appreciated 🙂


    2. I agree with what it was said about the way the characters start to trust the MC. In TDG, for example, the MC’s friends were conquered through events like the clash with the teacher full of prejudice or the cure of a illness. But in the firsts chapters of your history, the chars act like the fact of the MC to know a lot of things is completely normal. Nobody question about that. He didn’t need to create a fake master, for exemple. He said that he read some old texts, but nobody asks where they are. So I think that you could to improve this part and work a little better the personality of some side chars, like Houmian, for example.

      Though what I said, I really like the history, the chars are becoming more deep with the time. I hope you keep your good job, congrats!


      1. first of all thanks for the comment.

        most of the characters have no reason not to trust him. they all live in the same general area and it’s not like he’s known as a liar.

        I probable should’ve elaborated the story a bit more so it would’ve been more clear. I view those areas, as where everyone kind of knows each other (like small villages), so liars would be exposed easily.

        trust is also a big word, sure the king is very naive, but at school you want to create friends soon as possible else you’ll get left behind without any friends.

        they were just the group of the more talented ones meeting after that test. Don’t forget children are much more trustworthy of strangers than adults.

        but my story isn’t perfect, it’s a learning process for me.


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